Shamose (EUW)
: Did you even read the description? > Heal for 1.5% (+ 2.5% per Bounty Hunter stack) of the damage dealt by your abilities, on-hit effects and items, up to 14% at 5 stacks.
yeah i read the description, that still doesnt really explain anything at all. Are the enhanced autoattacks done by Ashe Q counted as autoattacks, as abilities, or as both? So does lifesteal or spellvamp apply or both? Question not just about ravenous hunter, also item ability heals
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: Seeing how you did not even know if it was possible to get a skin shard for a skin you already own, I thought it might be possible you had confused the two and so I asked to make sure.
"not even know" like its common knowledge cause every second skin shard is for a skin you already have? Apart from that, i've also read its impossible to reroll into a skin you already own, which is probably true.
: It could have been a skin permanent shard from a reroll.
Nah then its not a shard, then its a permanent skin :)
: May I ask where exactly you got the duplicate from ?
From a chest, is there any other way to obtain shards?
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: I always get everything i want when it comes to champions. Items are completely RNG though.
teach me your secrets then please, because i feel like in every game there are champs that come in your shop 1000 times and others youre looking for are very rare. If i knew which champs will come so often in the beginning i would of course buy them and get easy tier 3 champs. but i dont know it beforehand
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Smerk (EUW)
: It is consistent if you think of it as spell shield. Yasuo himself is the source of that wall, not some place in front of him. So he can block anything that didn't reach him yet. In comparison Braum can't do such things, because the source of his wall is his shield, not himself, so something that passed shield will not be blocked
it still should not block things that basically already hit. skills like a sivir shield dont do that either. its either an animation problem or an inconsistency, but yasuo often seems to block stuff which particle already collided with him. i just kind of doubt that the yasuos are all just so great that they keep being able to block it within 0,0001 seconds of it hitting
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: Camera can't be moved with mouse
If youre the only dude with this problem, then the problem is probably you/your pc. But by your attitude you show, nobody is sad if you dont play this game anyway
AllBear (EUW)
: lost
the point in life is to git gud
Adama (EUW)
: actually, as you can see I mainly play velkoz support. I poke them out of lane, to the point where they cant cs or straight up die. Then we take these ''turret platings'' for money, which is how it works nowadays. I keep an eye on what drake there is, and ping my team if we kill their bot and something like an inferno is up. But they dont want to take it. Later in the game, after completely smashing my lane, I can start roaming (velkoz isnt the best roamer but it can work) and help take the midlane turret or at least damage it early on. When we reach late game, I try to keep everything warded the best I can. Since I play velkoz, I can't really start an engage, although it sometimes works if an enemy steps up a little too close and I can E them, and then use full combo. I only played one jungle game if you scrolled down a little, and managed to completely oblitorate every single one of their lanes and took every turret in the game. Finally, I decided to go back to my roots for the last 3 games and play adc. In my first lost game, I won lane as I always do. But my team got smashed so insanely hard, as you can see by their scores, there was nothing I, as an adc, could do. The second adc game I won lane again and had 0 deaths. In this game, my team was competent and we stomped them. Next up is my third adc and last played game, where I was winning bot again but my friendly support Pyke was so scared that he barely fought in the laning phase despite us having an insane advantage. So I had to 1v2 and still managed to go positive out of laning phase. We then won because again, my team was not inting. I hope this clears the confusion up a bit, although I realise you were just guessing with your comment and I take no offence.
alright, well... 1. if you get to late game, winning your lane doesnt matter much anymore. because the game has gone on long enough to equalize your advantage. so winning your lane is no longer of much relevance. if you win your lane hard, that only allows you a win if you make it a fast win. 2. youre the only constant in your games from 10 people. if youre really as good as you think. youre gonna win in the long run. 5 enemies can suck, only 4 allies can. 3. support is generally harder to carry in low elo than in high elo. thats true
Adama (EUW)
: Why am I losing games when I win lane almost always?
if you get kills and then an advantage, but do nothing except continue to farm instead of getting your team strong by taking objectives or ganking other lanes, then it doesnt really matter much that you got your kills. they are not helping your team win the game
Killmore (EUNE)
How does this even make sense tho? Obviously junglers ARE coming bot if you keep getting ganked "million times". Just not yours. Then probably you are doing something wrong that makes it hard/impossible for your jungler to gank your lane. And also making it easy for the enemy jungler to do so
Killmore (EUNE)
why do people that complain never use full sentences they just write one thing after the other without commas or periods and just keep going on and never finish a sentence and just start a new sentence inside the old sentence and it makes it really hard to read because there is no separation of points and ideas and it all just turns into a never ending rant
: Lag Spikes this patch?
I have some problems in the champ select, that it wont switch between champs sometimes right away and have to click several times. But no lags in game really
Shamose (EUW)
: > League of Bruisers > darius Darius is not a bruiser. He's a Juggernaut.
not really what the post is about, but okay. same difference.
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: Nerf Ignite
what a useless thread lol
: What if we could remove Zed's death mark by killing Zed?
Never ever play Zed myself, but i would say no. The ability is already activated, and it needs to be "charged" with more damage from Zed hitting further abilities or it does low damage. It would make too many "if's" into this skill: if zed gets near enough, if zed doesnt die fast because he jumped in, if zed hits his other abilities to charge it, if zed lives long enough. Other execution spells do similar damage without having to be charged with more damage first, and happen instantly. so the champions that have these spells also dont need to live longer than it takes to do the first ability
: Because they aren’t doing this to make new champions... the entire idea is to replace old and disfunctional or unhealthy champions with new healthy versions... sometimes that does involve removing the majority of a champion and replacing them. But nunu is pretty much the same... same Q, same R, W was moved to the passive, E is still snowballs.
no. it may look similar in some things, but the role has completely changed. its no longer possible to play him as a hit and run style champion very well. he has turned into another one of 1000 cc-bruiser type champions that get in the middle of the fight, do their knock up or whatever else, and then disrupt the enemy team. there are plenty of those champs already. the only really distinct part of nunu was having no hard cc available, but the ability to build super high damage or very tanky. now hes just one of those in-between champs like 50 others. Riot is slowly making champs only playable in one way. there are so many champs that used to be able to be played ap OR ad, tank OR glasscannon etc. seems less and less
: What do you guys think about Nunu & Willump?
it sucks. why dont they just make a new champ if they want new champs. why conpletely change old champs people like to play? akali, nunu... both completely different. thats not a rework, thats deleting an old champ and giving a new one the same name
: Then for 1 you probably over-exaggerated how fast your Q times are since top/mid/adc are known for longer Q times with Support having the lowest. Well but is primary and secondary just that if one is available instantly and the other in 1 minute you'll get insta matched.
its not always 10 seconds ofc, but it has been and its usually really not long. just finding it useless to call it primary if the system just picks the one thats faster. id rather wait a minute longer or two if i get my primary instead
: No, if your secondary is less played you should be put in secondary. It's about putting you in a game with one of the roles you chose if your secondary is Support then that's on you, You can either learn another role for secondary or go play blind where you can continue yelling at each other over who gets their role, if a shouting contest is what you prefer.
my secondary is top. not exactly a position nobody wants to play. and whats the point of calling them primary and secondary if it just has to be one of them and thats it. then my primary pick is not "primary"
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Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Are you sure you didn't just accidentally click on your map?
yeah. i stayed in ult, the screen didnt jump sowhere else, it just slowly went left more and more until i was out of sight at my fourth shot
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: yeah spread some plastic 4 bullshit. first, you dont start with W as darius because you going to get shit on so hard its not even funny unless ofc your in low elo which obviously you are. second, I agree his healing is an issue and removing it is not the solution he needs it because they nerfed so much in his kit and he needs the sustain to proc his passive, so reverting it to post rework darius was fine. lets not forget his Q has a delay, alright bud? third, Old darius was nowhere healthy at all, he was not fun to play against or as for that matter and he falls off terribly early like in 15mins mark which is pathetic and boring, his late game was being a canon minion who does and offers nothing for the team rather than KSing if he gets even lucky which hurts his team. fourth, 200 ad is part of his late game scaling and no its not the most broken shit you've ever seen, Ryze late game is worse with perma rooting, late game fiora with 70% maxhp true damage, dev Yi with insane DPS. but hey lets complain about the immobile figher that u call ur main huh? just love it man when people thinks darius is the most op fuck shit balls that ever released when we forget about perma rooting ryze at lvl 5, release cinderhulk, 1 shotting rengar that still exists and AD fizz. but no the most immobile champion is the issue huh? low elo scrubs
why do some people feel the need to act like a douchebag if someone says something they dont agree with? stop being such a kid. some players will see it this way, others that way. no need to be an ass about it
: Nooo thats what im talking about...Giving the dash more CD=REMOVING THE DASH and that means no more outplays ;-;
well its always sorta annoying when enemies become stronger when you have your own minions with you. like renekton, yasuo, mordekaiser etc. yasuo is just an extreme example of it. if you stand in his minions and fight, you lose cause of the extra damage and block, if you stand in your minions and fight, you lose cause he can use them so easily to dodge everything. and when all minions are used he just windwalls.
: What drugs were Riot on when they reworked Garen and Skarner?
always the same shit. if a new champ is released or an old champ is remade, they make it completely op and you see it in pretty much every game. probably they dont want people to be like haha you remade that shit with hours of work and still nobody is playing it. so they make it so op that enough people want to play it. stupid shit though.... skarner winrate at 64,2% according to lolking. wow
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Typda1 (EUW)
: Client connects, but unable to connect to game
game stopped now. looks like nobody was able to connect, i dont have a leaved game in my history. i tried starting a new game with custom, everything works normal. guess the game was crashed on server side
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