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Mustamaa (EUW)
: Champion grade system shouldn't focus on cs
Well cs say a lot about the laning skill of a player so it belongs into the rating.
: Toxic perma bans
Dont be toxic just int or run around base and do nothing, you will never get banned for that... yes amazing system, but depends on the type of toxicity i mean if you call people bad, stupid or call them out for how they play its fine but if you try people to kill themself, throw around racial slurs or anything like that you belong permabanned
: Riot should remove this ban system its ridicilouss
I mean the system actually needs to be changed so trolling inting and things like that get punished but your restriction seems pretty justified telling people to get aids or get hit by a bus is a justified ban reason
: Nothing says "balanced" like the 1/11 enemy Vayne oneshotting our team once she hits her powerspike
I would say not exactly overpowered even though probably a bit overtuned right now the problem is that the skill it takes to play against her is so much higher than the skill needed to play as her in lower elos. Same problem with champs like nasus and yi in lower elos you realy have to understand how to bully these people out, be mechanical good enough to abuse their early and know how to close games fast meanwhile they dont need any of these skills to carry games. But once you climb a bit and people get better and most players understand that they get worse.
: I'm afraid of she will be nerfed again because of design. Soon, she will be completely ruined I believe. A mechanism can't be nerfed, this cannot be understood by rito. She will end up with ridiculously low stats till no one wants to play her cuz she will literally do nothing useful compared to other supports. This is Yuumi. A poke champions who dies alone. Rito created her to be this. Now they want to erase their own idea cuz why not. Well, okay.
Well she will eventualy need a rework at some point but even though the nerfs are a little bit hard she was way to overpowered especialy when duoqing so it is probably better for the state of the game.
: vote for the best matchup for carrying low ranks
There isnt realy a best champion to climb for the different roles for top you should probably just go with the op picks of the month. For Mid and Jungle it is a bit different basicly in Mid you should pick annie, assassins or other champs which can roam early. The general rule for Jungle is that the champ has to be able to Gank good before your teammates get a chance to int so i would say hecarim or xin but there are more. For support it is the same thing just pick champions which can impact the whole map by roaming and dont rely to much on your adc so pick things like brand and pyke. And just dont play adc if you want to climb seriously the role sucks balls for low elo soloq you just dont have enough impact on the game, even in the laning phase the support is so much more important to winning it than the adc. So as a basic Rule if it can impact the whole map before your teammates get a chance turn the enemys into Bill Gates and Steve Jobs its fine for low elo soloq. At least for Silver and higher Bronce if you are Iron just pick champs like garen, annie and yi.
: except m8 that's not a dodge that's you leaving the game. m8 if it's a dodge then maybe i can see it being implemented, but if you are in game and it says attempting to reconnect that's not a dodge m8 that's being afk and not tempting to get back into it is just bad you could always just exit and try to manually reconnect (works every time for me). if the way you described it was the case you would get a free game in promos in which you could troll and then just disconnect before the game ended and got no penalty
i think he means the client disconnected in the champion select so champ select got canceled causing the game to count it as a dodge and give him a lose without even geting a chance to play his last promo game. And since dodging a ranked once a day just costs 3 lp and doesnt affect your mmr it became a viable tactic in ranked to leave if you got a champion disadvantage or multiple autofilled players or just anything like that.
: Riven needs a nerf already, stop ignoring her unbalanced kit
Well since she is an absolute fan favorite with one of the biggest and most dedicated playerbases out of all champions riot wont allow her to be balanced or even fall out of the soloq meta. But even if she lacks counterplay in most situations there are still a few good counterpicks to her and she can be beaten even if she is way stronger than most of the other toplane champions. In the end i am pretty sure this is never going to change just get used to banning her. But i agree with the part Riven mains pat themselv on the back way to hard for everything she is a medium difficulty toplaner, definetly harder than garen but also definetly not close to champs like azir, ryze(before they ruined him), lee sin and nidalee.
: Loadscreen bug, the answer from support : maybe solve.
if you get the bug you simply have to close the client open your task manager shut down all league related processes, restart the client and you should be able to load into the game its a bit annoying but you will usualy be there in time if your pc is somewhat decent.
Short Guy (EUW)
: Game doesn't load in after Champ select (9.15)
I am realy amazed how such a big company can constantly break their game it is so annoying.
: Why TFT is a bad gamemode
i dont think it is a bad gamemode i mean it is super fun to play for alot of people and it is realy relaxing and not realy frustrating to play tft (if you go in with the right mindset at least i guess people could rage out about rng factors) but i see what you mean and i think it could never work as a serious competitive game or even as an esport. I think it is a great game just not made for ranked play.
Hamze2011 (EUW)
: Fiora hard to play?
I would say she is a pubstomper you can easily win in lower elos however in plat people realise how to counter her and she becomes much harder to play best example people will start to Position on a Wall so she cant Hit vitals
kaketsuu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=USELESS CLOWN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WOLuVE05,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-03-24T11:43:19.978+0000) > > Well but if Riot would do this they could just remove yasuo completely xD then in time they would realise to do something for that toxic champion
I gues thats right might be the best thing that could happen to yasuo so he finaly becomes balanced
kaketsuu (EUNE)
: could have more like monthly vote what champions cannot be picked at all in game for a whole month. amount of 10 and then have th extra 3 bans per team.
Well but if Riot would do this they could just remove yasuo completely xD
AnWaRkh (EUW)
: Dear rank 7 diamond yasuo player/mains...
You cant realy counters him what helped for me was maining him if you cant beat them Joint them
Farce (EUNE)
: Step 1: Pick Riven Step 2: Get 6 Step 3: Faceroll the keyboard Step 4: Wait till he wastes windwall Step 5: Press R Step 6: Recall, buy and back to lane Step 7: Back to step 1 until you are confident you can start roaming and 1v5 the game.
Or even better replace step 1 by pick yasuo that will not only make your lane much easyer and u can faceroll and 1vs5 even easyer and stronger without having to worry about countering yasuo :D
: Alright listen to me.I have ekko and I think he doesn't need nerf.People think that he is too Op because his 3 basic stacks e and lich bane.But that doesnt have to do anythign with ekko.It is just combo like other champions have for example fizz.So stop saying that he should get nerfed or something like that.He does need mana and you can easly counter ekko if you know ekko well.Ekko has shield but he needs to go in danger and wait wait wait for his shield and stun.You can just easly avoid ekko 3abilities if you are smart.But if you cant play vs ekko dont blame riot cuz they made that good champion. {{champion:245}} Eko is perfect! And btw you say ekko can kill whole team without losing Hp not true.If you follow his 4 second icon(ulty) you can always know where he can ulty and you can easly avoid Q so please if you cant play vs ekko its not riot fault!!{{champion:245}}
no simply no at least i see in your match history you play him (this is realy poor you know) ekko is just op not perfect
jana (EUW)
: every time you nerf one champ you create a szenario where a champion who get potential countered by this champ becomes stronger. so if riot would nerf the top 5 banned champs they would (depending on how hard they are nerfed)nake other champs who are atm only ok become the meta and picked over them. you can watch winrates on specific champ matchups on a statistic site. like [THIS PAGE]( but pls be carefull if you use statistics. you can easy get wrong colusions. also i would suggest you to watch this video:[ click me ]( cheers
of course but this champions are almost banned in all games so the champions which would get countered can be picked anyway i mean for example ahri would be not this strong if leblanc would not be allways banned
: {{champion:31}} I want this piece of sh!t gutted to pieces. I want him to be turned inside out and completely destroyed. Then I would like Warwick to get a skin like Urfwick, but with Cho's pelt. Then I would like a Rengar skin that makes frequent occurrences to killing Cho'Gath. Then I want Kassadin to have a quote saying 'You think I got nerfed? Just wait until you see Cho'.
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Zubumafu (EUNE)
: Why won't katarina get any sort of nerf after being considered 'broken' by the community for months?
you forgot to mention that she is also the easyest of all assassins probably one of the easyest champs of all time she dont even needs to hit skillshoots or something like this i mean if she would have to counterplay would be possible and all the main kata kids would uninstall the game or main yasuo or lb at least the reason why they dont nerf her is that they want to make the game perfect for the highest level of play which is esports in my opinion it is just a realy bad way to make this game better to make it perfect for highest lvl of play cause in a teamranked kata can be countered if your team is realy good and she can easily be countered if you have reactions like a pro which is almost impossible to reach for the most people so in soloQ she is one of the strongest and easyest champions in teamranked she is geting a little bit tricky but realy jsut a little bit shes still easy and on esport level she gets useles the only problem is that this sucks for 99% of the players just to make it balanced for 1% and you could say "well at least get better so you can also counter her" but we all know it is alot about talent if you can get this good and not everyone can play the whole day so its just unfair for 98,9% of the comunity


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