: Riot stuff - simply bunch of idiots
Whatever. Just waste of a time. Anyone who posts her would cry for same thing at any time...
Trias000 (EUNE)
: It always makes me sad that what people describe as "toxic community" is an afker every now and then. And that's all they care about. The true toxicity (flamers) remains mostly unnoticed.
I never flame in game, almost never. But here I told my rant. Because its been for years the same thing and nothing changed...
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Inaphyt (EUW)
: I would prefer if riot stopped all these gay one shot champs tbh, no more rengars no more annies no more zeds (although he actually has counterplay), no more le blancs etcetc and actually make people work for their kills.
Well I've been playing him for really long time and I couldn't say that he could be something else. His whole kit is like designed to be purely one shooting kit so that means if you don't want those champions you need to rework his whole kit.
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