Phrase (EUW)
: super galaxy skins
Rumble still got the best one imo
: Champions I find annoying/tilting...
{{champion:150}} One second he's adorable, the next he's whooping yo ass {{champion:86}} no comment {{champion:497}} annoying by design {{champion:31}} Did he really need those buffs? {{champion:41}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:64}} A good player on these champs makes you want to contemplate life {{champion:92}} still don't know how to play against this woman And finally, the WINNER! {{champion:99}} Q > R > stylish Ctrl 4 > basic attack > respawn timers for everybody
Macleod T7L (EUNE)
: HoW ManY more times do i have to post about LAG SPIKES during every single game even coop games ????


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