: Is this being toxic?
Sigh... people just need learn to take a bit of banter...
: How seriously you take the game?
On weed I can have the same mentality as you described about yourself. Sober I'm a toxic f*ck towards myself.
: why do ppl cry ''we lose we lose'' in teamchat all day
In normal games, I will admit I will give up. In these games I will not fully give it my all if the score is 10-30. In ranked I.d.g.a.f If it's 1-100 I will give it my 100% the whole game.
DeiBest (EUW)
: I think he wrote sudoku intentionally
He did, I had a discussion about it before on a old post with this guy XD It ticked me off :P
: Most of you won't care probably but...
PepijndM (EUW)
: I don't understand the rules of the grading system at all. I haven't had an S- or higher for a few months now, while I've had tons and tons of A+.
That's because your farm is pretty bad almost every game I checked on your matchhistory
Le Termi (EUW)
: What was your first champion you played?
Ziggs on 3v3, My friend said it was an easy champion on a easy map XD
: ADC (Mastry 7 Kalista Ashe Vayne) main LF Gold+ Support or Team
I'm a g4 support main. We could play some normals see if we could work
: am i the only one who likes to play shadow isles champions because im an horror freak ?
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: Good enough answer for me, the part about your opinion, now that you made that clear. Are we cool beans?! And I find that specific attitude to be narrowminded...not you as a person. More like 2%.
All is cool, never thought of this as a hateful argument to be honest :)
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: > Because what i encounter with off-meta players is that they almost always suck. there always those rare seeds in the basket that stomp I do not play bad almost always. Nor do I stomp. I consider myself quite average for my league. If I were abit more mechanically gifted, I would rise, no?! Again, your point?! Or let me make it more clearer: I think you are biased against off-meta champions and the players behind them. I find your attitude quite...narrowminded.
You are diamond that's a very high level of play. from the top of my head only 5% of players are in diamond. So yes you are pretty damn good at the game. It's not a matter of how you play in that league, the fact that you are in that league says enough.It's a biased opinion because i can only give you my personal experience as an opinion. ( I don't mind your view of me that much, if you think i'm narrow minded that's fine i'm just giving you my thoughts uncensored)
S0kaX (EUNE)
: divisions
High mmr. We don't have an rank system we have an mmr systeem.
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: I'm fond of off--meta champs, I'm diamond, I'm not an OTP, actualy far from it. All rounder jungler here. Your point? Off-meta champs are most of the time niche picks, that work in a certain situation; the trick is to see that specific situation and how that off-meta pick will help with it.
. there always those rare seeds in the basket that stomp but MOSTLY(not ALWAYS) those are OTP's.
: I Can Accept The Whole 'Easy' Thing...
Yes we do need to kick em when there down, for we are humans and humans are cruel.
Sör Kled (EUW)
: Just How.
I don't see anything wrong.
: Who would you say is the strongest champion?
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Why people think META is god?
Because what i encounter with off-meta players is that they almost always suck. there always those rare seeds in the basket that stomp but mostly those are OTP's. Don't get me wrong I don't mind off-meta stuff, I play a lot of off-meta stuff myself. But in general when i see people go Urgot mid or something [Insert off-meta champ/placement] I say to myself well there goes another game.
: Do you have any unique key bindings?
My whole set up is pretty different from most players. 1234 = qwer, ER = Summoners, Mid mouse button is unlock/lock camera, V = Smart ping, QWASD = champs on my team , Tab = self select. And some other minor things.
: It has to do with MMR. every few games there is like a promo to see if you belong in a higher rating. and thats where your winstreak ends. your basically floating around the same rating or very slowly climbing or slowly declining. inshort you are at a elo for your skill level. matchmaking spotted your level 0_-
I'm talking about normals thou :P Either way if this is the case... ffs my normal mmr is beter than my ranked DX
Rioter Comments
: Countering Kled (mini Shen guide)
Kenshi (EUNE)
: Fine, if we think it like that. Look at champs like Ekko, 300 dashes, why does he need flash? Zed? Yasuo? If they would remove this they could somehow buff a bit immobile champs.
Buff with what dow... give them all a dash would be a option... all give em stuns??? seems kinda mehh
: "A report isn't an insta-punishment"... are you sure? I got instantly punished after he reported me. The next game I started I was already chat restricted. I seek justice. And it's not served well.
Can you even be sure the opposition didn't get banned/punished? Not like you get a message every time your reports have effect. And even if they didn't that doesn't mean your punishment wasn't deserved. Just on a side note : Passive aggressive behavior pisses me off more than being straight up. At least that shows ya have the balls to say what you wanna say instead of %%%%%footing around like a bitch.
: And why do LCS Players like C9 Meteos or Sneky don't get banned for using overwolf ??? TELL ME| ITS NOT FAIR FOR US THE PLEBS OF LEAGUE
I'm not saying it isn't corrupt as f.
: Why does LoL hate luck?
I already hear the term lucker on a daily basis when crit is the only luck based stat. I'm quite happy they keep this came math based.
: This report system is not just. Please fix it.
I'd say this is justified. You were pretty passive aggressive in most of your messages. Just because the opposition was worse doesn't mean you are green-lighted.
hawimbawe (EUW)
: How to Get Banned easy
In the email they send what did they say you cheated with. ( even stuff like overwolf can get you banned)
: Any reccomendations for streamers? I watch arkadata for yasuo and scarra for general midlane. any other reccomendations?
Tbh In terms of mechanics go for the korean streams. They simply better at the micro's of the game. I dont watch any streams anymore for teaching myself mostly just fun streams like QTPIe and tyler1. But if you wanna learn some plays I'd watch the crazy koreans apdo,faker,C0zX etc etc
: To be honest i've tried every role in the game and mid top seems to be my thing, all my best champions fall into those roles. As far as yasuo goes im much better on zed but he kinda sucks right now so yasuo is my second best. I think my main weaknesses are teamfighting mechanics map awareness and cs. I can win my lane most of the time though i have been playing really badly the past 2 days. Of course i have tried alot of champions and these listed champions are the ones that i enjoy the most and are most likely my best. Anyway thanks alot for the help
Np at all buddy. Well than I think a combo of streamers who play your champs and time invested into league will eventually make you climb tha ladder.
: Already have a account , i created this one to play with some friends EUW > EUNE , eune is full of toxicity and feeders , i dont care but all from eune who transfers to euw would say that .
I wasn't saying that outta spite just to be clear. Also have an account on both servers and my games on euw just seem a lot less stressful compared to eune.
: What the actually **** is wrong with this system...
: How do i improve enough to consistently solo carry?
I was bronze till season 4/5, The way I really improved myself was first off really finding my role. Just because you think ya mid/top doesn't mean you are good at mid/top. Secondly I tried A LOT of champs some just click some don't.. I have Yasuo lvl5 with 30k mastery but dear lord I suck with him sooooo bad and ofc dont play ranked with him for that reason. But a champ like ziggs I only have lvl4 but hella lot beter with him than yasuo. There all also the standard things like Improve cs,map awareness,game knowledge but tbh I think those come more with time. Hope this helps a bit #ReformedScarvae
zents1989 (EUW)
: I am looking for people to play me now gold V
: Too bad he can be kited to death by any medium range champ and he can't catch up with champs that have more movement speed than him though.... but that R so damn satisfying!!!
Ye man True true, I play everything with ms quins thou :P
: Ganking a "villain" with Garen be like
Absolutely love this anime man. Can't wait for season 2 (PS now i wanna play garen rofl)
: No idea who this guy is but damn he's ugly.
Rioter Comments
Milmer (EUNE)
: Permabanned. Do you consider it fair?
im autistic101, this alone deserves a ban. Ok not a permaban but still. I'm autistic and it's somewhat hurtfull to see this.
Trollas (EUNE)
: Its not a click bait i swear!
Farm- length of game - zed is a pogchamp who can easily get that score.
Strigina (EUNE)
: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/bZL8vAWw-champion-mastery-qa?comment=000f0000 >We're grading you against all other players in that champion and position combo. We're not looking at your MMR. Grades are absolute. The rating takes in account everybody playing the champion on the same position, not only your elo.
well ye... Ik this.. don't know why you put this at reply.
Larry (EUNE)
: When i saw about cooldown pings...
I think you can still see the pings after you mute?
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Am I cancer?
Nocturne700 (EUNE)
: This team...
Remove the names man, don't get banned over this.
: How can i get -s
A friend of mine had over 30 kills on zed got A+... guess zed is just broken. The rating takes in account everybody playing the champ at your elo
: Bronze V EUW > Master EUNE
True. My Eune acc is 1000x higher then euw. xD Easy life there
: Open In-house gaming night at The Chaos Vanguard! Tonight!
: That's not true. I'm sorry for OP as well; I am also Bronze, but I have rarely such people in my games. Very rarely. And in terms of behaviour, you can read the same stuff about any division here on the board. I do believe though that I may be lucky as I play mostly between 9pm and 1am. Might be just the timeslice where the kiddos are in bed and the prolls/trolls are not drunk enough yet.... Don't know. Just yesterday I had a nice game, which we lost, but there was nobody flaming the entire game. And that is for all but one game I played this week so far.
That could be a reason as well, the time period. But from my personal experience that bronze is a lot worse qua behavior than high silver/mid gold
: How common are the Gemstones?!
I'm had over 400 box's. I own a total of 7 gemstones atm
: League of Legends is an awful game with an awful experience
Sorry to hear, best of luck. I know how painfull bronze/silver can be. Not it terms of plays but in terms of peoples general behavior.
: Prime example why i hate this game more and more and something NEEDS to be done.
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