: So you report someone who "breaks the rules" while you doing it too. So wheres your ban?
I've restrained from flaming, in fact, i've disabled (team) chat all together. In the past I did flame on these obvious trollers who's purpose solely consists of ruining other peoples days. You could argue that my chat restrictions (and eventually even a 2-week ban) is justified since I flamed, however due to the fact that these trollers do NOT get punished, it is not fair at all in my opinion.
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To be honest i would be happy if rito idk... gave me the LP i should have gotten after I finished a ranked game and the screen got stuck on 'reconnect' button. The game itself was perfectly fine, no issues, just didn't get any LP after I won. K thnx I guess 25 blue essence is good enough
: now you know how far you can go, maybe try to troll on a smurf. it seems to be a lot of fun
why troll on a smurf? Just on my main. Just make sure to not say a word and not go like 0/30/0 and I should be fine. Got 9 reports? No problem the A.I. can't verify shit. Im just going to report everyone who even said a single word that game and the chance they will get punished is infinitely higher anyways. Jungle-camp stealing syndra here I come! /s
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: Just a friendly reminder: Next punishment (even for slighest negativity) is 2-week ban. After that, it's perma, again, even for slighest negativity. I understand why you flamed, but nevertheless fighting fire with fire isn't appreciated. Just press report, perhaps take screenshots and report them via player support for good measure. Take a drink and lean back for a moment. Because even if the situation feels unfair, nothing is more unfair than losing account for acting recklessly.
Thats exactly the thing tho, I had a 10 game chat restriction because of similar reasons, and after that, I was completely chill for ALLOT of games. I complement people, receive (and give) ALLOT of honors, players generally enjoy playing with me. And then after ~50 games of playing chill, having a good attitude, I lose my temper ONCE because some A-hole purposely wants to trigger me and ruin my game. Result: IMMEDIATE punishment. I know its an unpopular opinion but is it really so strange I find it very unfair that I get punished this hard after someone ruins my game just for fun? I find it downright disgusting that this is justified. Especially because the troller who triggered me didnt flame *enough* to get punished himself. Call it victim mentality but this just seems like i've been screwed over twice: 1 time by the troller and another kick in the back of an unfair algorithm
: Yes it is very fair because if I was in the game with you all I would see are 2 flamers > I was toxic to someone who completely and purposely ruined the game of 4 teammates So if I murder someone who purposely makes noise in my neighborhood I shouldn't be charged with murder because I got mad at him for disturbing others?
No, but if someone breaks into my house and I defend myself, it would pretty unfair that I get sentenced to jail for it. The entire point of this post is that I find it unfair that someone who purposely breaks the code of conduct is PROTECTED by this system which it is abusing. Why is it okay that people can start a fight and when you defend yourself YOU are punished. These people dont deserve to be protected by a system which they abuse themselves.
: Banned for verbal abuse
Yea see you were maybe afk for parts of the game because of lagg, and people want to report you for that. Obviously reporting for just 1 reason would be a waste of a report ticket since you can check up to three reasons. So, you were reported by a bunge of people for 1) leaving the game/afk, 2) negative attitude and 3) verbal abuse. Doesnt rly matter what you say, enough reports equals punishment.
: Take it from someone who learned his lesson after a permaban, participating in toxicity is just as bad as initiating is. So is typing more than 2 lines of text per minute of the game. Just take the L mate and learn from it.
Do you honestly think that I got a rightious punishment? That justice is served? Do you find it FAIR that I get double punished because of a troller? I understand the punishment system will punish anyone who is toxic, and in this game, I was toxic to someone who completely and purposely ruined the game of 4 teammates. But do you think justice has been served? Do I deserve punishment because I am mad at someone who is breaking community guidelines? I made this post because I do not find it rightious at all.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Drda,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bOGfKOoO,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-11T11:53:38.092+0000) > > Yes i also got chat banned 2 times already and now am unable to get victorious aatrox > > The reason i got chat banned is ridicilous > I used no extreme words or insults, i used mostly sarcasm and said ez a lot > Now if thats bannable and those that troll or int my games are still able to play.... Yes, that's punishable behaviour... as is trolling and intentionally feeding. Both is and that's good.
Got banned for two weeks bc I flamed my team who refused to remake a 4 vs 5 game (yea we lost in 15 minutes, obviously). Anyway, this was a couple of months ago and yesterday I got the notification that I have reached the last checkpoint before reaching honor lvl 2. Hope a miracle happens and I get honor lvl 2 within a week lul
Ralshi (EUW)
: It isn't working since the last 4 or 5 days... We are loosing a lot of key fragments... hope riot will do something about it
As someone with honor lvl 1 (checkpoint 1), i've been trying hard to get honors. While the honors dont show, from time to time I do get a message from rito when I login: 'x% of your recent honors were blablabla, here's a key shard!'. Moral of the story: I still get key fragments, even tho i rarely see a honor (but i expect I get quite a few nowadays, since I carry and smother my team with love)
: not getting any honors
Yes, it's bugged at the moment. From what I understand is you do get the honors, and so you do have honor progression, but they dont (always) show. Actually: ~99% of the time the honors are not shown
: Little question about honor
Sorry, gonna leave a tactical dot here because I want to know the answer too. Been trying rly hard the past week to get honors, but even hitting S+ and absolutetly carrying while also smothering my team with love and compliments didnt seem to work, but this post pointed out theres a bug so thank you for that
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