IsirganOtu (EUNE)
: What? How does it mess up the QWER buttons?
When I press SPACE and I'm engaging in fight, the game does not always register SPACE and any of the QWER at the same time. Countless times I have failed in fight because the game refuses to accept QWER -command because I hold space at the same time.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Are you left handed? For r-handed folk like me the hand naturally sits ROUGHLY with fingers around QWE for little, ring & middle fingers and index around RD&F and the thumb on the spacebar. If you use shift key a lot, you can adopt a more WASD style hand position with little finger on shift and other fingers around QWERDF. If you're a lefty, you could consider just mirroring the controls across the keyboard (QWER -> ][PO), since your hands are the same shape, just mirror images of each other.
When I press SPACE and I'm engaging in fight, the game does not always register SPACE and any of the QWER at the same time. Countless times I have failed in fight because the game refuses to accept QWER -command because I hold space at the same time.
IsirganOtu (EUNE)
: I dunno, I trained myself to just hold space most of the time so that whenever I wanted to unlock the camera, I just let go of space.
Only problem is that holding spacebar messes up pressing QWER buttons.
: Queue bugging
I cant leave link to imgur for some reason....
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A Random D (EUNE)
: Crappy pcs and the new client
I have 1200e PC which I built myself and this client crashes with my PC too. I think the past 3 months I have had more crashes than the past 3 years.
: Help on becoming a one trick pony
My One Trick Pony is sweet sweet Teemo. Oh Teemo how I love you, you little furry nightmare. Unfortunately Teemo only goes to gold :(
: Houndreds of guys do it who are in challenger or master lol Hell even i do it i can still hard carry in plat 4/3 lol
You hard carry your team when you have 10/5 and rest of team is 2/10 like in bronze or silver? I doubt it. Comparing bronze/silver/gold in diamond/challenger games is not a good argument. It's obvious that a plat/dia/challenger can carry in the low elos because he completely destroys the enemy team going 20/2 and just being so much more efficient even if his team is feeding. I dont believe that happens in dia/challenger on a regular basis. This game is supposed to be a teamgame, but on lower elo it's not. Its a solo performance game where usually one guy gets snowballed and destroys the game for the other team or vice versa. In bronze/silver its just pure chaos to even try to have your team play smart. In higher elos there is enough people who know that you have to take drakes fast, you have to provide defence for towers, you have to ward your jungle so its safe to walk there, you have to help a lane that is falling behind etc. None of that is in lower elo. Everyone is just playing blind to anything that happens on map and just focuses on last hitting and not dying on ganks. If I get fill supped, almost every single time I have the highest dmg. If I play top, if I play any other lane or jungle, I farm the most efficient, I very rarely go 1/8 or 1/6. None of this matters because I cant stop others from feeding. Its just impossible. I can play as efficient lane I ever could and win my lane, but when jungle and 2 other lanes have spent their time feeding the enemy team, there is nothing I can do. You cant argue against it. Only thing that carries out of Bronze/silver is hypercarrying every game. Thats not teamgame, that solo performance. I have gone from bronze to silver in about 2 weeks immediately when I picked a friend who knew how to play. Thats good enough of evidence to me that low elo is more about 1 guy performing excellent than a teamgame like higher elos are.
: "He may still solocarry bronze or silver, but nearing his own elo (which is still higher than gold) he starts to need team to win" Incorrect, Dopa climbed to rank 1 challenger korea by carrying with corki and achieved a 56-0 win-loss on that champion
"Hey one guy once did it so you should too". Thats the oldest flawed argument in the history of mankind.
Fake Masks (EUNE)
: Oh "I am wrong" then bring some arguments or your comment is as useless as a bronze V saying that he's stuck there because of it's teams.That's the point, you climb because you are above the average skill in that elo Lmao
Does the plat player solo carry gold games? No. He may still solocarry bronze or silver, but nearing his own elo (which is still higher than gold) he starts to need team to win. So your argument is invalid, because if your own elo is a bit higher than the rank youre on, you can't carry enough to climb. You need to have good players on your team. This is problem is easily avoided if you play with a friend. IMHO soloque should only be soloque. 2 good players playing together have so huge impact in the game.
: Apdo on a smurf wins 40 games in a row. That's the equivalent of a Diamond player winning 40 consecutive times against bronzes.
Rstonius (EUW)
: "It's only your fault that you can't climb"
Rokąs there is a sure way to climb. It is not soloplaying. Ive think I have like 2000+ games in bronze. I'm happy there. Last season I thought that I would like the silver borders. I played couple of games with the champs I know best, met a guy who could also play good and formed a 2 man wolfpack with him. It took 2 and a half week for me to get to silver with him. I probably could have climbed to gold with him, but I get bored fast playing with the same 3-4 champs every game so I said goodbye to him and started to play solo again. Needless to say, when this season started, I dropped back to bronze in and have not climbed to silver because I have not played duo with anyone. I might duo after the summer and climb maybe to silver or gold. Point is, don't torture yourself with soloplaying if you want to climb. Find a wingman and play with him. That way the odds are on your favor every game and you start to see those magical 10 win green streaks in your match history.
: Smart trolling is easy, intentional trolling barely ever gets you reported. The fact is most of you are to freaking stupid to tell a troller from a serious player. Hell most of you pay so little attention to the game you don't even know someone left till 10 minutes later. BUT YOU STILL OPEN YOUR BULLSHIT FILLED MOUTHS. Oh wait did that guy just tell me I'm talking bullshit? MOM DAD, That asshole just said im talking bullshit, X9 X9.
Leaving a comment like that just indicates that YOU should not open your mouth or type in chat. You probably would get out of Bronze in no time if youd remove chat from your game.
eSuba Kenda (EUNE)
: Nah,, reprot system should work like in CSGO, 1 time afk? 30min VAC. Second time afk 24 hour AFk etc. NOt like in lol where you can leave 4 games in row without any punishment.
Considering LoLs client is not nearly as robust as is CS client it would be way too harsh to punish afk for 30 min ban because you can honestly dc from game without any intention in LoL and I don't think you can DC from ranked games in CS wihtout having some real hardware problems (electricity going out or BSOD)
Tarolock (EUW)
: you know what i hate about autofill? the useless threads ppl make about it after 3 years of playing only support (i think i have max 100 games as not support) i get adc mains who know nothing about their role, warding everything around them, pinging enemy jungler, using all my cds to save them but no they still go and fight with 100 hp, and they play nothing but adc
Same. It's strange that I play all roles, and still manage not to feed badly (usually). I even like playing morgana supp when I get autofilled. It's more about attitude than a real problem.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Who was your first pentakill with?
What first pentakill? I have been playing this game since 2013 :) Oh dear I did not know it's important to have pentakills.{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
eSuba Kenda (EUNE)
: > How the report system works. It doesn't work
It seems to be working fine considering the effectiveness. I know that the "smart" trolls are able to troll without any problems because it's borderline impossible to create a program that would understand the nyances in the behavior of the "smart" trolls. But it punishes constant toxic behavior in chat which is good. It also punishes constant AFK behavior. It also recognizes real intentional feeders. I don't even think that a player should be punished if he lashes out once in a week or month. Only those who make it their habit to make others feel bad need to be punished and/or removed from the game. Are you those guys who think everyone who goes 0/10/4 are trolls and feeders and should be punished? Because there would be awfully few people playing this game if bad games would lead to bans...
: I agree, but read what I actually wrote again rather than answering some other point that I didn't make but you think I made cause you don't read. I don't think anyone gets punished for bad play at all. Like you say, real inting is easily spotted..... That doesn't stop people report calling for everything under the sun though. Built TF before runaans? "report jinx troller" Die a few times? Go 0/4? "report zed inting" Get ganked 4v2 more than once? "Report botlane feeded" None of these are actually reportable or punishable, and yet almost every game has someone announcing how they are reporting everyone who's gameplay is seen as something that doesn't meet the reporters particular standards. Maybe if people _**were**_ aware that these were bullshit nonpunishable things then they'd stop announcing their intent to report everyone in the game every few minutes for these non-offences.
Sorry I did not make my point clear. I tried to reply like I agree with you and people who are not agreeing are not thinking. Just bad grammar from a person whos native language is not english :)
: report system is useless in my opinion. I never saw it on action. I had PLENTY of afks and trolls on my last soloQ games (u can check my history) every game there is someone on my team that is gonna int,trollbuild or afk. EVERYONE since a couple of days. My report never changed anything, they all still be able to keep on playing games. but thats more like a personal case. Lets talk about those famous summoners who simply wants to troll everygame he plays, they are there, they are still alive, they get TONS of reports, but yet they still walking on the rift, giving kills under turret. Dont ask for summoner names just with a simple search on google you can find it out. This game is cool, but its also a mess. matchmaking is so poor in my case and same in a friend of mine but like i said, Its a mess Report useless function. just there to make you believe there is a way to punish outoflaw player. ( there are, but aint be report)
How do you explain that: I have received punishments for toxic behavior in chat I have received notifications that my reports have caused punishment I have seen more than a few times that a player I have reported has stopped playing the game for 2 weeks (temporary ban) In Bronze almost every game has people goin 0/8/4. That's just how it is. My last game I completely destroyed enemy team with Xin and ended up like 20/8 with the next in my team having maybe 4 kills. The whole enemy team raged at eachothers. Nevertheless no one in their team int fed me. I just got kills early and there was nothing they could do about it after i was 10/5. It is the same probably as far as gold. Also you can't know if someone got a 10 or 25 chat restrction as punishments. So you can't know if your reports had effect or not. You just want to believe that they did not have effect even if you have no way of knowing. It's more about what you want to believe and less what actually is happening. Also the system does not react to 1 afk. So if a single guy afks once, it's not punished. And if you have 10 afks in 20 games, its still 10 different guys afk'ing. Also you get games where there is afk in enemy team and youre not here to complaining about those games, are you?
: There is no report weight anymore. Since the instafeedback, the system is able to decide if the report is valid or not, so no need for that. (stated by Riot)
Thank you for feedback, I corrected it.
RallerenP (EUW)
: Yeah, but thats because it's considered harrasment. You won't get punished for that single 'pls report for afk", since it is not seen as harrasment, hence NaKyle clarified that they do not punish solely for calling reports. But if you spam it, you are doing it with the intention of spreading negativity and this is seen as harrasment.
That's why i wrote _constant_ report calling. I tried to make a point that if you constantly call, thats harrasment.
RallerenP (EUW)
: > 1st : "Feeding" and playing bad IS NOT REPORTABLE. Your reports lose weight if you report players intentionally feeding or griefing only because they played badly. IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT. No matter what you think, youre wrong. Do not report people for bad games. I have had many bad games, but any of the feedbacks I have gotten from Riot considering my punishments have EVER included anything but toxic chat. First part about feeding and playing bad is true. Second part about 'report weights' are not. From what I have been able to gather, after the implementation of the IFS, having report weights are meaningless as no almost no time is spent on each review (which of course does not mean the system is marginally more inaccurate than the old system). If each case was to be reviewed manually a report weight sytem would make sense since a lot of resources are being spent reviewing. But since IFS is near instant and spends an insignifficant amount of resources analyzing a game, reports are no longer 'weighted'. This means that there is no difference in having lots of false reports or having no false reports. The system will review each case, and they will be treated 100% the same. EDIT: [Proof]( EDIT 2: > 3rd : Do not call for reports. Constant report calling is considered harrasment, and may lead to a punishment. It is also counter-productive and does not help your team in any way. Stop it. It does not lead to punishments to the player who has a bad game and if he reports you, you may be in the receiving end of the punishment. Report calling is not a bannable offense, and is not considered harrasment alone. If used as a jumping off point for harrasment, then it is. [Proof](
Doesnt the system weight repeating report calling over normal "pls report for afk" ? Because in bronze players can spam "report his report that report my funky hat" all game very minute of it. Really weird if its not considered harrasment.
GLurch (EUW)
: >player must have multiple reports from multiple games This depends on the phrasing, but multiple reports from the same game do not matter. This is also why report calling is useless. 1 report in a single game counts just as much as 2 or more reports. After all, the system is designed to punish within 15 minutes of the end of a game. The little time difference it may make does not matter and it would also be really unfair to punish 2 people that did the exact same thing differently just because one received more reports. Again, I don't know if I maybe misunderstood your phrasing, but I wrote this just in case anyways. --- About 5th: I think it's no secret Riots system is still not the best at detecting intentional feeding. I've seen people play 10 or more games only buying tears and running it down mid. If the system were seriously good, it would detect this kind of behavior and punish it after just 2 or 3 games. I don't think I even have to mention how Riots system works with detecting other types of trolling, like stealing jungle camps and following the jungler around constantly. It seriously isn't the best and it will most likely never be. --- About 6th: This is not true anymore. This used to be true, but nowadays, everyone can receive report feedback, as long as the person he reported got punished. It is just tuned down, so it rarely appears. ######Source: ######(This website was made by Riots volunteers, the official sources can always be found at the bottom of the page)
Thanks for the feedback. Firstly yeah, my phrasing was not perfect. I meant that you need reports from different games to accumulate a punishment. Seconly, I think it's impossible to create a system that understand when a jungle buff is stolen intentionally and when jungler is giving it f.e. mid AP caster or ADC. I've had many games where f.e. jungler just gives up and starts to farm jungle and ignore lanes. It happens a lot in bronze but I hope it's not so usual in higher ranks because the games are taken more seriously than in bronze. Thirdly, thanks for the info about number 6. I will change it.
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: That's a shame. I'd really rather people did know what gets punished and what doesn't.... might prevent all these "report bot for feed" "reported vayne" "report zed, troll" bollocks spamming the chat with negativity anytime anyone doesn't win their lane. Unpunishable, pointless reporting.... and yet a shit tonne of misdirected negativity for every other game! Yay! The idea that for everyone to win half the time, the other team has to lose is lost on these idiots. Rather than just "the other team were better and managed to snowball" they think everyone except them is trolling, inting, feeded and every other poorly spelled buzzword they think they can report for.
If you really think people gets punished by playing bad, you are not thinking. Ofc a game dont punish a bad play, that would be nuts. Int feeding is easily recognized from the players behavior, so if someone really just walks to tower to die over and over again you can report him because the system recognizes that behavior and you get a valid report. Easiest way to report players is to report for verbal abuse because it includes harrasment and you only need that the player has verbally flamed in chat. It's enough and it usually leads to punishment.
: It's set to only appear rarely, to prevent people from figurin out what behaviour goes punished and what behaviour goes unpunished. Just because you never receive a notification, it doesn't mean that nobody gets punished.
It appears when your report was the one which led to the punishment. I play in bronze and I have seen that message tens of times because A) I only report people who are toxic IN CHAT and B) It's bronze and people are really really negative all the time. 90% of games has a toxic player so when I send 5-10 reports per day I get that notification about every 3rd day of reporting. I think people report too little. Its amazing how some players that are beyond any rational toxicity and hope in chat that every players family dies horrifically and mock and rage whole game, are still playing the next day. I got a temporary ban for calling people idiot when they flamed me. Nowadays I dont use swearwords because the system focuses on them.
: Damn. I removed chat from game :)
Today got my first loot after being really nice to everyone for 2 weeks <3
Tarolock (EUW)
: you wont get loot until you prove that you changed your behavior, like gl hf at the start, complimenting good teamplay and stuff, you cant w8 it out, you have to actively show them that you changed
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: My comment might not be relevant but I can approve this post since my own experience as a low elo player is damn hella unbearable. I don't think the game is bad, it's for me one of the best online games but it's not fun anymore when you can't get better to the game insofar as players and the game are not managed correctly. In the hope of seeing again the funny and dynamic game which League of Legends was a few years ago.
One thing makes a HUGE difference. Whether youre playing alone and always with 4 strangers in your team OR you have made couple of skilled friends in you elo that are also non-toxic. Then you can just either mute all and communicate with your friend via whatever program you want to use for communication or if you have as thick skin as I do just chat with him and ignore all toxic players. Seriously. I have played always alone until last seasons end and couple of months this season. As soon as I found a LOLfriend who plays with me and were both carrying or either one of us the game changed dramatically toxic-wise. We have fun, and other players dont flame because we can carry or have enough impact on the game that they dont have anything to flame about (or they flame but we have so much fun together we can just ignore the 0/6/2 support flaming). Just find couple of friends and SoloQ with them. That will make all the difference in the world. I have won so many games after I made couple of friends who were climbing as I was and only in 1 week I got to silver promos. Before that I just tramped in the same tar pit everone else is trampling in bronze elo. Tomorrow I'll see my LOLfriend again and I'll be silver in no time. Then to gold!
Tarolock (EUW)
: that still doesnt make sense, if you remove the 100 point cap then maybe, but with the "you need 100 lp for promo" you cant change it, if you are unlucky you have to play that match for that 1 lp or you could just go back to the old system and climb the ladder from 2000000th place to 1999999th place, then you dont have to fiddle with lps
Or maybe transfer the lp you gain to the next rank if youre succesful in your promotion? So if you win 1lp, and 2 consecutive (or one if you already have been in the promos in lower ranks) wins, you get the rest of the lp to the next rank so you dont have to start from 0? Ideas, ideas people! Let's have them!
Tarolock (EUW)
: im up for changes that make sense, but rounding up numbers just because you dont want to play another match doesnt make any sense
Well I think nobody wants to play a match that has a reward of 1 lp and in the other end losing 17-20lp. In any other sports, that would be considered horribly inbalanced pointing system. What team would want to play against another team if another team has reward of 18 points or lose 18 points but your team has reward 1 point or losing 18 points and you both are equally skilled. That would make absolutely no sense whatsoever.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Because the rule is pretty clear - you get to 100 LP = you're in the promo. Not 99, not 101. 100. If you start moving the required amount, everyone would start complaining. If it's enough to get 99, why not 98 or 97? And if 97 is ok, why not 95? 90? It's never ending. I am sorry, but your suggestion doesn't make much sense. As Tarolock already pointed out, you don't earn LP based on your current amount. You get LP based on a formula and that's universal, no matter if you have 10 LP or 90LP. You won't get extra points just because you're closer to promo like that, how would that be fair?
Yeah ok. Im very sorry I threw an idea in the air. But your "slippery slope" argument is invalid. You could argue that giving 1lp for a guy who otherwise has 99lp to get to promos would be nice, because the next game he plays is either get 1lp or lose 17-20. So basically he is in danger of losing 17 times more than he gains for win. But it would not mean that you could continue to argue about it with 5lp or 10lp and so on. That is invalid logic. How is it fair that you either gain 1 lp or lose 17-20? You could argue that it's not fair either. Also everyone is always complaining about something, making new rules or deleting existing ones always has supporters and haters. Thats not an argument either. You could never change anything if youd just think "oh noes, someone gonna be pissed about this".
Tarolock (EUW)
: you dont get your lp based on how far you are from 100... you get it based on your mmr and the average mmr of your team and enemy team, if your mmr is higher than the average mmr of the enemy team and you win you get a lot of lp so you climb faster to reach the point where you get equally skilled players
I know how lp is based. I thought it would be a funny suggestion but man, you guys really take things sometimes way too seriously.
duckarp (EUNE)
: No, jerk move is asking for exceptions.
Why so salty? I think it would make the game more user friendly :)
Allosen (EUW)
: I get ~30 LP per win on one of my accounts, I will always be on 90-93 LP after 3 games. Why dont they give me the missing LP?
Well 7lp away from promos is a 7 times further than 1lp from promos. But if you would get 33 lp every time, I'd say you deserve to get 34 lp the third time to get to promos without having to play 20-40 minutes because of 1 lp.
: But if you round a 1 or 2 difference up why not 3? But when you round up a difference of 3 why not 4? But when you round up a difference of 4 why not 5? But when you round up a difference of 5 why not 6? etc.
I don't know if you know, but there is a lot of things in world that are just agreed upon without any further discussion or any deeper meaning or flawless logic. I think winning a match and then getting 18 lp instead of 19lp which would get you straitght to promos is kind of a jerk move :) I asked if they could give the needed 1 or 2 lp so that you dont have to play another grueling bronze match and hope you win so that you get to the promos. If you think 3 and 4 lp should also be rounded up, feel free to think and ask that.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Tyyppivika,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=83RLscsE,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-19T16:03:56.194+0000) >ok ofc im bronze farmer so 24min 154 farm is not the best but still It's basically that, the rating system weighs farm heavily, so if your farm isn't great you won't get a higher rank, regardless of how well you actually played. It's pretty annoying sometimes.
Well good to know that. Gotta focus on the farming a bit better too in the future.
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bigambrus (EUNE)
: it's 1 chest / champ / season and you can only get 1 chest / week
Yup. Didn't know that week restriction.
: 'Team game'
Low Elo is hell because: Pings = nobody reacts Suggestion = stfu X Defending = 3 guys in base, 2 guys jungle farm while 5 enemy at the gates "Hey guys lets do drake, 3 enemies dead" = no response (then depending your champ you solo do it and hope 2 enemies dont come or you cant solo it and have to forget the drake). "Hey guys lets do Baron after inhib" = no response "Hey guys push lanes because ACE and we have 4 guys" = 2 guys go B and take 40 seconds to choose what to buy and 1 guy go take jungle farm from your jungle and youre left pushing whatever lane you happen to be on "Hey enemy team on baron, lets go kill them" = no response, or 1 of the nearest from your team suicides on baron and then starts to rage "WHERE IS TEAM". All day, every day, this is how it's going down. My favorite is when you play tank and you had to B and your team is mid and you type "Hey wait me, then we go" and then they don't wait, run 4 vs 5 without tank, all die and then "WHERE IS TANK!!" "FF" "%%%KIN NOOB WHY YOU IN BASE". I'm on of the unfortunate ones who play this game without friends so I don't have always the 2 out of 5 in team with some kind of communication and therefore it's just complete luck if I get a team who understand even the basics.
: Why I'm not getting chests anymore with S-grade gameplay?
Ok so I didnt know that chests are restricted to 1 chest per week. So you can get 52 chests per year. Hmph.
: You could get S rank on the same champion 10 times but you will only get 1 chest on that character per season. You also have a limit of four chests at once with a new one available after a week but it's one a week from what I know
Oh ok so its restricted to 1 chest per week with a new champ. Ok.
: It's either of these, or you've recieved a ban or chat restriction some time ago.
No bans, no chat restrictions. Last game with cassiopeia S-. No chest. I dont have chest with cassiopeia. I received chest 2 days ago with some champ, i dont remember who it was. Had 2 S with Ashe - no chest. And I do not have chest yet with Ashe.
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: I just got perma banned, for a trivial reason
Post the logs. Nobody takes you serious before you post your logs.
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