: Solo Q, bad players impact a game more than the good
Im quitting the game because of constant bad players, now im not talking bad as in they lose at legitimate engagements, im talking bad as in they quit, they charge whole teams, rambos that think they can take the enemy team, people not even trying to engage properly, jungles that never gank, people just run off and do their own thing. Like I don't mind losing but I at least like to play and actual game and that requires at least basic skills and understanding of the game. The only way to play this game even for fun is to have a team player you know and can play together with.
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: No buddy, you're just bad at the game that's all there is to it. It is normal since you're new and don't know how the fights work.
Most likely that's it, but the game has a stacking fail situation where the more you die the worse it is
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