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: You will have a gold border in Flex Queue and Silver in Solo.
: [rant] I have never posted before now. Early AFK in ranked needs fixing
I agree with you this is a big problem, people not caring and leaving then your punished and lose a lot of elo.
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: No thanks, support players would revolt due to autofilled supports getting 50% more LP than support mains.
This is not only being autofilled to support, there are other rolls aswell. People can't choose to be autofilled therefore there is no way of abusing the system. And since we all get autofilled one in 6 games maybe, we all could get some extra LP if we win the game.
: Autofilled should have benefits
This is not only about being autofilled to support, this is being autofilled too any lane. How many times has it occured that you have a autofill toplane jhin, or autofill jungler xayah, or autofilled adc yasuo, or autofilled support gnar, etc. These are all examples. This system could prevent people to stop troll picking when autofilled and therefore being rewarded with an extra few LP. Maybe an extra 5LP. I personally think this could help the community a lot especially in ranked games, where there are too many trolls present.
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