Ceberuz (EUW)
: ***
Flaming for no reason lol. Thanks for making this community so... special :P
Path5 (EUW)
: Though I do agree that maybe that is a bit of an excessive punishment but the problem you got is that by you also complaining about Morgana flamed causes your teammates to become tilted and probably reported you and morgana, Problem is that their is many toxic people who don't get banned game after game, it's unavoidable, all you gotta do is just mute as that is what we are encouraged to do, i'd contact support and see if they can lower the punishment and hope you get sorted
Yeah, i think must be a bot problem since there were so many "trigger" words like ban, report, flame... but of course, i didnt flame at all!
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Nothing to see here, just another cartoon calling for reports on another player.
Of course i call for reports when she is flaming me all game. The problem is when someone gets punished for this, and not the flamer.
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: nah only 5-8countires.. all others should go to EUNE
But they play here. Also, North Africa is 5 km away from Spain (at Gibraltar), so now i think there are more than 20 countries.
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