: You can't just make a poll where more than half of the answers are basically identical. And, I think maybe if you were to play the game utterly preposterous amounts, it _might_ be just barely and barely possible for you to get to Honour 2
well im pretty sure i can make a poll like that cuz i did :D im at checkpoint lvl 2 now just woke up to find that out... AND im not here to cry about being honored 123 times a game and still stuck at honor lvl 1 ...
Marissa (EUW)
: It all depends on your behaviour! If you're showing good behaviour in game your honor will definitely climb and it should be possible to reach the next level (before the end of season as I think that's why you're asking). Note that any form of negative behavior (punished or not) will slow progress down, so it's pretty much all up to you ;).
well i just woke up to find out that im at check point 2 out of 3 YAAAY
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