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: You shouldn't be able to play a champ in ranked if your mastery over it isn't high enough
In my last 4 games I had people in my team trying champions. Guess who fed?
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: "decent base stats, better than any tank sup" WTF DID I JUST READ??? Aatrox is notoriously known for having prolly one of the lowest base hp of all fighter class champions, even outclassed by a lot of mages and marksmen. Also against semi-smart sups who know how Aatrox work, he simply gets blown up. One does not fight him in melee range, but disengage, kite and blow up.
He has lower hp but more damage than melee supports. He can outtrade. It's true that smart sups will avoid fighting him in melee range, but a smart aatrox will bait them into it. Imagine this situation: aatrox vs alistar in bot lane. Alistar has lower cds than aatrox and he can engage more often. Aatrox only has to counter engage with Q on adc and the fight is over. Aatrox has the upper hand, he can easily deal with the adc while his own adc escapes alistar and even pokes him, almost undamaged. Same happens against thresh, leona, etc. I like aatrox's level 3 in lane against most melee supports. He can outtrade most. But ofc, it all depends on the brain of the support. P.s.: I'm not saying aatrox is a great support, because he isn't. Any decent gold player can handle him. But he's so fun to play :-)
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: funny concept but wtf were u playing against lmao they were so bad XD
Normal Blind Pick. Yeah, they were really bad, but I didn't want to try this on a ranked game, I might have fainted which could make me lose the game :P
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: It'd be totally awesome to have more of These mini-tournaments all over the countries! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I know, right? It wasn't easy to organize but we ended up developing a small community of LoL players in our company. Next step is to create a League of Companies. If you ever feel like organizing a tournament i can send you our excel file with some statistics. It helps a little :-)
Malaico (EUW)
: Dudes, I’ve been seeing the tournament and only have one thing to say… The best team was eliminated on semi-finals (Feed2Win) That mid lanner was really awesome! I hope team “How I Met Your Tibbers” comes to the expectations… Additionaly best team name award should go to “How I Met Your Tibbers” hehe
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: I think you can record teamspeak plays..
I think it's a great comment though. I hope we will be able to record team chat on the next tournament. Thanks for the input ;)


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