SenseiSai (EUW)
: What were the most dumbest things you thought as a new player?
Building items? There's no such thing as that! Obviously you can only buy a full bloodthirster in a single go for 3k gold. Also, multiple boots because I wanna move faster! Ah, good old times ;)
yanou (EUW)
: Turret plating will soon fall......
I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Kelb4n (EUW)
: Veigars R must look more dangerous and must not be so shallow
The size of his ult scales with his AP and enemy missing HP, so I suspect that, in the video, he has ~0 AP and a Katarina dummy that is always at full HP. The ult shown in the video indeed kinda looks, well, as if it deals less damage than an auto or Q.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Who's Nunu's new friend?
Daisy or Tibbers :D OR THE PORO KING!
: If you could revert one rework what would it be and why?
Current un-reworked Kog'Maw to the reworked Kog'Maw (the one which has it's Attack Speed Doubled when you cast his W). Oh boy was it fun to play machine gun Kog'maw. Unfortunately the rework had to be reverted because it, understandably, was too hard to balance. If that doesn't count then it'd be Galio for me. Don't get me wrong, I still like his new kit. His playstyle however just changed so much that new Galio is actually just a new champion... No longer a real mage, but more a tank-supportish with all the new cc he got.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: I have this problem myself but I don't think riot should change anything. I actually get all 4 chests just recently during aram missions or just playing for fun with premades. Even when you are otp and play just one champion, all you have to do is to play with premades who will carry you. As long one of them gets S in SR or ARAM you get the chest for your current champion regardless of rank you had in that game. Also it is possible to get chest also in rotating modes like ARURF or OFA (not sure about nxus blitz). Good ways how to get S rank on random champion you haven't mastered: - if its support play him in ARAM, I was able to get S rank on thresh/leona/alistar quite easily despite I don't play them - if its not try play that champion in off-role, gnar jungle, katarina support, etc. because system takes role into consideration you are compared only to the players who played that role, which won't be many thus it will be easier to get good rank - other than above advices, I recommend to start with champions that are similar to the one you main in role/kit
I can confirm that it also works on Nexus Blitz. I got 2 chests already in that mode :D
: Franken-champion
**Get your enemies fed in just 5 minutes. Teammates hate him.:** Passive: Taliyah movement bonus near terrain Q: Ornn Pillar W: Anivia Wall E: Trundle Pillar R: Bard ult Because who doesn't love that Bard that keeps ulting you, or that Anivia who keeps walling you off? -------------------- **Teemo2: ** Passive: GP (or Darius) Q: Cassiopeia W: Fizz E: Teemo R: Mordekaiser Because we obviously need more tick-damage.
: I do agree with you on the fact that some people enjoyed playing the old Galio, Ryze, Sion, Yorick or any other reworked champion before their update. However, these champions were almost never played. I remember when I started playing league 2 years ago, I learned in like 4 months every ability of every champion except Galio and Urgot, because I almost never had the chance to play with or against them. I myself played a lot of the old Urgot just before he got reworked, and I really enjoyed the champion, making him one of my special picks that would always surprises my ally and enemies. We got to a point where picking Urgot was almost the same as saying im gonna troll, no one knew where Urgot was supposed to go nor, what he was supposed to build or his playstyle. When he got reworked I felt a bit sad, but then I realized that this rework was needed, because even tho I liked playing him, I was one of the very few... I agree that Galio rework was not the best rework Riot did, I mean the new Galio is awesome and feel great to play, but it wasnt the best rework because they replaced the old Galio with a completely new one that has nothing in common with the old as you already said. But look at how many reworks Riot did, if we just talk about the recent ones : WW, Urgot, Irelia, Evelynn, etc we can say that almost all of them are successful. You took the example of Rammus, I think that for Rammus it was just a mini rework and they just had to change some numbers, but with Galio they felt like they needed to rework him completely because his kit was outdated.
I agree that most reworks are successful! Of course they're not perfect*, but Riot still did an amazing job! As for Rammus it indeed was a mini-rework (or rather update) that Riot does more often (E.g. Ashe or Soraka). I was just wondering why he got a mini-update instead, as opposed to a major rework. He's very similar to old Galio in that many people call Rammus's kit outdated too**, and his playrate isn't high either. Simply the difference on how two similar cases (outdated-and-underplayed-Rammus and -old-Galio) got treated is what interests me. Not that I disagree with a Galio rework (he needed one), nor do I opt for a Rammus rework (as he's my favourite jungler by far). *****then again, which champion (new or old) is? **though that is the case for almost all older (and simpler) champions (hello Garen, Annie, etc.). This may not even be a bad thing to be completely honest. P.s. I remember playing old Urgot in One for All. Good times with the lock-on E into 5 Qs :D
: League is not dying. My opinion
While I agree with almost all parts of your posts, I do not fully agree with this one: > [{quoted}](name=Sen3azrine,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vAcRwAV9,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-07T14:27:15.552+0000) I saw a video where a guy was complaining about Galio, WW, and Urgot reworks, when they were champions that nobody played before, this is just being dishonest. More specifically, the Galio rework. I loved to play old Galio, even though he was older. With his rework, I still love to play him, but not because he's like his 'old identity'. His kit was changed so much (he got a dash and a semi-global ult for instance), resulting in a completely different playstyle than before. In one way, Riot 'removed' old Galio and replaced him with a new champion with the same name. Even though old Galio's playrate was low, the think that I dislike is that they so fundamentally changed him to become basically a new champion, rather than updating him while still keeping his identity (more about that later). I suppose the same could be said about Sion (oh boy was he different in the old days), but I did not really play his pre-rework state. However, the interesting part here is that I do feel like his rework was good and cool, even though his kit (and playstyle) completely changed! I'm almost entirely sure that this is simply because I never played/enjoyed playing the old Sion. The same holds for Taric's rework (who I do like playing now). Perhaps 'the guy complaining' loved all of these pre-rework-champions you listed (like me and Galio), and perhaps you never did like them (like me and Sion/Taric). What I also find interesting is Rammus. Initially, I started playing him because I was literally scrolling through the champion roster, noticed him, checked out his abilities, and realized that I had literally never seen him before! He looks fun to play, why not play him? I said to myself. A few patches (or seasons even) later his pickrate skyrocketed due to him being played in LCS/MSI/Worlds/whatever other event (when his taunt still had a super high duration at lvl 1). After his (well-deserved) nerf many people stopped playing him again, though some sticked to him. Then he got a mini-update (attack speed during taunt, slow on ult, and more) and I started seeing him again, way more often than before this update. So to come to my point: How come Riot decided to give Rammus such a mini-update and Galio a major rework? (As far as I know, Rammus is not (yet) on the rework roster. Correct me if I'm wrong though). Rammus's pickrate increased after this update, and his identity was preserved. EDIT: Same holds for Ashe's mini update (her Q and passive) I'm open for a discussion, I do find this an interesting topic ^^
: Springtime Skin Contest - Winners🏆
That Rammus skin is adorable {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > I believe that was only related to skin-vs-champion-drops and gemstones, and not related to which skins (or which skin-tiers?) drop from the chests. You are correct. Bad luck protection does indeed not apply to the quality of skins. > The thing is that the chance to get any set of 3 skins (excl. Hextech ones) is (1/800)(1/800)(1/800) = 0.000000195%. Not quite, it's 800 times that much, since it doesn't matter which skin it is. What you calculated is the chance to get a SPECIFIC skin 3 times in a row, not just any skin (see my discussion Zeromatsu)
> Not quite, it's 800 times that much, since it doesn't matter which skin it is. What you calculated is the chance to get a SPECIFIC skin 3 times in a row, not just any skin (see my discussion Zeromatsu) That's indeed what I tried to say, but it does not necessarily only apply to the **same** skin dropping 3 times in a row. It's also the chance for any **specific **series of skins to drop, no matter if it's the same skin or not. E.g. the same chance also applies when **specifically **Dark Star Thresh, **specifically **Super Teemo, and **specifically **Frankentibbers Annie all drop in **that specific order**. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out, and I hope the above clarified what I tried to say ^^
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DutchPro1,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yoURjjvf,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-14T08:01:44.845+0000) > > People don't understand what random means. For example: > If you have 1 to 5 numbers, and you pick 20 numbers people would expect around 4 of each number. > In fact with random it means you can get stuff like: 3 2 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5. So when it's 'random' there is a chance you might get a lot of the same in a row. Only if you pick 300 numbers 1-5 it will get more average. > > So yeah there is a good chance you get some skins many times BECAUSE it is random You had a range of 5 numbers, which is not much. It's clear that you get a certain number multiple time. But LoL has about 800 skins? That means a chance of 1/800 or 0.00125 or 0,125% for a single random skin. Now multiplicate that 3 times to get a specific skin 3 times (e.g championship kalista): (1/800)x(1/800)x(1/800). That's a chance of 0.00000000195 or 0,000000195%. The chance to win the jackpot in the (german) lottery is 0,00000072 % btw. To get a "random" skin 3 times in a row see comment below.
The thing is that the chance to get any set of 3 skins (excl. Hextech ones) is (1/800)*(1/800)*(1/800) = 0.000000195%. The random skin that you receive from a chest does **not ** depend on other skins you have already gotten earlier from another chest! E.g. getting DJ Sona 3 times has the same chance as getting Super Teemo 3 times, which has the same chance as getting all of Championship Kalista, Championship Nidalee, and Championship Thresh once. The same as with dice rolls, where each number has a 1/6 chance to get rolled, each skin has a 1/800 chance to get dropped every time you open a chest. EDIT: Now that I think about it, I do believe there is some sort of 'bad luck protection' on the chests. However, I believe that was only related to skin-vs-champion-drops and gemstones, and not related to which skins (or which skin-tiers?) drop from the chests.
: 🌼 Volunteer Springtime Event - Winners & Conclusion 🌼
Unfortunately I did not have time to finish the last Gold mission, but it was fun to participate nonetheless! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
qnic (EUW)
: Both teams lagging and DC'ing
Same thing. I had it in One For All. After a while the game completely froze so I left the game. Normally there's a button on the home screen to reconnect, but this time it wasn't there. The game is also nowhere to be found in my match history, as if it never happened (spooky).
: Its usually not good to mess around with riot's pre-coded stuff but here's a little guideline for you, from what I understood a couple of days back, while digging, on a not completely different matter : - If it gives you an unfair advantage over other players, it's a ban. - If the program CAN be used for something that gives you an advantage, and you're not using it for that purpose, that's still a ban, if the system flags you. - If you have ZERO gain in a TOTALLY "SAFE" (and by safe, I mean nothing fishy about the program) program, you SHOULD be good. - If an application allows you to use Riot paid content for free, it's a ban. -Things to watch out for : we don't know for sure how riot's hacking detection system works, it might trigger false positives, and if you use any type of modification, while getting detected, you're screwed, even if the intentions weren't bad. Hope I helped, Cheers ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
It's also worthy to note that programs that are considered "safe" now may not be "safe" in the future! What these programs can and can't do may change over time, and so may Riot's policies regarding this kind of stuff! All in all these kind of custom skins are sort of a grey zone, and you may be better off not using them if you do not want to risk getting banned due to changes in these programs! That being said, taking no risk and not using them is my mentality, but if you like to live dangerously then by all means go ahead ;)
Rioter Comments
Eleat (EUW)
: A Christmas Suprise!
Community giveaways are always nice! Count me in and cheers to you! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
That reindeer might even be cuter than Poros! No wait, NOTHING's cuter than Poros {{item:2052}}
: Community Champion Concept - Stage 2: Gameplay! (Closed for voting)
I have an idea! Q: The Push of a Button: When activated, destroys the game. ... _oh wait..._ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
boqn326 (EUNE)
: Hello i was asking myself who's the coolest champion from 4800 and above Please Tell Me
Bard is super fun to play, even though you'll usually kill your teammates with your ult when you first start playing him. Only after you have played him enough will you be able to intentionally kill your premade teammates rather than on accident. DISCLAIMER: Don't do that in ranked tho ;) {{champion:432}}
: Im scripting its official and reports stack
I once had an ekko on my team who said that the enemy trynda was scripting because 'he was critting too much'. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Maybe they'll add it in the form of a new rune in the upcoming preseason, who knows {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Kittzie (EUW)
: Veigar Archangels Staff Bug
Can confirm, though it was also in ARAM just like other people mentioned. (Happened several times actually). I thought it was an updated passive or something xd
: Can't change masteries in champ select
I had this in my game yesterday once. I swapped my tank page for my AP page, and the thing suddenly turned grey (still appearing as if I had selected the AP page though). However, in game, I was running the tank page! Courage of the Colossus tank Veigar isn't that good sadly... (but it could've been worse). The next game the issue seemed to be resolved (and I could swap out my pages again).
: A "talk"? I would get my account perma banned in-game for saying that. Why not apply the tribunal to the employees aswell? I am sure he will get fired, maybe even sued. Representing such a big brand and bashing individuals who are the reasont their company is succesful aint no joke. I know I would get fired if I messaged my working buddy how the people I do bussiness with look like homunculus.
The thing is though that this wasn't said in-game. Riot can do little about toxicity **outside** of their game, doesn't matter if it's a Rioter or not. This does NOT mean that toxicity outside of the game should be tolerated, but they can't simply ban people in the game because of things they say on reddit, discord, etc. (they can be banned on reddit, discord, etc. though, depending on where the toxicity took place). And yes, you (as well as the Rioter) would get permabanned if he said such thing in-game. However, there are also the 1-day ban (IIRC) and two-week ban before a permaban is issued. Those things are warnings on that permaban! They tell you that you need to change your behaviour! A 'talk' might not have been a correct choice of words on my end. Punishment in combination with a 'talk' is more in the direction I was thinking. (A 'talk' as well as because it's still an employee of a company, and the big boss should make clear that the employee did something wrong, rather than just 'deduct salary' (or whatever punishment you can think of, this is just for the sake of example) and say nothing about it. By a 'talk' I also do not mean 'dont do that again'). That all being said I COMPLETELY AGREE THAT THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN EVER, and that this guy SHOULD BE PUNISHED in some way!
: Riot member threatening tyler1/flaming him/wishing death on him.
While I do agree that tyler1 is a toxic piece of garbage that deserved all 20+ of his permabans, wishing him cancer, etc. goes way too far, especially for a Rioter. I hope this doesn't escalate further, and I'm pretty sure that such behaviour will get talked about (inside of Riot) in a sense of "don't do that again". However, I feel like it was said in the heat of the moment, and that the Rioter **may **have already regretted his/her words about a(n) hour/day/etc. later. IMO the way phreak talks about tyler1 should be acceptable (he clearly shows he doesn't like him, but that's it), whereas something like this, no matter what things tyler1 may have done to you, should not be tolerated. After all, we are being banned when we say that someone deserves to get cancer, so why should it be acceptable for a Rioter to say it? --- tl;dr. Yes you may show that you don't like someone. No, wishing someone cancer, etc. goes too far. A warning (not in-game, just a 'word' inside of Riot) should suffice though, and I suspect it was just something said in the heat of the moment.
hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
IGN: Troller0001 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: I don't think they wont answer it in a serious manner at Ask Riot, because many people read it and most people are not interested in programming.
Who knows, there are quite a few questions which were answered both in a jokingly way and a serious way. 'Why isn't Pentakill Kayle called Pentakayle?' is one of those if I remember correctly. It doesn't guarantee that a question like this would be picked, but we can always hope ;)
Rismosch (EUW)
: @riot: stack overflow
I'm gonnna go with four possibilities (three of which you already mentioned): - You get the smallest possible amount of stacks (an infinite number) - You get 0 stacks - Nothing happens. You just don't gain any more stacks - The game crashes for everyone, and nobody can get back in. (Bugsplat!) It'd be interesting to forward this to _Ask Riot_
: I love the fact that it's PvE, so you can blow some steam and play in autopilot mode rampaging your way through enemy champions, without the toxicity found in pvp.
Agreed. I suspect that the little to no toxicity has indeed to do with the fact that it's PvE. And if you lose, then well, you all lost to bots rather than 'OP champs' ;)
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Mada (EUW)
: Yes, the practice tool is still a long way until it's comparable to 20 year old fighting games. I agree, the versus thingy is fun (a bit like mashing with foam weapons) but the added ease in finding bugs/strange features is what I'm interested in. For example Thresh throws his lantern and TPs somewhere. If the partner clicks the lantern at the right moment, he should be moving towards thresh while thresh teleports somewhere else effectively being a 2 man TP. Having to wait for the $§%§ !! TP cooldown every time you mess up the timing is what kept me from trying it in a custom game...
I remember trying to a similar thing with the lantern and enhanced baron recall. Your lantern's duration would be longer than the time it took to recall. Turns out we got it to 'work' one time (at least, from what it looked like on my end), though the ally just stopped moving/flying once thresh finished his recall. I.e. the ally stopped halfway in the normal move/fly range of the lantern. Yes this this took a damn long time to test (having to wait for baron spawn and respawn every damn time)
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
Troller0001 #0844 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Etherim (EUW)
: The Opinion Game :D !
Assassins are unfun and/or unfair to play against if you have no mobility Tanks are fun to play Cho ult needs a nerf (HP scaling down probably) Urgot needs to be the final boss in the new Star Guardian Gamemode Urgot needs a Star-Guardian skin (or related to it. E.g. Star Guardian enemy or sth) Where are the 2017 Pool Party Skins? Lousy chroma's don't count! ARAM needs to be less random (so that one team won't simply lose before the game even starts. E.g. Each team has the same amount of tanks/mages/adcs/etc.) ARURF > URF (as you are forced to try new stuff which may actually be fun. E.g. pre-rework sejuani last time) That being said ARURF needs to be less random as well (E.g. both teams having the same amount of OP champs. Give all champs a rank or sth) Disable Yasuo in ARUF (because honestly that guy is the only champion being completely useless) Dodges in ARAM, ARURF, or other random pick gamemodes need to be punished more heavily. We still need the 'Owned Skins' tab in the new client I want a PBE server in EU (even though that will never happen :P) I don't like Arcade Ahri and Arcade Ezreal and their Q's look/move weird Aatrox needs to be updated/reworked I can't wait for the Eve update (I THINK she was the next one, with Swain coming after her) Urgot's ult is scary/cool af
: A dumm featured game mode idea! (Opposite day)
{{champion:119}} Well he'd be pretty weak I guess. Build AD lose your ability scaling, build AP lose your aa-damage... {{champion:245}} Bruiser Ekko, welcome back! {{champion:60}} I never play this champion, but could this be ADC elise? {{champion:28}} This wouldn't make that much of a difference I suppose {{champion:81}} AD ezreal just got AP ez's burst {{champion:9}} crittlesticks? It's your time to shine buddy! {{champion:114}} Draven's friend? {{champion:105}} Hey it's Ekko's friend! {{champion:3}} The bruiser that builds tons of mr? {{champion:41}} Probably not that good {{champion:86}} This doesn't sound that great either Anyway it sounds like a cool idea!
: Initial hextech chest+key isn't that, it replaced the old free 400RP (I think) you would get on a new account after playing for a while.
That's true but old* players got both the 400RP and the chest+key combo, so at that time it still were extra costs for Riot. ^^ *Players that reached lvl4 (or something like that) before the Hextech system launched
: They said 1 time I am SURE.
In an 'Ask Riot' from a while ago they said that giving away 'refunds' (to everyone) would cost about the same (for the company) as giving away a single 'free skin' (to everyone), and that most people would prefer a free skin over a refund, which is why we've been getting several free skins (E.g. Riot Kayle, initial hextech skin-chest+key, etc.) rather than refunds.
: Snowday Singed Snowtrail INVISIBLE?!
Write a ticket to Riot Support, it'll probably get more visibility from there
Leptyx (EUW)
: ARAM : rerolling a champ should put it in a pool of champs available to teammates for trading
Agreed, it also gets rid of those times when you reroll aatrox, get urgot, then reroll him only to get aatrox back >.<
: Your silliest out of META pick which actually worked?
Jarvan or Wukong support. As wu, jump in, use Q, and then clone away to safety. Repeat until the enemy has to back. As for jarvan, have somebody like draven as an adc and make it a kill-lane :D
: I honestly miss the under 30th level days. Very much.
Ah those times where I only knew how to play blitzcrank and teemo, where you didn't build items (and instead bought your bloodthirster in one go for the full 3200 price), and where buying multiple boots would make sense. Also, (old) nidalee was OP as I thought her Q was her auto-attack (cmon, they looked so similair!).
ThePikol (EUNE)
: So after we got a champ with scythe what other weapon would you like to see?
Literally a person. That'd be interesting. Or someone who tosses coins at people. Pretty much anything that is not a weapon but is used as a weapon.
: I am not talking about lore-related, i am talking about lore-friendly, i can imagine a Water Skin for Talliyah but not a Pool party skin, because as you state she uses water weapons and does not bend water, then how if she doesn't bend water is the water wall able to keep up ?
She could leave behind sand (the beach-sand kind) rather than water with her ult. Makes sense lore-wise and pool-party wise (sand castles! :D). She could still ride a wave of water though, while still leaving sand behind.
: brocoli
_A Red Herring_ does not approve
Etherim (EUW)
: [Giveaway] Any skin at 975 RP Giveaway ! ;D
Even though pizza would be an obvious answer here (as it tastes amazing!), I must go for pancakes (the Dutch kind). They're so lovely, especially with pieces of baked Apple in them :D
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: Twitch is such a DISGUSTING champion
Reminds me of his old (pre VU) joke: _Ehw, what's that smell?!? ... Oh, it's me..._ {{champion:29}}
Rioter Comments
: Well half of the last part of my statement... I'd still wager you had a 70%.
Indeed, it did have one 70% off deal. Too bad it was for a Sej skin for who I already have 3 skins from Hextech and mystery gifts >.<
: She was afk?
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