: > If i would've actually been new to the game, this would be the point where i'd due to the lack of Fun. No, you just rate it as a seasoned player pretending to be new. When I started I had no clue and not being able to build my own Runes/Masteries until lvl 11 would have not even been on my radar
It depends on how you get into League. If you start playing it on your own or start playing it with friends that also have no idea, then yes maybe. However, if you, like alot of people, start playing League because of friends that already play it and like know all that stuff already and help you out and explain things, you wanna experiment with runes already. I just dislike that you have to grind through so many levels just to be able to try things out.
: The new player experience certainly needs an overhaul. You have some good points but I'm not sure about all of them. Here is how I'd design it. When the new-player opens LoL for the first time they'll play as Ashe in the midlane of Summoner's Rift just so they can learn the absolute barebones of the game: cs, get gold, buy items, kill, destroy towers, push, destroy nexus. After completing this tutorial they'll be presented with a list of quests to choose from for each role. The new player chooses a quest and they'll be given a free champ appropriate to that role and will play a highly scripted version of Summoner's Rift against varying numbers of bots. The jungle tutorial may contain 3 bots (enemy jungle and a bot lane to introduce the concept of ganking). Depending on which role they play they'll be put in a different position: Support - Janna (or maybe Sona?) ADC - Ashe Mid - Annie Jungle - Warwick Top - Garen In these more specialised tutorials the new player will be given more information about their specific role. They'll learn about what an ADC or midlaner is, what it's goals are and what makes them different. They'll learn why we put the ADC in bot lane. They'll also learn about the different stages of the game: early game, mid game and late game - what they mean, what they should be doing at those times and when they start and end. In the jungle tutorial there will be a stronger focus on objectives such as herald, dragon and baron and ganking. In the support tutorial there will be a focus on warding and an overview of the types of support (tankier sups such as alistair or thresh, focus on cc such as janna or morgana). The concept of overextending needs to be introduced also. For the first playthrough they should pick a top/mid/bot. Afterwards they'll be allowed to play as support or jungle. The tutorial does not need to last the length of a full game. Ideally they should last no more than 15 min each to prevent boredom. Once one laning tutorial, support and jungle tutorials have been completed the player can try out Co-op vs AI until they reach the required level for PvP. PvP will require that they complete all tutorials. If the player queues as "mid" in Co-op vs AI but hasn't completed the required tutorial then they'll be informed there's a higher chance they'll be autofilled. Blind pick should be changed such that the player queues for a specific role - like in draft - but you don't take turns picking and you don't ban champs. You're assigned a lane but that's as far as it goes - just to give some structure for new players and prevent misunderstandings like two players thinking they called mid first. Draft pick will remain unchanged. There's no need to replicate the quests for matchmade games. After completing all the quests I think every 450 BE champ should be awarded to the player. Other quests can be made available over time e.g for bonus BE and exp that reward you for playing well. There could be a quest for claiming first tower gold, shutting down an opponent, killing dragon 3 times before 25 min. Use the rift herald to destroy three towers in one game (can be done but hard).
Sounds better then my suggestion. Good Job! :)
: > i do not see any flame or toxic behavior there, toxic behaviour=/= just bad words/insults >d0ff: i think fizz is in the wrong elo d0ff: 57 farm d0ff: 19 min d0ff: nah fizz is basically inting at this point >d0ff: cus bronze mid >d0ff: gg report fizz for hard flame harassment counts as toxic behaviour
So you are saying that stating the fact that someone may not belong in that elo and may be intentionally feeding is harassment? The only thing i'd say to that is that it may be a tiny bit disrespectful, but thats it.. nothing worthy of a ban imo.
d0ff (EUW)
: Undeserved permaban
Even if you have been toxic before, i do not see any flame or toxic behavior there, not a single insult or "bad" word. Did you get more Chatlogs since at the Top it says "Game1" so im assuming there are more Chatlogs. If there aren't then the system may have been very slow (again) and send out the punishment after the last time you've acted toxic while you received it way later, therefore getting the Chatlog from your very last Game you played in which you happened to not say anything that should be punishable. However, since at the moment it looks like you did nothing wrong to get banned for a Chat like this, i say this ban is undeserved.
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Saibbo (EUW)
: _You know what's the secret of not being salty?_ Realize that **you can't always win **and you'll never be the best at this game. That's how you realize that it's not worth being salty and angry over this game or any game, it's hard to accept it but it how it is, you can't always expect to win and an L will always come. The best you can do is to improve your skills to be better than your opponent and win your lane as often as you can and maybe have a better chance of winning the game and accept that you will make mistakes.
I am aware that i won't be winning all of the time. Its times where the matchups feel unfair, because either im incredibly unlucky (GP critting 3 times in a row with 4% crit chance) or because i have never learned to play against a certain champion because nobody plays that champion (Riven that knows how to perfectly animation cancel). Basically, if a matchup is frustrating or tedious, i get frustrated which kills all the fun for me completely. I get Salty and frustrated, when i play bad, because i know i could've played alot better. Its a chain reaction that only stops when i take a break for a day or so.
: You know i advise people to use the mute button, i am the guy who doesn't use it and if you are negative to me you can't expect anything better from me also. But i know this and i don't report people after the game with who i argued cus i am like them and i am aware of that. Back in the time i was using /mute all every single game and it was not a great for me cus i had a feeling i play with NPC's and i would rather argue with someone than not talk at all, but that's how i am. This is how i look at league : If you play good you can say whatever you want to me i don't really care. If you play bad get prepared to get bashed, if you are not fine with it mute me and improve yourself in-game! If i play bad and you bash me i will say sorry, if you continue you'll get muted or have a friend for arguing conversation, but will never get reported cus i am same salty breast like you are. There are many things wrong with this but that's how i am , i always value game-play over words, cus words can be muted but game-play can not be ignored. I maybe didn't help a lot but i don't keep my feeling for myself, i express them in any way i can cus i find that healthy and if you feel offended and you don't use mute button, you are actually able to read through it and you are just a little whiner who want to be a community hero with reporting the guy you will never meet in-game again. Cheers!
I appreciate the honesty! n_n I used to always mute everyone as soon as the game starts. If im mad at someone doing something they know they should not do, i will always be polite towards said person, because thats how i'd like people to talk to me. However, i tend to get easily distracted if people argue in chat and i notice it, which then causes me to pay more attention to chat then the game, which then results in me playing bad and eventually getting frustrated because i know i could've played better. Im more salty and mad at myself, then anyone else, if im completely honest.
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Zoeska (EUNE)
: One more question. What exactly was the reason to cut oe down? I mean.. why?
there was no reason to.. other, then Riot being greedy and wanting people to buy chests and stuff..
Anatheme (EUW)
: Use to be a time were when a game proc, you have to fight for your role and if you were last pick, you were %%%%ed. Autofill is fine, you have to main 2 role and sometime when you get autofilled you have to pray. Back in the day you just had to know every role.
I just played so many games as Support, that i just don't want to anymore. I have huge troubles when playing any other role, because im far from being used to it.
radetari (EUNE)
: well u either dodge then like some weakling or u say "u know what? u think u can keep me away from winning the game by autofilling me? let me show what im really made of" (if u take that ur team didnt consume sleeping pills before the game into consideration)
I usually don't mind playing Support. I actually prefer it.. usually. Just, at the time im incredibly burned out on it and with that, my favorite role turns into the least fun role to play for me. I just want to play something else every once in a while and not only Support every single game. But when things like above happen.. its just frustrating and makes Support even less fun.
sirDarts (EUW)
: Tens, not ten. And that's why there is autofill protection after playing support, or getting autofilled, so it doesn't happen to the same people often. And even if you say you don't mind waiting tens of minutes, you are an exception. Even now you need at least an hour of free time to queue for a game, queue takes like 2 minutes, then ban and pick phase, and then often 45 minutes game. If instead of 2 minutes the queue suddenly takes 20, you now need almost 90 minutes per game...
45 Minute games? Which Season are you playing in? Another way to combat this would be, to just make the support role more interesting in ways, that makes people actually want to play Support, but i doubt thats gonna happen.
sirDarts (EUW)
: This. Queues would take tens of minutes just to get into champ select. That wouldn't work.
I'd rather wait 10 Minutes just so i don't have to play Support.. again.
: I want to say your suggestion is great and all. But sadly 70% of all players only go Mid>Jungle and top. Bot lane gets left behind all the time. No one ever wants support. even if a 3rd role gets implanted the ques won't change. Autofill is the only option to get the ques faster.
i think the reason why almost nobody wants to play Support is, because the role gets stale and boring very quickly, atleast for me. I wanna try things out like new builds, different rune setups and just have fun which is the total opposite of what playing support would cause. Maybe if they change the role to be more interesting? Make it like.. well, more roaming focused.. like a jungler, just that you don't take jungle camps? .-.
radetari (EUNE)
: u are still a part of the team, jsut find a support taht suits u, for me those are ali and thresh but urs might be ap supps like bard or brand, maybe karma
I am/used to main Support. Im just so burned out on it, the second i get autofilled Support, i'd rather quit then play Support.. again. The reason why i made this post was, because i was so incredibly frustrated of me getting my role 5 times in a row to which people kept dodging until i was autofilled Support..
: You could try resetting queue every 1:30 min if you don't mind longer times... Probably won't work with mid primary knowing its popularity, though.
i usually choose mid second, to ensure that its more likely for me to get my first role.
radetari (EUNE)
: i hated it to but when i got thresh i kinda enjoy it a bit more, even if they ban thresh i play alistar and tbh if there was no autofill then noone would know how to play support this is riots way of teaching u how to supp: step one: get a supp role step two: lock in a supp champ step three: play the game step FOUR( {{champion:202}} ): get flamed for not knowing how to supp step five: rince and repeat every once in a while
The only problem with that is, that if a person deos not want to play support but get autofilled, they're going to play something else as "support".
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: The urgecto open such thread tells me u didnt mute. Why then?
I sometimes forget that i can do that too..
: Help us find out what it takes to become a legend by participating in our research survey. < 10 mins
i was about to help out with it but.. well, the first point kinda screwed it over.. I do not own a phone of any kind.. u.u
: Don't even bring dunkey into this. I love him and his content, but his ban was so deserved. "Malphite you are a fu cking worthless braindead scumfuc k bastard pile of trash mental di ckface that should be gunned down in the street like the degenerate you are." That's not "mild flame", that's almost a threat.
: Low LP
Even if your MMR is higher then average, the amount of points you get also depends on the MMR of the people you play against. If you win against people that have lower MMR then your team you gain less points then if you were to win against people that have a much higher MMR then you. For example: If your MMR is at silver 3 and you win against a team of Silver 5, you gain much less points then if you were to win against a team of Silver 1's. I hope this helped. c:
: TurtleMari i win a lot 2 but sometimes i lose bcs my midlaner is feeding and than im a little bit mad
Some games you just can't win. You could also try to roam more, helps alot.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Removing utility support items didn't make support more useful, Riot
Let me just say, you are not the only one questioning if they have any idea what they are doing in terms of balancing.. or if they even test these things, like they're supposed to.
: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Du32rdMbjkY/hqdefault.jpg YOU ARE A TURTLE!! xD couldn't help myself
It is a good meme afterall. c:
Mundos (EUW)
: I'm a cat
Hello Cat! I am a Turtle. Weird things happen.. sometimes. However, i fear i do not quite understand what you need help with?
: How to climb as support?
Learn 2 Champions that you really like that are not popular enough to be perma banned and improve until you know pretty much the inns and outs of them. Learn what to do in what Situation, which items to buy. For example: As a Nami Main, if i notice, that i need to spend an incredible amount of Mana in lane, just to keep the adc and myself alive/not loose trades i focus more on items that give me Mana regen and delay my Sightstone a bit and if i notice that nobody is really pushing any towers in and just chasing after fights, i may even buy a Zz'rot Portal, it all depends on the Situation. Another very important thing you need to do is to roam. lots. It may even be worth it to rush your {{item:3117}} first after getting the support item upgrade and just visit midlane/toplane every once in a while. Even if you are not helping to kill the enemy, just you being there every now and then makes them more cautious because they think you are there when they can not see you on their map, which makes them usually play much less aggressive and therefore your mid/toplaner should be dieing less. If you are worried about your adc dieing, then let me tell you that if they can not farm safely under their tower, they would be dieing anyways even if you were there.
Qeulorath (EUNE)
: This is the equivalent of winning a lottery ticket for me
As a Nami Main, i am rather shocked that you did not get her yet. >.<
: About trolling autofilled supports...
As a Support Main, i think the reason people dislike playing as a support is, because in their minds its all about damage. It may also be that they don't feel like that they can have any impact on the game as a Support, which is just false. Playing Support requires Teamplay for atleast the first 5 - 7 minutes, before you as a Support can start to roam, which is a thing most autofill-supports don't understand and then think that the role is to blame for them losing. LoL is about Teamplay, playing Support just highlights that and makes it so much more important because almost all of the time, you can not brute force your way through alone.
: The probleem is that im a lot better than them
if you are alot better then them, then technically you should be winning much more often. I for example am mostly better then the average in my current league, which is why i also win quite often. The only way to stop loosing is, to look at yourself first, see what you do wrong/don't do and then improve on those things. Some matches everything that can go wrong, goes wrong while in other matches its the complete opposite.
Sympton (EUW)
: i still cant see how hes not nerfed into the ground. his wall is the most ret@rded thing i ever seen.. even when you are autoattacking him as a melee champ he just keeps running left and right of that thing. maybe change his wall so it can block ONE projectile, but stays up just as long. for example it can block a total jinx ult, but nothing that comes after it, or it can stop 1 shot from jhins ult, but not the rest of them. i think that would be balanced and still be a huge skill in teamfights.. blocking off the right spell by not even using his ult is BIG.
The best way to balance it, in my opinion, would be to give the wall a "healthbar". Basically setting a limit on how much damage it can absorb and maybe even have a size based on its remaining "health".
Murder1us (EUW)
: The most unique champion?
{{champion:27}} {{champion:154}}
Eveninn (EUW)
: To those quitting league.
I will gladly take the bunny and i pawmise not to eat it..for now..
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: it's due to autofill. since people cried about the queue times,riot introduced autofilltofix queuetimes.nowpeople cry about autofill so riot is at a loss. you cant have one without the other. hence why ipropose making autofill optional. but that would drastically increase que times again
Autofill is not the problem. The problem is that everyone is having too much damage and the more people you have who can oneshot people win. Playing a tank and doing a good job at that deosn't matter anymore. Its all about damage, damage and even more damage.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mireline,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=V2azKU8Y,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2017-03-03T07:17:05.228+0000) > > Quantum mechanics say that there is a Universe for each and every different decision a person makes. No, it doesn't. That's a hypothesis (one of many), but it's very very far from a proven fact.
Rouwhorst (EUW)
: I firmly believe that we are able to travel in time. In fact, we all travel in time with 1 second per second. With time travel (and teleports) in movies or games I am often wondering how the machine decides what to bring with them and what not. All I know is that the machine always conveniently picks the right person with the objects they carry with them.
there is a theory about black holes being able to bend space in a way that they can slow time down so much that you basically go back in time, but thats just a theory. Whats proven however is, that if you stay for like 10 minutes at the event horizon of a black hole, time for you will slow down drastically and when you return.. in 10 minutes over 10 years could have passed, so that could count as a way to timetravel to the future.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Time travel is not possible. Proof 1: Grandfather paradox. Proof 2: There are no time travelers from the future in the present. > So is it acceptable to say that the Future is already written even though we do not know it yet? No, quantum mechanics says otherwise. But it's not much more optimistic - the future a mix of deterministic and random.
Quantum mechanics say that there is a Universe for each and every different decision a person makes. So if you have a choice between noodles and pizza and you take pizza, in another universe you choose noodles and therefore everything changes.
: ***
Time is somewhat like gravity. You can't taste, hear or see it, you can feel gravity though, atleast i think you can, but you can't feel time. You can messure both, so saying time deos not exist is like saying gravity deosn't exist, while you would then be going on and proving to me that gravity deos exist with letting something fall to the ground, while i would then go on and prove to you that time exists with asking you if its still the same moment as when you wrote your first comment.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: I'd like to hear different thoughts on the idea of Time Travel.
Time travel into the past would either not be possible at all or it would create an alternate timeline that co-exists from the original timeline because otherwise you would be able to do things that would provent you from traveling back in time and changing the thing you've changed in the first place. However, if you were to travel into the future, then you would only see a possible future but with you knowing what will be, you could try to provent that from happening but in some sort of way it would still happen with the same outcome. Let's assume a family member of you would be heavily injured and you would see that in the future and exactly know how to provent that. The day you actually provent that, someone else will suffer the same injuries/things will be happening that lead to the same outcome of your family member being injured in that specific way. I recommend you watching the series "The Flash", they kinda explain this sort of thing a little bit. Then, there is the other thing.. Lets say you travel back in time and buy your younger self something you've always wanted as a child, but never got, meaning that you changed the timeline. But because you just changed the timeline with that means that in your childhood someone you didn't knew would have done the exact same thing for it to make sense, like.. that would mean that you basically sealed your own future to that point because for it to make sense, you have to travel back in time at that specific moment to do the exact same thing. Its a paradox because, what if you don't choose to travel back in time? What if the reason you traveled back in time in the first place was to buy yourself that specific thing? Then you would have erased the reason to travel back in time in the first place and therefore, you wouldn't travel back in time because you already have it. So as you can see, there are only 3 possible outcomes. The first one being that traveling back in time just deosn't work at all in the first place.. like as a safety thing to provent the Universe from collapsing. The second thing being that.. well, the Unitverse would collapse into itself. And the third thing being that you'd create an alternate timeline that coexists besides the original timeline where these things are possible because you still have the original timeline that basically serves as pillar to hold the alternate timeline stable. I hope this is not too confusing, but if it is.. im sorry. :(
: Another thing is that, if you get flamed a lot, it's likely that you actually are bad at the game. If you get flamed much less often than not flamed, it's a likely the flamer is bad at the game.
I don't even get that much flamed and if, its mostly for minor things that have little to do with the game.
Infernape (EUW)
: A three man premade with the club tag for kill yourself. Oh that must have been a bundle of joy to deal with.
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ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: >nowing about the game deosn't mean you climb to challenger right away Nope, but nobody with a decent understanding of the game that actually plays ranked is bronze. Absolutely noone. >hey have ways to not run out of mana that quickly, so why deosn't she? She does, she already has her passive. Also, Not every champ need sthe same type of abilities, lol. Mana management is a skill, not something that should be completely negated by game design. >If you think its too strong or bad overall, please make an example with creating something on your own. why? all I'm saying is youre wrong, I dont need to make a suggestion myself for that to be true.
>Nope, but nobody with a decent understanding of the game that actually plays ranked is bronze. Absolutely noone. Why are alot of Rioters in bronze then? >She does, she already has her passive. Also, Not every champ need sthe same type of abilities, lol. Mana management is a skill, not something that should be completely negated by game design. its not getting negated. But having to spend 170 mana and then having to wait atleast 12 seconds on level 1 is not acceptable. Fiora's Q costs 20 mana and you deal % max. health true damage with your passive, on level 1! But no, i see.. you rather complain then giving contructive criticism. >why? all I'm saying is youre wrong, I dont need to make a suggestion myself for that to be true. yes, thats the point. You say that im wrong but not how or whats so wrong about it. You don't even make suggestions how to make it better.. you just say "its overpowered because i say so."
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: I've played her just yesterday, I played 8 ranked games with her this season, and I say its too strong. Youre a support main who played her in ONE normal game, and youre also bronze. You should really leave out that arrogant attitude when you make suggestions like that, especially when you have no actual arguments as to why it wouldnt be too strong, but just say "well you dont know how weak she is".
You don't have to like, but please.. don't be a D. about it. Yes, i mostly play support and no, it was not only one normal game. My rank has nothing to do with it. You can study gamedesign and still be in bronze or whatever, knowing about the game deosn't mean you climb to challenger right away. Where am i arrogant? All im saying is, that its not to strong because you won't be getting the full value out of it pretty much ever.. and the mana regen. is about _missing_ mana, not max. mana.. I have never said that she'd be weak, but she is much weaker then most champions in the same category. Look at Annie, Cassiopeia, Xerath and the like.. they have ways to not run out of mana that quickly, so why deosn't she? If you think its too strong or bad overall, please make an example with creating something on your own.
MacDeath (EUW)
: Noted. At this point I don't feel confident to judge it's balance but I could imagine others depicting it as too strong.
If anyone says its too strong, im sure they haven't played her since 8 months atleast.
MacDeath (EUW)
: The trail of ice sounds a little bit strange and maybe be even OP imo. But even without it it would be certainly a buff und give her a stronger laningphase. I'm not sure if that is in Riot's interest of balance tho.
Note that the trail of ice is behind her and wouldnt be that long, maybe 150 units at most which is barely above most melee characters autoattack range.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: So, she gets more free abilities than right now, gets mana refund AND a slow behind her? LOL. Leaving out the slow and just giving her %missing mana back sounds nice tho.
"more free abilities"? Well.. if you count 1 free ability every 18 seconds as much then i dont know.
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Farce (EUNE)
: Yes they would. The whole point of hextech crafting is random loot. If you count on average how much skins cost compared to getting them regular way you will realize, that hextech crafting is way more profitable. And so, if you could exchange shards with others, it would simply render shop totally useless - just swap with someone else for the shard you want, get essence from random other cheap/undemanded shards, while making Riot lose huge chunks of money due to difference in prices. Economics, mate.
Nothing will be lost. People won't be spending less money because they trade the skins they got out of chests. People who buy RP buy it no matter what.
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