: Streaming #Diamond3ShacoOneTrickPony
why do you only play shaco?? what do you like best with him. Do you not get bord playing only Shaco on both accounts in Dia? just wandering.
TeiX (EUW)
: i have a suggestion but its also kinda iffy make a full refund regen a ranked reward :P
what? a good suggestion, but how is that going to happen?
KhanRuss (EUW)
: im sorry but this is stupid, the whole concept is flawed
and why do i think that, you must explain?
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LoyalCircle (EUNE)
: It takes too many losses to drop from say gold to silver but if you are at 0lp and gold3 you drop to gold4 fast. If you get promoted from gold4 to gold 3,you start at 0lp and if you lose a match or two you dont get demoted instantly.
Bur, i only lost one game at 0 lp. Can u tell me why?
Smerk (EUW)
: The system isn't broken, you can be demoted right after one loss at 0 LP unless you just joined that division, then you have 3 games protection, in case of tier demotion you have to lose many games, so your MMR drops to the point that you're playing with division 5 of the lower tier players
that´s funny because i just got promoted to gold 3 and then i won one game and lost two games in a row and immediately got demoted to gold 4. dose that make sense. ir is the hole thing broken?
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: Gold support LF Duo. (Plat 3 earlier this season)
hi. main adc i play in EUW, I can duo with you but the only problem is i´m soon gold 1, but i´m soon gold 1
: You didn't read what I wrote... CoD is way worse than LoL community.
well i have played bought and in my opinion I think the lol community is worse then the cod community. because in the league community they are flamers for every little thing. in cod everybody is just talking bullshit all the time and just saying a things in every single league that does not make sens. I dont know about you, but that is my opinion.
SantaHunter (EUNE)
gayboi (EUW)
: New loading game screen !?!?!?!
I totally agree with u, a very good suggestion!
: Ultra Rapid Fire
I can talk to my dad and make it real guys! what do u say?
OMG SOOOOO TROLL, Riot pleas make this game mode!!!
: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
U.R.F. is bad why do u want it back? after u have played it a while is getting boring.
: Refunds should be made available only after level 15 or above.
that is what roit want, so people waste there refunds and then they must buy more and THEN, riot will make money for your mistakes.
PlzenCZ (EUNE)
: Im sorry man too cause im not going to waste 2600 rp for that even though i thank you for the idea but its a bit too much... Also i would like to add that every server should be the same they shouldnt prioritize other servers from what i have seen the lag has been already 3 days and they still havent given any answer about why is this happening or what will happen to the people that lost games cause of it.I dont really care about the games if i lost points but i lost my mmr something that is really important before the end of the season...
yes, i agree with you. good luck!
lol, sorry for u, but u can try to switch to Euw. i dont think riot prioritize eune before any odder server sins there are some much bug and lags there. i highly recommend u to switch to euw if possible.
: Why do I have a feeling vayne could get banned for that "fuck you" This is the kind of game LoL is
well riot try all they can to band away players who flame so they need to take them all down. Riot is just trying to create a better community for league players. as they don`t do a particularly good job, but they are trying there best!,
: riot can you help???
hi. i think u have all ready don it, but just a tips try to explain just the way u describe this and send it to riot. just a tip if u have not dont it yet!
: If you think LoL is bad, go play Call of Duty. That CoD community is like a cesspool compared to LoL recyclebin.
yeah tru that Cod community has less flamers then the lol community, but i am just wondering about why they are flaming so much with out a point to flame.
: And OCE, don't forget OCE.
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ThePompf (EUW)
: Wait. You got no english there? I thought its on every client, as everyone calls the items by the english names....
lol dude, english is not on every client. just think about it its just EU, NA and Nordic and East. league of legends is referring the language to each region.
i am of jewish and i will call my uncle isac schettfentberg to fix this he is master and ceo of rito games and leauge of sprut
: 1. Nasus, Vladimir, Alistar, Tahm, Shen, Tristana, Jinx 2. The best playstyle I have found, is using a mouse and a keyboard.
oh, thx dude so i should not play on my PS4 any more? xD
: Dear botlane premades ^_^
DEAL WITH IT!!! its how the lol community works, sry to say but thats lol:D
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