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: How to win every game 100% of the time.
real elo guide... master yi...
: rate my teemo build
cant tell if meant to be a joke or for real?
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: Cost of Champions
riot wont ever do it because it loses them money on a system everyone has adaped to. but think of something other way like for example making your first few champs cost nothing by like deviding their price by a negative ratio to champions you own thus making your first few purchases important and cheap and your later ones more of a luxary and cost more. since once you have ever champ you just sockpile ip for the rest of your league carear
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: PSA: If a champion is so good, why aren't you all playing them?
i am i made a whole account just to main that champ (its yi btw... yi icon yi skin yi referance name)
100 ms (EUW)
yi is a noob champ which means he only works vs noobs has properly the most counterplay in the game besides garen
: Master Yi bug
yi main: only visable things otherwise your would be able to bounce to say a rengar while hes invisable by qing a minon or hit shaco by targeting his clone
: You really do have to adapt tho. For example everyone who complains about aurelion just has to atick close to him and bam, complete destroyed, which is why Yi is such a pain in the ass. Any kind of stuns or other CC? welp there go your stars and since you are squishy there goes your hp too.
you dont seem to understand... riot designs EVERY FUCKING CHAMP with counterplay. and just saying "use that counteplay in their kits" is useless because when their strong it means their counterplay is to weak to have an impact or they to strong and their counterplay as no effect. akali being in a tank roll overcomes her counterplay of vision and burst due to the fact that even if u see her shes a pure tank.... what do tanks want u to do... put those tank stats to good use... so kill or not shes getting what she wants thats why she needs a nerf back into the assassin roll
: did you take some art from aion...?
forgot im on chrome and can just image search. yeah its aion lol
: Virxy , Essence's Daughter
did you take some art from aion...?
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: "I'm to stubborn to adapt to something i have never seen before and therefore i lose vs tank Akali. Rito, the only logical and appropriate solution is to nerf the thing i don't want to to understand". Anyone remember Illaoi? The Tentaclelady? No? Me neither, bu i remember the crys about her being op and stuff. People learned to play against her and she got lost pretty quickly. Don't listen to those bronze dudes who can't and won't learn the game. Next LCS they will copy progamers playstyle and still can't climb. Next LCS they see something realy strong and cry for nerfs anyway. Endless circle of stupidity.
"im to stubborn to admit that league is an ever changing game with buffs and nerfs and always think the current patch of the game is perfectly balanced and therefor any balance changes done are unfair" its awesome reading all these smart ass low elos going "oh you just need to play round it" and they dont relize all the top elo players are going "yeah this shit needs fixing" im sorry people in your low elo cant abuse something to its full extent but in higher elos akali is a problem. same as nidalee and gnar but i guess you haven't seen more then 2 gnars in the last 100 games have you?
: That is unfair
yes. system stupid for support. needs rework forumla. maybe damage dont to damage taken. with each cc and a damage ration. so for example 5 man blitz r = 3000 cc damage points?
The TabIe (EUW)
: You're level 25. I'm going to stop lowering my standards. look at this account where i play now look at all the games i play on this boards account
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alasarcher (EUNE)
: It was on ur blobs.
in this screenshot i didnt have blobs... and if it was (which it wasnt) it would need 4 autos to proc it
Suphix (EUW)
: prob procced it on all your passive blobs
Didn't have passive at time and she must use an auto or ult to proc it. It just spikes randomly from 200ish damage to this
The Zelax (EUNE)
: Making new champion disabled in ranked queue (temporarily)
they should buy riot doesnt give a shit if it makes them money and going "oh boy im gonna win so hard with this new champ because new = op and op = win" makes them money
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Which champion did u play? Any chance it was Zac?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Most likely a bug with the death recap screen. It's always shown very wrong numbers. Sometimes it even says the damage of flash killed you.
i know but if you read the whole post your see i already address that...
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: aurelion sol the new ao shin
no otherwise they would of just released ao shin.... that was the whoel reason ao shin was canceled they would make a good kit or lore
Najns (EUW)
: Well you're going around telling people they are shit when you're hiding behind a lv 25 account...
because people think they deserve challenger because they "play" zed. and im a bronze player because i play "easy" champs
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's not about the time it takes, or amount of games. It's about you showing a significant improvement to your ingame behaviour. If you don't improve, you can in theory never regain access to Hextech.
as i said i havnt been reported (to my knowleage) for anything expect feeding so if i just stay average not positive/negative i dont get stuff? riot should make one of those loading messages "suck your teams cock if you want shit" then
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Najns (EUW)
: Why use it on boards then.? Since sharing accounts is against the rules...
main reason is because its annoying when a bronze/silver goes "oh you main yi and shyvana what do you know about the game" and thats the number 1 thing i get said to me when i prove they r in silver/bronze because they r shit
Najns (EUW)
: Why the hell do you use Tier 2 and 1 runes.? Even if it's a smurf, they're not worth.
i dont use this account at all it was my friends when he was starting league but he was turned away by the toxic community
Najns (EUW)
: Wow you tell someone they can't talk about the game cause they're silver.? While you're lvl 25.? Wow.
im not actually 25 its calling using a different account i am currently plat 2 and my highest this season was diamond 5.
: Riot don't forget us lone wolves! ^^
riot gave up about us lone wolves... so sad...
: i wana return my money i spendet on this account in change in change to this account.
you can quit... but you arnt getting any money back lol when you do the payment you agree to no refunds lol read the text lol
: > [{quoted}](name=True Damage God,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=g18WGP1x,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-03-27T21:24:52.297+0000) > > well if you put the escape that end it would have literly 0 effect on his early game at getting kills... Well sure it would be a nerf to him, since he would have a harder time setting up ganks (vs pinks and in general) and it would also be less useful as an escape, for example when counterjungling. As someone who plays sup and junglers with weak early I get that Shaco is annoying to play against and forces a defensive early playstyle just by being there, but that is how it is meant to be. Shaco brings nothing to teamfioghts and the lategame except being an at best mediocre splitpusher. The only way he can contribute is by snowballing himself and/or his team in the early game. > [{quoted}](name=True Damage God,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=g18WGP1x,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-03-27T21:32:46.243+0000) > > my problem arnt with shaco as a champion its just extremely weird (btw shaco gets free crit...) how riot went for the opinion that gives less counteprlay... i honestly do see them putting the gapcloser at the end of the q or turning his e into a skillshot xD The counterplay to Shaco is playing extremely defensive in lane and not to feed kills.
no offenve but your silver 5 please dont try to teach people the game and its not because i lost to a shaco and i havnt even played vs a shaco in weeks and shaco is an EXAMPLE of riots design in general. and as for the the first part. just make it a 2 part spell. he goes into stealth at first cast and he dashes the 2nd dash. it wouldnt effect his kit it just give him more options for counterplay.
: To be fair... I think that's supposed to be like that. He is a jester, his whole design is ment to mess with people and give them a bad time... his core mechanics are using his kit to deceive opponents into bad places (hell it's even what the Q is called, deceive). His dash on top of his Q is a big part of this deception which makes it core to his kit... not to mention he has to be behind someone to make use of his passive which means he needs to have some kind of mobility in his kit. Also don't you think it's bad for the health of the game to make all champions work the same way... while the core mechanics have to stay the same each champion has to do something differently in order stand out from the crowd... This is shown well with invisibility spells as each one adds something unique to it to help differentiate one stealth champion from another and to help give strategic diversity... what you are asking is to take away the thing differentiating his Q from all the other stealth spells. So you might think the dash is a bad thing and is bad designing by riot, but removing it kills shaco in every way... his identity gets restricted, his passive is rendered obsolete, shaco loses the ability to do half the things he has to to be relevant, and his strategic identity dies (why pick shaco when now almost every stealth champion in the game can do everything he can and more). I know he is annoying and a pain to deal with, but did you really expect anything different from a joker character.
i dont think you read the whole thing. i said you could push it at the end of the dash and stealths do have alot but sometimes they have to much. example? khazix they removed the damage reduction from it
Vuks (EUNE)
: K, lets start with the gaplclosers and whatever on stealth. Akali gets speed when entering stealth. Eve gets mana regen (and most of the time speed boost thx to mobis), Kha, Talon and Twitch get movespeed when isong their nukeninja mode, Teemo gets a HUGE as boost after leavong invis, Rengar gets a free instakill upon leaving stealth. Believe me, Shaco is the most balanced guy there along with Teemo. What really needs to be fixed os access to pinks and other wards when your inventory is full, like in lategame.
my problem arnt with shaco as a champion its just extremely weird (btw shaco gets free crit...) how riot went for the opinion that gives less counteprlay... i honestly do see them putting the gapcloser at the end of the q or turning his e into a skillshot xD
: The difference between Shaco and most of the champions you listed is that Shaco becomes absolutely useless (and I mean 100% useless) if he fails to get kills and a lead in the early. Thats the reason why Shaco's kit has more tools to ensure he has the possibility to make kills early.
well if you put the escape that end it would have literly 0 effect on his early game at getting kills...
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: Riot This Is Serious Now
riot loves your salty tears.
: I'm stuck in a dead end circle, cutting, high on drugs, my kidneys might be failing from alcohol, my lungs feel like smoke is going to solidify inside them and I'm looking up on how to make a knot for a noose because I didn't learn in school... But I got kitty kat katarina from a hextech box, so I've got that going for me, wich is nice...
memes make everything better
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Kieik (EUW)
: Attack Speed on Aurelion?? but.. why?
ad and ap marks are normaly gotten to increase burst damage in ganks. where as with camps you cant really burst them early levels your in a sustained fight and in a sustained fight. for example lets take diana and her 53 ad level 1. she could do 2 53 is she went ap marks. she could do 2, 53 + 8.5 for 61.5 damage each auto or she could do 3 53 with attack speed marks. i hope this explained it to you (this is also the reason why a jungler like {{champion:11}} is extremely fast at junglering even though hes q does about the same/less damage of a {{champion:121}} who is quite slow
: if that was true, why won't he do a documentary on youtube and expose rito? why won't anybody else?
they have quite a few. thats how some people get their fun they go ashe afk in base buy 40% cdr and just spam ult when off cooldown thats their fun karthus as well
: why don't you just report him for intentional feeding? rito punishes players for incorrect behaviour, not you. just like with the police in real life. you don't shoot thieves, you report them to the police so they can be arrested. calm down, lol.
feed intentionaly and see how many games it takes you to actually be effected (i have a friend who did it for 28 games straight with nothing happening i just gave up monitoring and hes still playing and doing it). now call someone a %%%got for 2 games and enjoy ur 10 games chat banned
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xFires (EUW)
: Voicing all League of Legends voices!
adsfgadfsg (EUNE)
: Lissandra
they r likly to buff her to get more people playing her to increase skin sales. :)
: [NEW SUMMONER ICONS] MECHA icons up on the PBE!
: How does the ranking system work?
your team elo vs enemy team elo + premade factor = lp when win and lp when lost.
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