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Rayz01 (EUW)
: However, you might also be against players that were autofilled in that role just like you, as well as the fact that you have players on your team that got what they want. Did people forgot that is still much better than the old system that fast?
Except, it's not. With the old system you were all EQUALS the moment you got into champ select. With autofill, you're still ASSIGNED roles. Good luck getting someone to switch mid with you when you're given ADC or Support. With the old system I got mid 80% of the time. That's much more than I do now with role select, even before the introduction of autofill.
raps1355 (EUW)
: Have you considered just playing your champ regardless of the role. Granted you will not perform at peak but just do what you do best. If your team mates dont see your strengths and deliberately handicap you then dont feel bad if you cant quite carry. Also until you renter masters you can simply dodge as all you will lose is lp and your mmr will not decrease meaning if you keep winning when you get to play you eventually pick up 50 lp a win etc but once you are into masters there will be no solution as lp is all there is.
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