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: Do you play the game with the usernames shown or not?
I have it off usually since it feels less messy on the screen especially in team fights and if iam playing vs a "known"/good player i would start to play scared and suboptimally if i have username on.
: What to do when your jungler dies 13 times in 26 minutes? (Ranked)
When this happens me, i have been in a lot of those games and probably you guys aswell. I usually just play on auto pilot but starting to reflect over mistakes that i did in the game it makes me still do something productive even if the game is kinda over.
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vladiq (EUW)
: HOOK CITY - Thresh, Pyke, Blitz Montage
Really nice video keep up the work!
: Beautiful EDM song to listen to, while playing :)
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vladiq (EUW)
Awesome keep up the videos!
: Thanks for your reply! You mentioned something that I actually really struggle with - ranged champs top lane - my go to strategy thus far has been to pick Garen - start d/shield and build full tank from there, all the while farming under turret. All this does however is slowly snowball my opponent as I can't challenge their cs'ing or hope to kill them. So I'm effectively holding the enemy snowball at bay and praying that my team wins faster. I don't think that's good enough - I believe league is all about pressure, If I pressure my lane hard enough, it makes my teams lives easier, and therefore they can apply more pressure. I think what you mentioned about knowing my power spikes really only comes with time. Right now I'm trying to emulate what I've seen high elo players do with Trynda i.e build fury, whittle down the enemy creep wave, go for a trade when I have more minions, auto-attack once or twice, and E away being sure to hit them with my E. This works most of the time - but I know there are times when I could just spam AA's and come out with first blood, I'm just too scared to commit. More practice needed, I suppose!
Thanks for the comment Han! Looks like you know what your weaknesses are especially vs ranged champs. Just keep up the work and always have the mindset how you can improve and you will see the lp will come! :)
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: ZED THE SHADOW MASTER League of legends highlights
I love zed videos with good gameplay and funny editing and i get the best of both worlds! Keep up the good work!
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Top 5 Mistakes Support Make That Tilt ADC's - How To Climb As Support By...
Hey Kaluchi! Thanks for sharing and making this video! I really liked the content of the video, it can give valuable information for the support players about common mistakes. Looking forward to more videos, keep up the good work!
: Learning suggestions.
Hey Han Solotoplane! As i see how to improve and learn is just main 1-2 champ spam it alot. Looks like you enjoy playing trynda alot then i would just watch challenger tryndas take notes about how they play like when is the powerspike? how do they lane ? after laningphase what is the role group or split? To be honest with playing vs people alot higher than your current rank would be counter productive since when you play versus a player with alot more experience and knowledge about micro and macro you usually don´t really know what to adjust both inside the game and outside of it. It might be easy to say i got outlaned or use the standard quote "my team sucks" but its very few players that have the knowledge and skill to actually analyze theire own gameplay. I would for the first analyze mainly the laning phase of the challenger players since its the most important keystone to get better with a champion. I will list a few important pieces that you should actively work on: * CS * How to play the lane vs range or melee? * What is the different trading combos? * When is your powerspike in lane? * Proper item build Most of the pieces you can only learn through playing the game alot so if you want to climb dedicate time to the game. My own experience is challenger in 5v5 and currently d1 in soloq. This is just a brief text so probably i have missed something. If you have any questions i will be happy to help you out in the best possible way i can!
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