Seeko94 (EUNE)
: Trials Bug !
11/12, went back to 8/12... {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Giojun (EUW)
: You could always just make an inspiration page yourself could you not?
That's not the point here. Yeah I could - after level 11!
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: Year in review
I just see a rotating loading circle and that's all... Cant load it even on the site...Guess my internet again...
: Didn't make it
I just read the first few sentences man and lel : "I tried so hard and get so far, at the end it doesn't even matter" xD Well, keep doing your best you will get to gold. Best of luck in the new season!
Mukha (EUW)
: help xd
I personally have always been using mobafire. As of earlier today they have updated their site and the new runes are now implemented. Give it a shot! GL&HF!
Rorÿ (EUW)
: i made this kayn login screen
I've missed the patch, but if you really made this, RIOT should consider giving you a job. GG<3
: Look what I just found LOL! Friends Elo Boosting
I will tell you what I probably would tell him - 1v1 me bro!
: I see what you did there Riot...
Yeah RIOT- what gives - unlock every thing right from the start. Who likes the idea of progression anyways :P Or basically you are affected by every single rpg-like game nowadays... Rune pages only used to limit the roles you can play at prima vista. Now you can play any role even if you don't have a pre-made page for it. So what exactly is the problem?!
: why don't we get the free opened chests for being level 30
To my understanding you unlock new stuff by leveling AFTER level 30... I personally didn't expect anything at all, yet still I got new icon, new ward and 4 AWESOME SKINS!
Valter (EUW)
: The new runes
I think its a bit early to say that. Lets play a bit and see how the changes impact the overall diversity of the game. On the other hand if you dislike them simply cuz you gotta learn new stuff...well sorry for you mate.
Candazor (EUW)
: bug - new runes
Hey, mate! You cant modify the 5 preset rune pages in champselect. You can still create a new page and freely modify it. Try it in practice.
NyanDoge (EUNE)
: Can you let us delete the preset rune pages?
I now have 25 rune pages. I don't understand how they would target selling more rune giving you additional...
: i dont think it is fair since i paid for a product they took out of the game, thats my problem. I decided to spent monex on rune pages yes but they took my rune pages from me or not? and they agve me somethin ine xchange i didnt paid for and didnt want
> [{quoted}](name=TSM Inori ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=brB3YKbK,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-08T07:42:21.315+0000) > > i dont think it is fair since i paid for a product they took out of the game, thats my problem. I decided to spent monex on rune pages yes but they took my rune pages from me or not? and they agve me somethin ine xchange i didnt paid for and didnt want They DID NOT took away rune pages!!! They are still there AND you can still unlock them FOR RP!!! You feel bad, cuz you are misinformed...
: Finally Quitting
Dude! You still have your pages (20 is still the maximum purchasable pages that NOT EVERYBODY have maxed out)! What you are doing is OVERTHINKING stuff! So NOT ONLY you got rune pages, you got FREE SKINS! What kind of world are living in?! So you complain cuz u got a bonus...
: I feel betrayed by RIOT
I feel you, bro. Back when RIOT Kayle was released I bought it for 1350. A few months latter they gave it for free. Feels bad. Still a gift is a gift! You can take it and you cant even return it. Don't feel betrayed or overlooked simply cuz you didn't get what you wanted!!! There are lots of players and RIOT cant personally make your wish come true. You should be grateful they decided to compensate us for the RP spent after all. They could have just reset the pages and give you nothing. Don't get me wrong but you sound every bit as ungrateful as I was back then (oh btw I got the 750 Academy darius). Come to think of it now I like the skin and I love that RIOT decided to compensate me IN ANY way AT ALL!!! Its not RIOT throwing money away, that's your own design! But the most important - what skins did you get? For me it was Super Galaxy Annie, Dragon Trainer Lulu, Glacial Malph and Guardian Ezreal! I personally don't play any of those champs, but you gotta admit its more then I've bargained for. Back when I started playing LoL very few people were buying skins and I mostly did it cuz I loved the art and I wanted to contribute in some way to a small game dev that offered me a FREE GAME when I was totally bored of the AAA games I owned... I'm really sorry to hear you feel this way mate, but its a GIFT! You don't complain about people giving you something for free (once more)! It was your design to buy those runes with rp. Its only now that you hear you can get something for free, that you regret that design of yours. Don't be like that! Cheer up and be happy you got anything at all. Most devs wont even bother... For me its like Christmas came earlier (and to be completely honest I don't play either of those champs)... Please at least post what kind of skins you got. If you think about it I'm sure you got awesome stuff. Last but not least - ITS YOUR DESIGN to buy stuff. You are getting one of the best games for free! You gotta respect that! Cheers! Don't be sad, may be its time to play those few champs you initially overlooked :) p.s. as people before me said - you got rune pages AND A BONUS - skins!
Mada (EUW)
: Ohh, I'll still play inspired thresh! Just without censer now :-D
And I bet you'll be really good at it! p.s. you can always tell who the real support is - brings pizza to a lan party ;)
Gaminime (EUW)
: Mass afk-ers in ranked
I believe RIOT are constantly working on that problem, its like the only problem - I've never experienced a bug that impacted my game, only people that tilt. While afkers impact your progression, you need to understand that a nice guy like yourself will eventually get pass them, but the afkers themselves will be stuck and will probably go down. Its not a gamble, you are learning in some way how to get pass such behavior and that's a real life lesson. There are no shortcuts to greatness and its the same thing in life too - nasty ppl will do anything to stop you from achieving greatness. If you keep minding them you will only loose yourself. Buckle up, don't overthink it, your team needs you at your best. You are a nice guy, so keep being nice no matter what others will do!
eNRogue (EUW)
: A End Season Message to RIOT and the Community.You can skip my own story..the end is important !
Every single person is an individual - sarcasm to some may be fun, for others may be flame. Sorry you didn't get what you've played so hard to achieve, but there's a lesson to be learned here. Your behavior was toxic to some and that probably made them feel miserable. For good or bad the tribunal is nor more at that point, so we must all rely on the "computer". While we all say thing we don't really mean, people will troll and do stupid stuff. Change doesn't come from a single person, it comes from all of us. I also get trigger by afkers, trolls, inting and stuff... As you've personally found out, sarcasm or not, you are the one who looses when you give in to those nasty feelings. League will make you a stronger person in real life too. Cheers, buckle up and best of luck!
Mada (EUW)
: It's only a bummer they nerfed ardent censer. So much for my inspired-stoneborn-censer-thresh T.T
I feel you ,bro! I felt the same way when they reworked Evelyn. For good or bad, the game wont ever be the same. Still don't give up. If you like playing thresh it will still be that awesome champ for you!
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: Riot, you must be kidding me!
You did great, mate! You can do even better!!!
Durga (EUW)
: When in Rome. But in all seriousness, this kind of behavior is always gonna happen. If you can't deal with it, maybe you should try to, because it is a skill useful in life. You can't let yourself get worked up because of people with a weak will or something along those lines. Maybe they are having a bad day, you don't know that, i sure don't either. What I would do depending on my mood would either A: Run around waiting for the game to end while not clearing waves. B: Play, because that's what i went there to do and losing that game proves nothing on how well i am at it C: Not complain at a company that designs and hosts a video game server about human behavior. The only reason to ever get mad on this game is to lose a won game or doing stupid shit yourself over and over and never learning from it because everything else is their problem, not yours. Learn what affects you , work on not letting it. Peace
I play for nearly a decade now, think I'm used to it. That's not the point. So basically we should sit and do nothing :P Not my way of doing things... What got me triggered - we tried to ff and they voted no. I suppose the godfather was right - some ppl are just beggin for the bullet :( p.s. about your suggestions/reactions: A: you do exactly what toxic players will do, giving them the opportunity to report you in return (but most of all practicing what you should always avoid) B: play what exactly...? 3v5 is always fun :P C: No1's complaining - IF ANYTHING I believe I give some feedback.To my understanding such behavior is not tolerated. Every1 have their own concept of anger. Winning isn't everything. I play for fun. You can still have fun while loosing, knowing at least you have done your best!
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Nherax (EUW)
: Which skin do you regret buying the most?
I bought riot kayle, then they gifted it for free. Got it for 1350, the "reward" I got was 750 academy darius. Now I hate both skins :P
Rismosch (EUW)
: Seems I am gay now...
Give me a call...
iVesha (EUNE)
: Hey RIOT !!! can you help me ???
Change your email and password? Create new acc?
: PLEASE read and think with me for a second! i need help
I have the same problems when I'm playing at home (my home town). When I swap to the city where I currently live the problems are all gone. Id say its the provider's fault. Also you literally gave no valid info - what kind of network do you use? Is it fiber or normal cable? Also when you get dc do you happened to notice if any sites are working (do you have a connection at all)? Does the connection icon appears normal or do you get the yellow triangle?
RoyalKrow (EUW)
: I'm pretty sure we've all had the need to let some steam out in chat
That would be an interesting feature. I can suggest simpler solution - CONTROL YOURSELF.
: Anyone else having difficulty telling the new minions apart?
Give it time. Its always like this when they change something.
Solash (EUW)
: At long last...
Make him more fluffy and sparkly! Its yorick afterall...
: 1 win away from silver promos...
And then what - better games? Inner satisfaction? I will never forget the game I played with a master, 2 plats and a gold. THEY FED WORST THAN BRONZE!
: I hate Clubs and teams sometimes.
The player base is filled with teenagers. What do you expect from some third-rated aholes that constantly need to be reminded of how unique they are... If you say you know a great jungler and then invite an ezreal main jungler to my team I would hate you too xD
: I might transfer to EUW where i belong.
ITs league - there are no right choices. You ll find even more ahole on the west servers. Yesterday I spared afk enemy midder (he was afking for like a minute, while we had afk the whole game) and he was spamming "ez" the rest of the game. No honor. No dignity. No brain. I think you'd expect as much from 13 years old :P That's what happens when player pool is filled with kids. If you play night time only you ll see a whole different game I swear...
: i am lost... i srsly dont know what to do anymore
First you have to understand that - its LoL - you can do a bunch of things right and still end up loosing/being flamed :P If you like the game just keep playing. If not, well delete it. There are no absolutes here. Its only natural for a real human being to decide he/she are the problem. When you do just remember that first line I started with :P Ofc theres always the possibility that you are doing things wrong :)
Dedaviol (EUNE)
: My worst experience in League
Hm, if you are like diamond or above you can skip this comment. However I get the feeling its not the case. So basically you can handle all of the stuff that makes the game unplayable, but you have problems locking in your choice? It doesn't matter if you are the first pick and get countered. It doesn't matter what you pick AT ALL. Chances are you can win easy lane and loose a hard game. The same goes around - you can get **** on early game and then come on top late. You don't need to change your play style or anything physical for that matter. You just need to believe in yourself. To be honest, doing so in a video game is kinda sad. After all its just a game and your life doesn't even remotely depends on it :P No one can give you advice on that topic. Not in a forum anyway. If you really want to get to the bottom of it, id suggest a professional help. No I'm not kidding. Experience in games is often transferred to the real life and vice versa - you probably feel the same way outside the rift, under similar circumstances. What you feel only means that you take the game serious and put a lot of effort in it - after all you cant feel the way you do if you don't give a ****. Irrational fears (phobias) are hard (basically impossible) to deal with on you own. As I said, a talk with a professional can help a lot. Apart from that, every1 will just tell you, you just care too much. Its not a bad thing btw. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! After all it doesn't matter what you pick as long as you get a feeder team that basically tells you to shove all that effort in your...In other words, that game doesn't deserve all the attention on your part :P
: can we pls get normal draft in eune?
1 of - you should write in eune server. 2 of - "I don`t care if I wait 5 or more minutes for a queue in normal draft as long as I know that I will have a decent matchmaking." - in the end you just wait 5 more minutes to get sweet a$$ noob teammates that feed. Think about it
CG Spazie (EUW)
: ♥ Sp4zie - Ask Me Anything
Nothing to really ask you. You are crazy funny awesome. Love you. Its not weird for guys to say it :P {{champion:44}}


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