EDYinnit (EUW)
: "We're going to nerf Armour itemisation in the defensive pass" Seriously? Give us a balance metric!
Anything that stops this league of tanks meta is great in my book. If there weren't any tanks then toplane could actually be fun to play. I don't even mind tanks that disrupt. It's just that they often have insane damage outputs (maokai), while having cc and tankiness. It's the easiest role to play by far.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Let me put it this way. X champion uses this Ultmate. This ultimate travels a medium distance. Just like Trueshot barrage, it goes through targets but has no damage drop. Everything in it's path gets burned for minimal damage. It can be detonated earlier and the closer the target is to the center of the explosion, the more damage he/she/it is dealt.
So you want a mix of Velkoz/Anivia Q but instead make it a longe range ultimate. (I say long because medium range is ~800 and then you're basically describing ezreal E). I just do not understand your complaint. You can think of 1 abilitie that's really not something unique at all and you base your complaint on that.
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ItsMaz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AlEvj346,comment-id=0000000000010001,timestamp=2015-07-20T11:09:44.406+0000) > > Only source of mobility is her ultimate? > Sure, you're correct. Other than the, you know, 215 movespeed she gets every time she throws out a Q. Oh yeah. That ms boost that lasts 0.5 seconds. With a 7s cooldown. She will surely escape all the champions I've previously mentioned with that! Even Garen's Q gives better mobility.
The movement speed is huge. I think it was a horrible decision to give her this. If you're complaining about ahri's mobility then you should never play the many immobile champions in this game. She has incredibly safe laning with her Q and E alone.
PepijndM (EUW)
: Here is another question: Does everything have to be new? There is no point in giving every champion 4 (/5) abilities with completely new mechanics when you want to keep the game balanced. It's been too long since they've made a normal marksman with Q skillshot, W AS buff, E **small** dash and R deal more damage (somehow, more AD or skillshot for bursty trades). Even Kalista has utility W and R for 'new mechanics', but that isn't needed, just give us more normal champs (less unique abilities, less bugs)
Like the OP you completely do not understand how Riot operates. What if they literally just recycled 4 abilities and put them on a new champion? People would just call them lazy and that they can't create new stuff anymore. Every champion in the game needs to have a specific niche in their role. There's absolutely no point in having two champions who are nearly identical because only 1 of these champions would ever get played. Riot DOES NOT WANT as much champions as possible. They want every champion to be viable and be worth picking. You're also forgetting the new player aspect of it. What if they just create another 60 champions who don't really have anything unique? The game would be way harder to learn for newer players and it would seem impossible to get all champions. I do however agree that they're overdoing it with the overloaded kits. Kalista has 4 really unique mechanics that no other champion has (hopping, no auto cancelling, ultimate, the objective securing). Which means she's incredibly hard to balance and means that she has to be a weak ad carry in terms of damage since she brings utility, high mobility and objective securing already. In my opinion it would be better to spread these unique mechanics out over more champions.
jere1223 (EUW)
: dont lose mmr and lp when somebody goes afk for more then 5 min.
For every LP gained someone else has to lose LP that's how elo works. So the only way this could work if the afk loses all the LP his team would have lost from losing. This is a pretty harsh punishment, But it would make it very hard to abuse as the teammate doing that would really quickly drop divisions.
: To All QQ about "i get chat restrict again & again", this thread is to help ya.
The system is simply broken. You get restriction after restriction. With no chance to show you have improved. If you're chat restricted you don't have messages to waste on being nice. You can only say what's essential. Best thing is just to never talk honestly. Say baron/dragon and ping a bit.
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ezlas,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cam1rPVA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-06-10T10:20:23.339+0000) > > nope. irelia is where she belogs atm. snowbally early champ buster tht scales hard into lategame. Uhhh she scales into midgame and then falls off.
Irelia falls off? I've seriously never ever heard that before. She can 1 vs 2 a lot of champions for a large portion of the game. And can 1 vs 1 nearly all champions in all stages of the game with the exception of a few bigger hyper carries then her.
CybergShark (EUNE)
: Jungle item Magus
The item is already so packed with stats that there's no way they could add manaregen to it without removing other stats. And for me personally.. i value the AP and CDR much more then some added manaregen. Adding manaregen will just improve certain ap junglers, and hurt other ones.
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MyFootUrFace,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=t6wKbQRj,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-06-09T09:13:22.349+0000) > > Regarding the Talon so called "reworks" u consider that a rework? are u serious? Talon is probably the only assassin with 1 gap closer and no escape tool. > Here's a list of champs that could do the job better and get the hell out safe: > {{champion:55}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}} , > So where exactly is talon's rework that would tune him and turn him into a viable assassin in this mobility tank meta? *better give him 0.25s slow cause he aint got that in his RAKE* > > I wont comment on the Riven's w.r , why? cause its already been mentioned by one of ur rioter mates that W.R has nothing to do with the state of the champ. Akali has no reliable escape either. And Ahri isn't oneshotting anyone until the mid/lategame, and that's with {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} and hitting skillshots.
Having to hit your spells to oneshot people.. the crime! i can't believe how ridiculous that is. Ahri outperforms Talon in nearly all areas of the game. Better escape, better laning, better poke, more teamfight damage, better teamfight utility, more reliable damage, less risky. Perhaps the only thing you can give Talon is that his abilities are easier to use and more one-shot potential.
: I swear its the opposite, Ive always thought of him as a late game terror?
He's like a vlad on steroids for the early-midgame. And lategame he still pretty much goes equal with vlad. Although that's hard to judge because if you play vlad vs swain there's no way you get out of laning phase even. From what i've seen in dominion. Swain is very very strong. Perhaps even hidden op. Would have to test it myself to know for sure.
shileka (EUW)
: i know it is, but you'll have to agree that even with those you can't spam his abilities for long
You don't have to spam his abilities since they do a lot of damage. With his passive you nearly regen an entire health pot per wave. So you can consantly make bad trades and still get ahead.
Maluber (EUW)
: Pick {{champion:8}} into him. He has sustain, his pool for dodging and plenty of poke. He is easily able to poke cho out of lane by punishing him every time he goes for a cs. When playing as cho I always struggle against vlad to the point where I brought him to learn how he works.
As a vlad main. Cho is not an easy lane at all. His silence outranges vlad's Q so vlad shouldn't be able to bully him early on. And cho has so much sustain and pushing power early that you win the lane easy. You can zone vlad pretty hard early on with the silence and vorpal spikes. I've only played the matchup about 3 times and 2 of those was in dominion so it's hard for me to judge it correctly. But if he silences vlad + knockup and ult he could easily kill you. And he outranges and outdamages you on all abilities. By the time Vlad has the advantage. at around 7/9 you should be ahead enough that you won't get bullied out of lane. Not to mention.. there's absolutely no way vlad can kill you in lane with that sustain cho has.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: lol no I am not I already have runes for 4 different rune pages all I need now are the HP seals and AS marks
Why don't you just buy pages with RP. You're just complaining because you do not want to spend money.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: runes too expensive
I do think runes are expensive But the reason they are is so that you buy the pages with RP. Which is what i recommend you to do. Then buy some basic runes which mostly are cheap. Honestly it's not difficult to get 2-3 solid rune pages. Do you want crazy customization for every champion? Then just shell out some bucks. Most of the expensive runes aren't even good anyway. Comming from someone who has like 75% of all runes. The large majority i use are basic ones. All others are pretty gimmicky or very slightly better.
: 9-runes bundles
Have Riot ever made IP only bundles? No Do they make any profit off this? No Have they any reason to make this? No And How exactly is this an improvement or signficantly different then having runes at a discount? Which they've already done in the past. So you want to use resources to create these new bundles so they can lose money and we can have something that doesn't serve a different purpose then runes at a discount?
: > [{quoted}](name=Buttcramp,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=nEW0ooLj,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-26T12:47:01.266+0000) > > **250 RP.** > > Yeah okay nevermind, I didn't want it anyways.. I think no1 buys this shit for 250 rp this is just usury RITO PLS
An icon like that takes what? maybe 2 hours to make for a graphic artist. Let's say there's planning, discussion, writing that nonsense article. You get in a total of maybe 10 hours of work for an icon. So only like 0,001% of the playerbase has this buy this for them to actually make profit off it. Is it worth annoying a decent amount of people for it? I wouldn't really know.
LuLippy (EUW)
: Display your jungle dominance! Not by playing jungle, Nope, you have to buy it. Makes perfect sense....
It's just classic marketing bullsh*t. I've written plenty of similar type texts during my studies.. Sometimes it get's so ridiculous that you think.. Will anyone actually believe this nonsense i'm writing?
Umbrasa (EUW)
: Tear looses mana points
shouldn't be like this but hardly a large problem i think.. An item with manamune you're pretty much always a 100% sure if you want it or not. You know how much stacks you got on it.. If it's max you buy it for sure and else you make the decision to stack it faster or not.
: People complaining about things costing RP.
The system is set-up so people spend IP on runes/pages and then just buy some champions with RP. It's not really a free game when the whole model is set-up for you to require to either spend an insane amount of time for free content or spend a couple of bucks. Either work 1 hour at mcdonalds or spend like 60 hours to unlocked 1 of the 100+ champions. Not a hard decision for the people who value their time. I'm not saying you HAVE to spend money. But calling it a free game is just a blatant lie.
: I love my IP, but...
Probably a hint you should try this amazing game called: Real life. a bit more. Nothing wrong with gaming a few hours a day. But if you have more IP then you can spend you probably want to cut back a little if you ask me. I don't really see a great reason why they should add a feature that will 1: not benefit them in any way and 2: should only be a minor problem pro-gamers are dealing with.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
Ranked really sucks all the enjoyment out of the game for me personally.
iFort (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Troll Pool,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=tXyVhv3t,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2015-04-16T17:53:03.812+0000) > > When people blame the jungler when they keep getting ganked as a squishy champion when they overextend and don't ward every single time. > > This happens so often it's completey ridiculous. They just die over and over, in the exact same way. And still somehow believe they're pressuring the enemy laner by overextending. Yet in reality, they're always behind or equal in cs numbers. While I totally agree with you, they should not blame ( and ward obv) if they are equal in cs while getting ganked multiple times, I do think the jungler is at fault, though. (They dieing itself is their own fault - not warding etc) if the jungler was there one of the ganks, or helped them once, they would snowball easily so hard they could 2v1/ 3v2, so basically counterganking there means a free win. if you amanage to stay the same cs while getting ganked, it means he can easily rek the lane with a kill :P
No that's the thing. They're never even in a position to kill the enemy laner. They're just overextended for no reason. Pay close attention to your games some time.. See how often people overextend with no wards, no kill pressure and no cs lead. Basically they're screaming "PLEASE COME AND GANK ME, BUT EVEN IF YOU DON'T IM GAINING NO ADVANTAGE"
: [Diamond] My feedback for ranked soloq
Maybe you should stick to playing what you're good at then: ad carries. You're probably one of those people who reached diamond 5 by tryharding and then trolls the rest of the season. You should be plat 3 instead of diamond 5 according to your elo. It's a shame Riot doesn't make you lose tiers and divisions much much quicker then now.
: Teammates not even TRYING... is even more frustrating than teammates who feed enemies out of rage
Seen a few of those. It's better to call them KDA heroes. Protect their KDA at all costs, but never truly be effective in teamfights or go all out. A few of those in the LCS too.. Looks good on paper.. but in reality you were the reason why some fights or games were lost.
: League Of Legends Custom Skins - Pumpkinhead Amumu
Why are the videos so dark? It makes it aweful to watch. If you want to be the skinspotlights for custom skins. Then just copy the way he does it. Because those videos are pretty much as good as it gets. Don't try to reinvent the wheel mate.
: The best misplaced blame/flame pattern i've seen so far
When people blame the jungler when they keep getting ganked as a squishy champion when they overextend and don't ward every single time. This happens so often it's completey ridiculous. They just die over and over, in the exact same way. And still somehow believe they're pressuring the enemy laner by overextending. Yet in reality, they're always behind or equal in cs numbers.
Mada (EUW)
: Thresh ward! Thresh, buy Sightstone! All wards on the map are from my sight stone except for my pink ^^
the reverse happens about a 100x more often. The amount of times i've seen supports with sightstone have 0-1 ward on the map is absolutely ridiculous. Unless they just got cleared out you should have several wards on the map at all times as a support.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
- Player gets distracted by reading or typing, gets caught, lost objective turns into a lost game - Players get mad and emotional and stops caring, starts not playing to his best abilities - Players get mad and afk's Can you honestly say you haven't been in any of these situations? I've seen people afk for the most petty reasons. Even just things like "you should play safe" after they die 3 times in 5 minutes. It will 100% increase your winrate. even 0,1% is still an increase ;) But in reality it could be quite significant if you flame often.
Archangal (EUNE)
: Instead You could say: {{champion:25}} Hey i think you should buy zhonyas :) {{champion:111}} Get some tanky items because we need tank ok? {{champion:17}} Don't forget to put mushrooms (cast R) whenever you can :) _+3 Honor_ You should try this, it really works :)
"Buy zhonya morg" is 3-4 times shorter. Why waste even more time typing just to cuddle someones feelings.
: > -(Well deserved) nerfs for Riven, Nidalee, LeBlanc, Katarina Basically every time people complain about a champion, they nerf it... Riven was nefed several times. Nida was reworked just because people complained too much. LeBlanc lost her silence. Katarina is Katarina and she's too hard to play in Diamond+, so nerfing her is not that easy.
You say "nerfs", but what were they really: - Nidalee is still way stronger then befor her rework - LeBlanc only lost her silence, and gained MUCH MORE utility and a way better laning phase. - Riven nerfs were pathetic. no real nerfs seen here - Katarina nerfs? what nerfs? Her kit is just too toxic because she can still clean up a teamfight if she goes 0/5 in laning
ferenchawke (EUNE)
: I don't realy understand whats the problem with riven.She can be killed easily and if someone can play a riven pretty well then he can kill you with a lot of champs too.
Because all champions have the huge amount of early game power and kill potential as Riven? What a dumb comment.
Nerebis (EUW)
: Never Blame The Support
To be honest. Most support players are really bad. Even with free wards a lot of them don't even place them! it's just ridiculous how bad that is and it even happens in diamond. A good support can singlehandedly win the game by vision and getting the ad carry fed. I've even seen a tresh get every lane ahead by ganking and single handedly carrying the game. I don't think support players deserve extra praise. It's an easy role to do good in. You need little mechanical skills. Just ward a bit, protect your ad carry, make calls. And you easily have a positive winrate. (Now this will offend support mains) But there's nothing worse then being matched with 4 support players.. They are really bad at laning the huge majority of the time. They seem to be the least overall skilled players in every league.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: The day rior starts nerfing champs because bronze players cry about them will be the day the game dies. If you cant deal with him its on you not on the champ. Btw its really indicating that your a total scrub thst you have to make this post twice today, about zed and riven..
That's why many challenger players have 60-70%+ winrates on Zed? such a dumb argument. He dominates LCS, he dominates in challenger. What more proof do you need?
: Stop comparing solo que with lcs..in lcs a kill might mean the game..and zed is one of the best champions 1 vs 1 Zed in solo que is still good,but now,the meta is all about teamfight...and zed is really bad in fights..there are other champions better than him in fights..i can;t remember te number of times i got fed in lane and coulnd't carry the game as zed..the enemy annie did more than me in fights,even if she was 0-6...zhonia first item against him,Qss third item on ADC(cheap item 1200 gold)...and he needs to land all of his abilities in order to get a kill.. Zed is not like fiora or talon...zed needs 3-4 seconds to kill u...talon and fiora and any other assasin kill u in 1 second. So..Bit.ch please...learn to play than talk
What a riveting tale. And now look at the top soloque players in the game. Notice anything? - All midlaners play zed - Most of them have great winrates on him
: So Zed is balanced...
For some reason they never want to actually nerf zed. His two nerfs were absolutely pathetic.
Hrki (EUNE)
: True damage =/= scaling. Also you need 5 stacks for high damage. Do you know how much time a Darius needs to apply all 5 stacks? In meta with high mobility champions and peeling supports he stands no chance. Even if you attack the tanks, Darius is not a tank, he has no innate tankiness. WIth penetration items the enemy carries will kill you in few seconds, no problem. Go full tank and fighters like Jax, Irelia, Shyvanna, Tryndamere etc will outscale you at 15-20 min and will be able to 1v1 you without any problem. If Darius was in a good spot we'd be seeing him quite often, maybe even in tournaments. And Riot wouldn't be rewoking him (rework in progress FYI).
LMAO. That's funny. Just like we didn't see Viktor in competitive play for like 2 years right? And now he's a top tier pick. Pro's are just as big meta sheep as the community is. I've seen so many sleeper OP champions not being played and then absolutely wreck in competitive play in the 5 years i've played this game.
: She is not played 80% in LCS yet so until that time Riot doesn't give a damn about it :)
Because competitive play just sh*ts on top laners by lane swapping. 80cs @ 20 min top lane meta, which makes any farm heavy top laner that can't farm well under turret not viable pretty much.
Zanador (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=LordBrasca,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eudnk9vT,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2015-03-28T01:19:06.253+0000) > > To all riven mains, i want to remember you this: Riven is a RESOURCELESS champion, now, can you explain me how in the world a RESOURCELESS champion is able to out-trade a mana gated champion at any stage of the game? And, without counting the mana thing, the 95% of champions in league of legends? > > Aren't resourceless champion supposed to have weaker damage or at least a weak early game? Or mid game? Or even late game like lee sin? > Aren't they supposed to give less utility? What the heck is that double stun (which one of these 2 is a knock up)? Well, to begin with, being resourceless has nothing to do with this. This where the commonly denied "counter pick" issue comes into play. You see, Riven can't out trade _every_ champion in the game at any stage, any many champions who can easily defeat her are mana based. There is no general rule that a champion with certain game mechanics should never be able to defeat one who uses another mechanic. Also, being resourceless does not make as much difference as you make it look like. In general, Riven's trades consist of a 3 skill combo, and 4 skills with an all in attack. Any champion can do that. Extended fights or laning can require more skill usage, but mana based champions only need to watch their resource a little bit more, and they can cast about the same amount of times as Riven does in most realistic matches. Aside from this, some mana based items are well in the top tier, and those can negate any disadvantage a mana based champion would have. But if we are at this point already, being mana less means that Riven does not have access to items like Muramana and Frozen Heart. Those items would be immensely powerful on her, so this is how being manaless takes away something from her power to balance things out. > > Let's take a look at the other resourceless champion (by resourceless i mean without any type of bar) > > - Katarina --> she doesn't have any CC > - Mundo --> His only CC is a slow on the Q, one of the champions with worst early and he kills himself just by casting spells. > - Vladimir --> His only CC is a slow on the pool which is on huge CD and has an huge health cost, one of the champion with worst early and his E has an health cost too > - Zac --> Slow on Q, knock up on E and ulti, he's balanced by the fact that he has health cost on every ability and he has to pick up his blobs in order to get that small sustain that allows him to don't kill himself with spells > - Garen --> His only CC is a silence and he doesn't have a reliable gap closers > > These champions are resourceless but at least they have clear weakness. Also, all of these champions don't have enought damage to be a threat until a certain point in the game. 4 out of this 5 also have some of the strongest sustain combinations in the game, all of them has more than 1 skill dedicated to keep them alive, except well, Zac who uses every skill, but through his passive. This is their power and their job. Huge sustain combined with 0 resource means they are perfect for extended fights. > Now let's take a look on riven: > > - Double hard CC, an AD scaling shield with a dash, AOE execute ultimate with huge ad steroid, 4 gap closers one of these being able to go trough some walls, basically no CDs after the first CDR item, she doesn't have any kind of health cost, passive that greatly increase the power of your autos after every spell, ability to cancel animation on every skill. A list like this can literally be written about every single champion in the game. I've done it several times in similar topics, and there are dozens of champions with similar abilities as Riven, or stronger. Tell me if you want examples. > > Now compare this with the others. The only, maybe, champion that gets close to riven level is just katarina, all the others can't even be compared. Because those two have the same jobs. Both Riven and Katarina are meant to be offensive characters while the others are either deffensive or sustained ones. If you want good comparisons, compare Riven to similar offensive champions. > > Her ONLY weak point is level 1 if she misses the triple Q combo (thing that will never happen if the riven is half good) aaaand, guess what, she's able to out-trade you even in the middle of your minions wave :D. > The sustain arguement is useless since you can dodge/tank every single poke with E and sustain yourself with tiamat. > And, last thing, stop using the arguement "b-b-b-b-ut muh riven iz countered by X champion!11!!" because that champion surely have clear weakness that can be easely exploited by riven mains, just a quick example from this thread: > - Darius --> high damage but 0 mobility and his only gap close is a grab. Every gank from the jungler is an easy kill. (mana as source) > - Nasus --> Extremely shitty early game. (still mana as source) > > Just be honest for one time, please. No, her weak point is predictability. Admittedly it is way harder to capitalize on this than a weakness like "weak late game", but this is what she has. She has 4 jumps, which added together cover about as much ground as a long single jump on other champions. These also take some time to cast and travel, neither of her jumps are like a flash. Also, she loses power with each jump she had to use to reach her target. If you add these facts together, you get a champion which gives way more time to react to her opponents than many others in the game. Yes, she has the flash-W combo, which is her standard engage in team fights, but again, it both uses flash and requires her to get into melee range with it. If you keep an eye out for her, she can do very little to surprise you. Aside from this, her item build is very predictable too. It is a common argument against her that "she only needs to buy AD, penetration and CDR to be strong, but if you think about it, that is pretty much all she can buy to be strong. Nearly every other champion can adapt to the enemy team and lane opponent, but Riven either has to follow the same build in each game or risk losing most of her potential. Now if you know minute-to-minute what your opponent will buy in the game, you have way more options to plan ahead and exploit it. About your comment with tiamat: Since the HP regen items have been changed to % base, HP regen items like Tiamat gives Riven the least amount of sustain among any champion in game, since she has the lowest natural HP regen. And if you upgrade the item to hydra, then she does not benefit any more from the lifesteal than any other champion in the game. To be exact, she often benefits even less. Most of her damage comes from her skills, not just her auto attacks, and those do not provide HP from lifesteal. Her skills are also AOE, which means she deals a huge amount of damage to any nearby minions as well, which can be used to deny her lifesteal even more. In conclusion, if she gains any HP, it will be purely due to the power of Hydra, which again can be bought to anyone else for the same effects. Yes, Darius has a mobility disadvantage to Riven. Still he is a deadly threat to her within his own range. This means that a good Darius player can deny Riven the money and exp on the lane, and still be stronger than her even if the jungler ganks him once or twice. And if you run out of mana with Darius too often before you get a kill, i say you do not play him correctly. And to use your own method of arguing, before you say that "Riven can roam", let me remind you that so can every single champion in the game, and it can be countered by good play style. Tell me if i missed anything. P.S: oh, right, a disclaimer: i'm not a Riven main.
If frozen heart would be immensly powerful on Riven then it would still be a great buy despite the wasted mana. And in reality, it is a good item for her.
Ahonir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LordBrasca,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eudnk9vT,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2015-03-28T01:19:06.253+0000) > - Mundo --> His only CC is a slow on the Q, one of the champions with worst early and he kills himself just by casting spells. > - Vladimir --> His only CC is a slow on the pool which is on huge CD and has an huge health cost, one of the champion with worst early and his E has an health cost too > - Zac --> Slow on Q, knock up on E and ulti, he's balanced by the fact that he has health cost on every ability and he has to pick up his blobs in order to get that small sustain that allows him to don't kill himself with spells > These champions are resourceless but at least they have clear weakness {{summoner:4}} They are not resourceless. They burn HP when they use their skills . Garen, Riven, Katarina, Yasuo, Gnar, Rumble, Shyvana, and tryndamere are the true resourceless champions. Ok, Fury can be a resource, but still, all their skills are resourceless. Now, let's talk about {{champion:150}} . Infinite poke, powerfull escapes, high mobility, and powerfull stuns and tank capability. Yes, Mega Gnar is not easy to control, but still, his kit is strong. {{champion:157}} ? Bump, insane damages, auto shield, OP wall, high mobility for dodging skillshots, and % armor penetration. Now he is fine. But last year, everybody cried because of him. Let's just admit it. Yes, Riven has a strong kit, and she deserve a huge nerf. I think the true problem is the ult who gives bonus range. It's stupid. But the reality is : The principle of resourceless is just stupid and kill the balance of the game. It's just a fucking error. {{summoner:4}}
+1 I really don't understand the point of resourceless champions. It's such a huge strength that it should be given to a champion very very carefully. But Riot just seems to give it away like candy. There's really no reason why Riven has no resources. Why should she not be punished for using her abilities? It actually makes perfect sense for how overloaded her kit is.
: lol. thats literally the opposite of what happens. literally ALL of the FoTM "immobile mages" become fotm after about half a year or more of being considered "too clunky" to be meta or just UP in general. viktor, annie, morgana, xerath, kennen.... all got picked up as a response to changes that had nothing to do with them in the patch notes. burst ADCs get buffed, annie becomes FoTM. 2 super-strong tank supports get released, morg gets FoTM. xerath got picked up after assassins were nerfed hard enough that every mid wasnt zed/talon/ahri/fizz/all of the above. kennen saw play because people realised he functioned as a ranged toplaner after they became a thing (post jayce/elise). viktor's damage hasnt changed a bit in.... i wanna say at LEAST 4-5 patches. minimum. his damage cap was allways extremely high, but the nerf to his earlygame E, combined with how clunky his kit was and how prevalent assassins were (who could often completely ignore his W and usually teleport/dash/pole his E). the only thing thats changed since viktors rework allmost half a year ago was the release of the mage-shivv and the koreans showing people what it looks like when your skillcap immunes the clunkiness of viktor.
This isn't a discussion about how both players and the pro's are meta sheep who are too afraid to expirement. Minor assassin nerfs don't make a champion like viktor go from bad to very good. Viktor was always strong and viable. Immobile champions simply don't see the light of day unless they're very strong.
: they should actually make it so that it STOPS a suppression no one is using cleanse right now, that would certainly promote it
Yeah just completely counter 4 champions in this game with just a summoner spell. Such a great idea! *facepalm* Cleanse is fine as it is. It's just underrated and underused. It'd be useful in plenty of games for an ap mid player or ad carry. But players don't actually think about the enemy team composition. They just always pick the same, much like the pro's.
Récòn (EUW)
: Do Not Accept Random Friends (Pls dont make this mistake)
Mindblowing how these samming tactics from like 1999 still work today. You'd think the first thing parents would teach their kids is not to click links/go to websites they don't know.
Stigran (EUW)
: Lol ok. So why don't you give me an idea of a non-broken champ? Because since Viktor has been becoming FOTM, his winrate actually dropped. Maybe the leblancs or viktors you met were simply better than you? Happens to everyone you know?
An immobile mage does not become fotm unless he's very strong or borderline OP.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: "Way to easy to play" OH really ? GO reach diamond with her please GO LE BL IS EASY LE BL IS EASY.. Le bl has highest skillcap in the game PERIOD after 6k of League games i played i am 100% certain in it Yesterday i had a guy in team who played le bl just because she is op I swear he would lose a game if you gave him 30k gold advantage at start While le bl needs some tuning You saying easy just shows that you have no clue NO freaking clue about her
She has a high skillcap, but it's very easy to do good with her. It's braindead easy to do a 7/10 performance on her for example, which is enough to win your lane. She isn't the hardest champion to play by far. But she has an insane amount of potential.
Armà (EUW)
: Isn't one time enough? Strong Verbal Harassment
"Àrma: Whatever you think is honest to the others of the team, and best for your reputation" Fake pleasantries like that absolutely make me puke. I'd rather be around assholes, because at least they're honest. Unlike people who talk bullsh*t like that instead of saying what they want.
: The Jungler doesn't need kills?
It's situational honestly. The situation you described happens a 100x less then a reverse. A early game champion that doesn't scale well with items/into lategame like pantheon/lee sin goes 7-2-0. and is still useless in teamfights. While they could have donated the kills to the carries who could have easily carried the game. It happens so damn often and it's like players are clueless about the limits of their champions. I've seen so many lee sins lose games because they take all the kills. It's so sad that it becomes funny.
Choda (EUNE)
: That E ratio nerf killed a large part of her damage. She has to build full glass cannon wich she will get blown up using if she wants to deal any damage. This being said she did need some change not that one though.
Of all champions in the game. You're telling me a ranged champion with high burst and 3 seconds of invulnerability can not build full glass cannon? Surely you must be joking.
Lawful (EUNE)
: Gold Players are so bad, what happened?
The community as a whole keeps improving throughout the years. Anyone who says otherwise is just nostalgic or talking random bullsh*t. Challenger players are much much better then diamond 1 were 2 years ago. And that's obvious. Pro's are a 100 times better, they are often built out of top soloque players at the start. So that means challenger is just better then diamond ever was years ago. The better the top players get, the better the player below that get. As they learn and see newer strategies and start to adapt. Ultimately how good players become is largely affected by how good the community is. If there are only bad players, there is little drive to improve. If you dominate everyone you won't be as motivated as when you get beat regularly.
: Finally, it ends.
How's telling everyone to STFU. a bad thing though? That's often the best solution in that scenario.
Ilthuelle (EUW)
: Item Suggestions
Remove HP regen from the items. It's a trash tier stat that not one wants to pay gold for in game. Flame eater is way too OP. there's a good reason why all MR items don't give a large amount of MR. the only way for it to be balanced is for it to be extremely expensive. 4K+ at the very least, probably more.
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