Saibbo (EUW)
: I'd much rather prefer someone AFK in the fountain than a BOT that runs in and keeps dying and spends money on a different build than the DCed dude was going for.
I think it is a proven fact that someone who AFKs in the fountain does far more harm than someone who is safely holding a lane under turret, warding around objectives, sweeping for enemy wards or creating slow pushes. Sparring with the AI they already have is something the pro players suggest doing because the AI is good enough to present good playing ability. I would assume that if such a system was implemented, Riot would look at further increasing the potential of the AI.
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K1ngzy91 (EUW)
: Hey I can help you ^^ i've completed almost all the missions apart from No utility
Awesome :D I've added you, I think. My name is Ulmus08 :)
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Ulmus08 (EUW)
: Invasion Team
Just to reiterate, can you message me on here before adding me? I have lots of friend requests but I don't know who you are/ what kind of player you are. Follow Estayopid's lead :)
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: no adc/no mage/no utility mission help,need people EUW add me
I'm still trying to get a team together for the team missions in Invasion. I've been really struggling with people always wandering off doing their own thing, dying then going into 'wtf' mode. I would love to band together and get all the missions done with a group.


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