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Ðeathwish (EUNE)
: There is still time to fix Zed's face
this is why i come to the league boards lmao
Zanador (EUNE)
: I take these threads as thought experiments. Sometimes the obvious or self explanatory can be quite difficult to explain if you never practiced how to do it before. I also consider answering any question seriously, no matter what i think about it to be quite a useful skill in life. But putting all that aside, on the boards i tend to criticize players and Riot a lot for not putting in the effort of thinking through the consequences of their suggestions or actions. So i think it's only fair that i too, think my answers through, no matter how big or small the subject is. I can still be wrong, but at least not for a lack of consideration. :)
this thread was a bit of a joke, but, seriously... wouldn't you be happy if none of us had to deal with teemo?
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