Darkpants (EUW)
: [PBE] Unexpected Error when logging into PBE
Don't forget that streamers get instant access while us nobodies get stuck in literal 36hour queues just to get an error message after 20 :)
: Looking for a good ADC, Silver, Ranked Duo
: Team - Parhelion - platinum
I would like to know what makes you infer that? As far as I'm aware atleast I've never mentioned I don't want to be a part of the community, let alone made it "clear"
: Team - Parhelion - platinum
It won't let me join the discord lad, whats going on?
: Is your team looking for small tournament to practice?
: Flex team LF midlaner ( READ )
Hey, I'm a midlaner that placed gold last season. I usually win or go even in lane and then transition that into strong teamfighting, although I can be a bit greedy when it comes to going for the solokill resulting in stupid deaths. I'd like to play with a coordinated team so that I can reign in my aggression and improve, im a 21 year old brit and appreciate constructive criticism, although being toxic in game is a no go. My champ pool consists of alot of meta champions as I'm very versatile, my favourite at the moment is probably Cass but I love to play ryze, ekko and Zilean. My greatest strength would probably be my champion pool as I can play anything from karma mid to leblanc, so I can balance damage threat and utility around what the team needs. As I said, I was only gold, so don't expect too much but if you want to play add me in game: Coxyy
Freilynn (EUW)
: Looking for Flex partner(s), currently B1 in Flex, main support [EUW]
I'll take some games for a vial of teems blood! IGN: Coxyy - I'm a midlaner
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Elysa (EUW)
age- 20 country- England can speak fluent/good english- It's all I can speak x_x ELO- Gold can use discord- Yes can stick to a time schedule- I can stick to a schedule but work full time, so we could plan something out together want to climb and improve - I want to get better at the game with a good group of people Edit: I'm a midlaner but adc semi competently as an off role, much better in mid though
: One team took a few koreans in a few years ago around s4 and we all know that to beat korea, you need korea. So the endless circle of semi-korean teams like echo fox is due to that. And NA players are a joke.
echo fox has one korean
: I'M IN
I didnt even know i applied until i got the pop up saying im in ;D
: 7Swords looking for Top laner
Hey there, my names Coxy and I'm a 20 year old top lane main! Currently I am only ranked Silver as I don't play alot of ranked, but if we care about normals mmr I usually get matched with golds/plats. I'm a pretty chill guy, from the south of England, I work full time but am available every evening/night for games and I'd love to get involved in a dedicated and friendly team. As a player, I play a whole host of champions my favourite being Hecarim, I like to use alot of tanky/utility based champions that excel in teamfights, which is by far the strongest aspect of my play. I've been playing since preseason 4 and have only recently got into ranked, once season 6 commences i'll start climbing the ladder for those bragging rights but in the meantime all I can say is i'm a lowly silver, but I hope i can be given a trial where I can show you the sought of player I am and you can judge for yourself whether you are interested instead of just an arbitrary badge. I'd love to get a response and to join this organisation, where I can grow and develop as a player alongside the rest of you. Feel free to add me ingame if you have any further questions! - xCoxydon
Cusax (EUW)
: Making Ranked Team!!!
IGN: xCoxydon Age: 20 Country: England Rank last season: Silver Role: Top laner Available times: Work 5 days a week but am available every evening. Experience(other ranked teams/soloQ): Played in a few ranked 5s teams, but I'm looking to take it seriously, I know we arent going to the LCS but I'd like to improve and grow as a player and as a team. Champion pool/playstyle: I have a pretty large champion pool, but a few of my favourites are Hecarim, Lulu and Gnar. I prefer to play more of a utility/tanky role for the team and excel at teamfighting, but i can also pick carry top laners if the situation fits. Why do you want to join: Im looking for a group of players that i can develop and grow with Biggest weakness and strength: Biggest weakness would probably be i dont play alot of "carry" champions like yasuo, which makes it difficult to climb, as im very reliant on a strong team that i am able to tank and peel for. My biggest strength is hands down my teamfighting, depending on the champion I am playing I can keep our main damage threat alive all day or i can dive in and kill the main threats, even a teamfight that should be lost I can turn around.
Rekkan (EUW)
: Rekkan is Back (Community Gaming)
I'm a silver 5 jungler looking for some fun and to learn (this sound like a creepy dating profile) Wanna climb the ranked ladder and just enjoy the game while getting better, playing with some chill people that know more than me seems like the best way, I sent you a request!
Atroix (EUW)
: [Silver 2+ Ranked 5s Team]-[RECRUITING]-[Looking for ADC / SUPPORT / MID / JUNGLE / TOP]
Application: - IGN; xCoxydon - Age: 19 - Role: Jungler - Champion Pool: Vi, Pantheon, Sejuani, Udyr, Rek'Sai - League / Divison: Silver 5 (Bit low, but can do well in a good comp)


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