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: Perhaps, if it was opt-in.
Y a option where you can decide if you want it or not
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: It wouldn't be 10% of the damage you did... Spell vamp on aoe spells like your tentacles is decreased to 15% efficiency which means you would be getting healed for around 1.5% of the damage you delt... You could get the same amount of healing with a spirit visage. And even if the tenetcles aren't hitting the vessel you still have zoned him away for 12 seconds which is massive.
Wiki "Example: Dealing 300 single-target damage with 10% spell vamp will heal for 30. Dealing 300 area of effect damage with 10% spell vamp will heal for 10 for each enemy affected." 10 hp of 300 dmg is 3,3333% not 1,5 %. You have to take 1/3 of your spellvamp thats the aoe spell vamp :) And mostly you wont zone him away that he wont get any xp and gold. For example you vessel him under his tower. 1 Tentacle will spawn he will dodge thats it. There is no more room for spawning more tentacles and he can farm under his tower in peace. So with my buff when there is no room to spawn a new one the tentacle would attack him so he cant just ignore the tentacle. And if this patch feels like a buff for you how do you explain the even lower win rate in 6.9 compared to 6.8 ?
: From the look of things, you were going after a damage oriented Illaoi build, which, unless stupidly ahead, will mean you're going to struggle to do your thing in a team fight. A more tanky/bruiser build would allow you to do more Illaoi things before you die. Also, I'd suggest taking builds from and other sites with a pinch of salt, simply because you should be building based on who you're facing, not based on someone else's build.
Cause she scales so good with AD it would be a waste not going off tank. With Maw and steraks you gain tankyness and dmg going only tanky is really a waste if you have this massive numbers of FULL ad scaling in my opinion. Going full ad without tankyness is a problem too because you will die in a few hits so i went the hybrid way and it worked out quite well if i watched my history in 3 vs 3.
: When on Earth was Maw and Sterak's together core on Illaoi? Sterak's I can see, but you'd be better off with a flat MR item. Hell, you could forgo Sterak's all together and go for the generic tank top build (IBG, Sunfire, SV) and still do fine with her. Chances are that Illaoi's winrate dropped because of the migration of certain mages (such as Malz, for example) to top lane, which means she can't exert as much of her early game pressure as she used to.
It was in 6.8 on the site in the build order and maw was perfect with the spell vamp you gained. 10 % means 10 % of the dmg your spells/tentacles deal will heal you. Together with deaths dance this was awesome and you got way more sustain and a shield that scales with your MR was great too cause i got as last item often a spirit visage = more heal = bigger maw shield.
: > Hidden nerf is the nerf of the combination of maw and steraks you cant get both an this was the core of Illaoi. Shields let you stay longer in a fight = more W = more tentacles slashes = way more potencial dmg. Meanwhile you get some offensive stats too so you dont fall back in dmg. Maw was never core on illaoi... steraks maybe but maw was a situational item if you where snowballing and/or needed magic protection... So this change doesn't really affect her. > Because the Vessel form only lasts 12 sec i see many people that just let 1 tentacle spawn dodge and wait the rest of the time in a corner and let the debuff run out. Firstly if a tentacle should spawn but no room is left for it then any near by tentacles will hit the vessel instead so you can't really stop it like this. And even if you could it's not about damage (you did enough through simply killing the ghost), it's about the zoning... if you did this in lane then that's 12 seconds where the target is cowering in a corner instead of doing anything else which results in 12 seconds of free farm or tower damage... that's very strong. I find these changes are most definitely buffs, after testing them she felt a lot better and no longer feels useless.
At the moment the tentacles attack the vessel when spawned and wont hit the vessel again for maybe 8 sec ? I have no numbers there but in 6.9 the tentacles wont attack when there is no space to spawn a new tentacle. And on you saw on 6.8 Maw and Steraks in the build. Maw was a really good Item you gained Spell vamp so your tentacles healed you for 10 % of the dmg dealt. Together with deaths dance you gained way more sustain.
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: Aatrox is due to a rework and Nasus doesn't heal nearly as much (due to it not being AOE).
Darius got a bigger heal i have seen so many Darius that made 1 q in 3 vs 3 and got 50 % of their hp back
: Illaoi changes bad one this time
So her old e the enemy had to kill at least a minimum of 3 tentacles. The new E 1 tentacle spawns the enemy hides next to the tentacle and waits until the duration is over. To avoid this make her E like everytime a tentancle would spawn and there is no place let all the tentacle attack the target so the enemy cant just wait around. In the best case you can get in late game 4 tentacles but you will never get 4 cause there is too less time and the enemy is mostly not walking around in a huge area to spawn every 3 sec a tentacle. Pls increase the duration again or let it increase with lvl you take into it. First balance her E then balance other skills around. You buff "inreased" her winrate from 49% to 44 % now she is not worth playing anymore and this makes me sad cause she was my favourite champion in 6.8 and i started maining her. Moreover you have nerfed her cause she cant buy maw/hextrinker and steraks anymore that was her core build. This was another minor nerf thats why we are now at 44% win rate and now you even think of something like a cd on her q heal. If you dont like this champ just delete him but stop nerfing champions that are weak as fuck.
: So first you nerf her E and now you nerf her Q whats next meddler tell it to us. Just delete this champ if you dont like her just WTF. You nerf this champ like she got a 60 % win rate
And yes the last patch was a nerf too look at
: The main problem is his E and W costs (10% and 20% respectively) which can melt his HP quite fast, and with somewhat of a burst meta, he can't really go around and spam E (especially because he slows himself for the cast duration) without exposing himself to burst. Meanwhile we have Veigar with 2 items 1 shotting Vayne on full HP. And he is not getting touched from what I can see.
Yes and you have to wait 6 - 9 seconds to get your buffed Q to get a huge heal burst. The normal q´s just dont really heal you or it feels like zero. So in teamfight you have to survive at least 6 seconds till you can get any heal and you will just get bursted down. The 3rd Q should be a nice "buff" to the Q and not the main power while the normal Q´s have zero impact.
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: Vlad (both mid and top) is sitting at 38% winrate. Thats like 2nd or 3rd lowest of all champions. He needs buffs especially for late game where his fully charged E takes more health than it does dmg.
Thats the lowest winrate in the history of LoL ? And this is the lowest win rate at the moment. Even urgot or better
: Illaoi changes bad one this time
So first you nerf her E and now you nerf her Q whats next meddler tell it to us. Just delete this champ if you dont like her just WTF. You nerf this champ like she got a 60 % win rate
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: If a vessel spawns a tentacle and they attack a tentacle once, then an attack from another ally will count towards removing one stack from the debuff, hope that makes sense. And if you vessel three dudes they will spawn three tentacles as long as there aren't any other tentacles nearby. I would just love it if you could delete a badly placed tentacle, nothing like screwing over your laning phase because of that. XD Edit: Didn't read your question properly, assuming that the tentacles spawn at different times then yeah, they will each spawn a tentacle if no others are nearby. If by some voodoo magic you manage to get those 3 vessels to spawn tentacles at the same time then idk. :P
I have another Questions. 1. If you take the soul of somebody and vayne attacks the soul does the enemy get normal or true dmg ? 2. Another question is if an allie hits the soul and the enemy dies on this dmg who gets the kill the allie or illaoi ? 3. My thirs question is if i grab the soul of malphite with 1k hp. My e transfers 60 % of the dmg. We kill the soul does malphite get 600 dmg or does this dmg get reduced ? There are 2 options the soul got for example amor and gets reduced dmg but the enemy take the full dmg or does the soul take true dmg and the dmg that gets transfered gets reduced by malphite.
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: The reason tanks seem to deal so much damage is because you, who builds damage have around 80 MR (about 42% reduction) and 1900 HP. On the other hand you have a full tank Nautilus with 300 armour (About 71% reduction) and 4000 HP. You have a skill that deals around 400 damage lets say, while Nautilus has a skill that deals about 250 damage. 71% damage reduction on Nautilus from your 400 damage skill = 116 damage. 42% damage reduction on You from a 250 damage Nautilus skill = 105 damage. Now the reason it seems like a lot is because of the HP you have. 116 damage to a 4000 HP Nautilus is only 2.9% of his health. Whereas, 105 damage to you with 1900 HP is 5.5% of your health. So it *looks* like he is dealing more damage than you, but in terms of raw value you're probably hitting higher numbers. You see how it works now?
im only taliking about the laning phase and there he dont got 300 amor and 4k hp he just got the first items and he deals more dmg to me than me to him even when im building my ressistance early on and still get like 100-150 ap he still outscales me cause of his higher base dmg and higher resistance (obv when he spent all money in tank items)
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: The technology isn't there yet...
Are you afraid of technology ... TECHNOLOGY :D best ^^
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Not too sure about that, you'd have to search on your own. However, remember that no program is definitely allowed. Riot can change their views on any program at any time, and tbh it's too much of a risk just to have alternate skins.
But if this program only gives you custom skins this shouldnt be a problem cause custom skins arent the problem i thought O.o
Minstrel (EUNE)
: This is irrelevant. The program, **as a whole**, is forbidden.
Is there a good alternative for MK LoL without a jungle timer so its allowed
: MK LoL is now illegal ???!!
Is there any legal alternative if i want to use custom skins as easy as it was in MK LoL ?
Infernape (EUW)
: If it includes the jungle timer, even if you disable it, Riot have explicitly said that it's not allowed. The program itself is outlawed by Riot even if you disable things that give you an unfair advantage. If you continue to use it you run the risk of being permanently banned.
So when MK LoL brings something like MK Skin or MK LoL without jungle timer its allowed to use ?
Minstrel (EUNE)
: It's been confirmed multiple times that it isn't allowed. It's one of the few programs explicitly forbidden by Riot.
And because of which feature whats the reason for it ?
: MK LoL is now illegal ???!!
It was legal if you deactivated the jungle time and there is no more such a huge difference between normal jungle timer and mk lol jungle timer because you get all the information now in game. Years ago when you got no in game timer by riot mk lol was maybe cheating but now its no more cheating cause you get the same information legal in game and custom skins are no problems with riot.
Barty (EUNE)
: Let me just say it one more time: it is not calculated from flat honor points, but from honor points per game. There is nothing like "reach 1000 teamwork points and you'll get a badge." Confirmed by Riot: * It's about honor points per game, not flat * Only red one is earned just for Honorable opponent points, other ones are combinations * It's about constant honor points income - if you stop getting enough honor, your crest will disappear after some time (which actually means if you keep getting honored, you can have it forever - I have mine for a really long time by now) * I like penguins Can't remember any more points, but those all are true (even the one with penguins, although it's not confirmed by Riot). Have a nice day. :)
If you got more than 1800 honor points trust me you dont get it over night you get it constantly so why you still get no crest ? The whole system is just bullshit in my opinion and should just get deleted if riot cant balance it. Now you wont get a crest anymore because too less people are honoring anyone in my opinion. So the whole system got useless
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Barty (EUNE)
: Badges/Honor crests - the forgotten achievement
I got a Friend with 1800 Teamwork and he got no crest in loading screen. 1800 fucking teamwork this whole think have to be buggy as hell they said they increased the cap. To 10 000 or what riot please thats just stupid

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