: BUG : Yasuo wind wall blocks Velkoz Tectonic Disruption knockup
does chogath "throw" a projectile when he casts his Q ? No.... If velkoz throw a projectile the animation or description should be clearer.... for me Velk E works like chogath Q
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Lùmen (EUNE)
: Champion highlight on camera center doesn't work.
Same. i see streams where it seems to work. but I never had this yellow arrow even with the option checked
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Strâtegy (EUW)
: Dynamic queue waiting time
I dont know if something has changed server side but waiting times became VERY long (since 13 january) i have at least 10 minutes of wait every game unless i play support. But what is point lof a rôle picking system if the only one you can actually play is support Im still waiting for the full solo queue to come
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well I do not expected nothing other than people saying "you deserve it... whatever he said to you you called it a dumb player so you should go to hell...". Well that's is fine... isn't it what we all say about people in jail? I just dont get how I get banned for 14 days (and not getting rewards) when other people are "only" chat restricted...
Eveninn (EUW)
: hitting onto noc, highlighting his mistakes, calling him dumb and useless, etc. "lvl15 fizz giving lessons" And that bit to Fizz
lvl15 doesn't refer to fizz league of legend level but Fizz in game lvl who spent all his time flaming instead of playing when the rest of the team were lvl 17 or above. So now you understand how the chat log itself is meaningless to understand whats going in a game on and the feeling people have
: Yet another "Why I have been banned" thread (Banned 14 days without any verbale abuse in the log)
You might notice English isn't my mother tongue but I read somewhere 14 days ban was only for racist, homophobic, sexist, F word based language, etc... And its precisely what I call "Abuse". And say dumb twice in 45 min game isn't what I call "Harrasment" espacielly when I have been myself trully harrased by a premade having fun doing so ) I guess people call each other "noob" or "stupid "or "dumb" in 80% of games (and 101% of Bronze games). Is that abuse? Im not a linguist. I understand people thinking "you might be toxic in every single game" the only thing I can respond is why I havent been banned or restricted before?
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