: Toxic YAY or NAY
9, the only reason I'm not saying 10 is because there's no hate speech.
: Toxicity rising (without end in sight)
What can you expect if even in-game tips say that ''competitive BS-ing is fine''. Riot clearly doesn't want to ban toxic players, most likely because they already lost tons of players recently due to their unjustifiable and idiotic changes to the game, now they have to hold on to as many as possible so that they can keep their jobs and %%%% up the game even more.
: Every single LoL champion in a nutshell (Yep all of them)
Probably would've enjoyed it a lot more if a lot of these jokes didn't originally come from BrickyOrchid8.
klarmino (EUW)
: Chat is not working!
Same. And no, changing the date doesn't do squat.
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: Got an S but no token?
They stated pretty clearly that you can't get tokens on ARAM.
: How DQ works:
Don't forget the crybabies throwing a temper tantrum because ''herp derp solo q was my life''.
random1st (EUW)
: or what happens with most people - couple of golds carry their bronze friend to gold since they can win all games vs bronze. Their friend goes higher than what he deserves = boosted with 100% chance of winning
Golds and bronzies can't play together, you already lost your argument. And even if a bronzie teams up with let's say silver friends, if he becomes too heavy, and at some point he will, they will simply ditch him. But if he manages to win a few games until that happens, then it is his own merit, it's not called boosting.
random1st (EUW)
: just because you dont experience it doesnt mean no one else experiences it. And that doesnt reduce toxicity its just reduce chat. Thats like saying you can only talk to friends (which is what most premades do now a days) which means there will only be positive talk = no toxicity or all chat is banned from now on = 0 toxicity. It doesnt work that way. Peoples attitudes arent changing just their willingness/ability to talk is changing.
Yes it does work that way. Solo Q: random kids, at least one of them being toxic in each game. Dynamic Q: friends who I get along with Toxicity = gone. It's a simple fact.
random1st (EUW)
: Luck and getting carried is 50/50 chance. This is close to a 100% chance.
Yeah until his friends realise that they can't carry him anymore and then they ditch him so that they can keep climbing, but even before that, playing with friends that are good at the game doesn't make it a 100% chance of winning, duh.
random1st (EUW)
: How do you know that? Because Riot said so? Who actually checks what Riot in anything they can just say what they want
Because I don't experience toxicity in ranked anymore, at least not from my team, and even if I'm the only one, it's still a fact that Dynamic Q has indeed reduced toxicity. Play with people you know and trust instead of random kids = less toxicity, it's simple and logical af.
iLoveJammin (EUNE)
: Dynamic Q just gives us more boosted players sadly
How is this any different from people being ''boosted'' by being lucky and getting the better team and simply being carried?
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
They did decrease toxicity, no matter how much some people won't admit it simply because they hate Dynamic Q.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Dynamic Queue For Solo Players And The Icon Rewards
Cry, cry, cry, I need a diaper. /thread
CA Aniqua (EUW)
: No responses to this thread? Whut? You are welcome to come check CA out, a smaller community with a family like atmosphere. Casual and social, we enjoy spending time together both in game and out of it in social rooms on our Discord server. www.cerberusassault.eu Or add me in game if you wanna know more ^^ CA Aniqua
Seems pretty good, but unfortunately I can't apply since you don't allow multi-clanning. I don't care too much about my current community, but I'm not going to leave it in order to join others, simply because I don't agree with this rule, especially when it comes to casual clans.
candoodle (EUW)
: I like how you use "solo Q player" as a negative term guess that makes you a boosted animal
Your logic is simply amazing, it's a true injustice that you haven't received a Nobel prize yet.
: Suggestion to solve Solo Queue problem - Let players choose
This is like the first smart idea I've heard from a Solo Q player.
: Professional trolls need to be banned faster
I checked your Ranked history of the past 2 weeks just out of curiosity, I only found 1 game where you had a Yasuo and a Xin in your game, but Xin was jungling and Yasuo seems to have been top. Both of them have an average 35% win ratio, which is bad, but doesn't indicate trolling.
: Haha, good one! Ironically, I play ranked soloQ 80% of the time. _The other 18% is normals with my brother and 2% of playing with someone good from last game._ People are just too lazy to adapt, and look for excuses. **Ranked is legit.** (Well, except for those 4v5 games that still count)
Of course, whenever something doesn't go our way, we obviously have to look for an excuse, and preferably make it someone else's fault. Before it used to be ''my teams are always bad/trolls'', now it's ''my team is always solo but I only get matched against premades''. 4v5's, trolls and bad matchmaking have always been a problem, but of course now it's Dynamic Q's fault because why the hell not, the other excuses are illegitimate anyway.
Rioter Comments
: Let me list a list of **good **things they introduced: - New pickscreen, defined roles. Now people don't fight over roles. I hated when 20% of games were lost in pickscreen because someone is not happy with the role he is "forced to play". - More motivating for people to play with friends. I've never seen sense in playing 3v3 ranked or 5v5 ranked before. Seriously, who the hell cared about those ladders? Now I can climb the "main ladder" with any amount of premade teammates, which is cool (I still play solo 95% of games though). Premade groups mean lesser chance of flame. (Who would queue with a flamer?) Matchmaking will find a premade of the same size for my and enemy team so it's ok balance-wise. - Qeue times Yep, the whole dynamic qeue is made to shorten qeue times (for both premades and solo's). You could say that it didn't get shorter, but you have to remember that now the matchmaking has to find all roles for the match to start, which is why dynamic is needed. - Free skins How the hell does that feel like a "middle finger"? Even for a player who never pays, it means free skins every few months, which is better than nothing (duh). Also seeing other players play with skin more often is refreshing. You could say it's a bait to get money, but it's all optional. Riot needs to make money, and they try to find new ways to do so, can't blame them for that. - Reworks Reworks are what keeps this game from getting old. The meta shifts and with it, you find new champions to main. Why not? Adapt instead of complaining, and use it to your advantage. - Clubs What is this? I completely ignored this feature without any noticeable drawback. Feel free to prove me wrong, but for me this game is just as good, as it was in season 4. The only thing I miss is the way they quickly delivered restrictions in season 4. Misbehave in 2-4 games and you can't play ranked or use chat. That was brutal and I loved it.
I don't know why you bothered with such a long post, SoloQ fanboys are more irrational and stubborn than flat-Earthers.
: [DynamicQ] It's time to stop kidding around Riot
Eww, SoloQ sucked, good riddance.
Raipesi (EUW)
: Most of the times I just mute all pings volume because it's annoying to hear the ping sound, and that doesn't facilitate communication. Sad.
I always play with muted pings but that still doesn't help with the visual effect of pings. The option to mute pings should've been added ages ago.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PhoenixBurst,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7xhnaAO4,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-05T14:43:12.337+0000) > > Nothing to fix. His AA is considered ranged therefore no execute. Its intended I never understood why it can't execute on ranged attacks as well.
Because positioning is very important in bot lane. If you are melee, you are putting yourself at risk in order to get 1 CS, it wouldn't be fair if a Soraka would have the same luxury of securing CS from a much safer position.
: Let your supports get the cannon minion please!
''This led me to not trust his experience as a ADC even though he was claiming to be a pro (isn't everyone pros?)'' All ADC's think they're pros and the stars of the game, in reality most of them are garbage and playing the least impactful role in the game.
Raipesi (EUW)
: Toxic people in 3 out of 3 games (Now more than one toxic player per match!)
Yeah Riot is way too lenient when it comes to punishing toxic behaviour, and I also really don't understand why we can't completely disable a certain player's pings. If every hour I create a thread where I only post this: ''??????'' then it would obviously be considered Spam, sadly it's not the same for in-game for no logical reason.
candoodle (EUW)
: but... but... dynamic queue reduced toxicity by 5000% how is this possible
It did for me and all the other happy Dynamic Q players :D
: The community asked for - pure solo queue - excluding 1-2 roles instead of picking 2 - autofill **as an option**. Some people including me would just play any role if the queue time is over x minutes but some people would rather wait even 20 minutes. What did we get? Mandatory autofill. So give one good reason why it's not optional.
Sorry man, I thought it was optional as they said it would be, I jumped to conclusions too quickly and I obviously fucked up.
: Ranked feels wrong to play currently
Last season I was climbing my way up to Gold, and suddenly I was started to be matched against Plat players. TL;DR It's nothing new, not Dynamic Queue's fault.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: LCS Teams are quitting Dynamic Queue [from NA boards]
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: I think you're in the wrong place?
Northmund (EUW)
: Came back and were so disappointed!
If it's so bad then why do you have a 60% winrate?
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: Dynamic Queue is destroying the game we all love. I suggest we all stop buying RP.
People will still buy RP because not everybody is such a crybaby.
: Dynamic Queue | RIP Solo Queue
: Fixing DynamicQ
Ewww no ty.
: Autofill is live on NA and it is a literal joke
~~The community asked for this, and people are still crying about it?~~ ~~Just goes to show that some people will never be happy with this F2P game, no matter what Riot does.~~ Nvm, I'm blonde.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: If they rage enough and spam enough threads eventually Riot bends to community's will. Regarding SoloQ, it looks like they intend to defend it, but im not that optimistic.
They introduced Dynamic Q because the players wanted it. Perhaps they didn't ask for it directly like the Solo Q crybabies, but they did ask for less toxicity, more focus on teamwork, less afkers/trolls, and so on. Dynamic Q did its job on that aspect. They said it themselves, more people are playing Ranked since Dynamic Q, it's here to stay.
: This is Riot
Rismosch (EUW)
: Unpopular Opinion - Riot should remove Bans from the Draft Mode
: Should some champions be completely banned for the URF game mode?
Kusluk (EUW)
: Solo queue please
Nah Solo Q sucked ass.
: The State of League from a supports view
You know the game is broken when the META forces you to play APC supports.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: What's to "what" here. What I've said. 4 man premades are unhealthy by design in regard to solo player who ends up in the same team. It also diminishes teamplay of soloQ environement. Psychlogical skill and communication and ability to intuitively know what's the right play at which moment is no longer revalent when you can use voice communications. That's just one example how premades kills very important aspect of competitive play, by destroying one of the siginifcant parts of overal required skillset to be a great player. Also 4 man premades are not going to communicate with that solo player, who is pretty much isolated from the general flow of the game in it's entirety. It's a bad game design. One player experience and skill is being put at 2nd plan to accomodate 4 man pre-made. If we treat people on case to case, individual to individual, costumer to costumer basis, this is insanely unfair. But yeah, and there is also toxicity. It's not the same as 4 ppl being toxic on their own, when people are in group they tend to act way more aggressive and hostile. Group think us vs them is a thing. And a single player can only feel powerless when this happens.
The ''what''' was there because I honestly couldn't understand the point you were trying to make. Your argument though is based on speculations. ''4 man premades won't communicate'' - Just because some people play the game with premades as a social activity instead of focusing on the game, it doesn't mean that everyone else will do the same. I communicate with solo players when I'm in premade groups, when I play solo with 4 man premades they communicate with me. The world is not as dark as people make it out to be. ''premades kill competitive play'' - WHAT? The most important aspect of the game is TEAMWORK, not being able to ''**intuitively** know what's the right play at which moment'', or who is able to ''carry'' on his own. If anything, Dynamic Queue is more competitive. Are the LCS teams composed of solo players without voice comms? No? Ok. ''One player experience and skill is being put at 2nd plan to accomodate 4 man pre-made'' - Just another speculation. If I play with premades but the solo player is the fed one, I'll play around them instead of my feeding teammates. The only point I can't dispute is the group mentality, but just because 1 player is toxic doesn't **always** mean that all his friends will suddenly start acting toxic as well (~~unless they're French~~). And toxicity is nothing new, having 1 single solo toxic player can be enough to put everyone on tilt and lose the game and you'd feel just as powerless, it's hardly a problem **caused** by Dynamic Queue.
: Playing Zed feels like he doesn't use energy.
Yes he is balanced. And btw, the next time you want to **bullshit** someone like this, at least play some games with the champion, people can check your match history you know.
: Why Dynamic Que Is Frustrating / Broken [Proof included]
Matchmaking has always been broken, nothing to do with Dynamic Queue.
: Zed is just a tiny little bit ridiculous...
Wait, what? I'm not denying that Zed is strong, he's my most played champ because he's strong, and some other reasons. But WHAT? Duskblade is a trash item, and Riot nerfed Zed's ult when they added it to the game. I prefer Zed before the addition of that trash item 100%. QSS can't remove his ult? That's a future update, and they will most likely rework Zed when that happens in order to make him less reliant on his ulti. Point is, at this moment it's all speculation, but you can still remove his ult with QSS for now.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: So annoying people is cool with Riot but getting mad at people who annoy you in the first place is not cool ? It's like a policeman following you around, letting people annoy you, and if you tell the dudes that annoy you to f*ck off he arrests you .
''So annoying people is cool with Riot'' No, which is exactly why he got banned. He's been toxic before that game as well, so he got what he deserved. Stop defending a toxic piece of human garbage, it makes you look bad. And just because that Malphite is still playing doesn't mean that he didn't get punished at some point, it's called speculating and it's bad.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: 4 man premades doesn't have to be toxic to be unhealthy to the game. The sole fact that you become a decoration to "Friend fun" just to make 4 ppl team possible is damaging to gaming experience.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: @Riot Let's talk about Dunkey's ban and your consideration of what is toxic
Actually, that Malphite only did it to annoy Dunkey, and he fell for it like an idiot. They actually won that game. End of story.
Armakar (EUW)
: Is this Toxic ?
It's not toxic, but often times it doesn't help either. Toxic players can be easily provoked, that's why most people advise to mute/ignore them. It's not something that should get you banned though. I've been reported several times by salty players and nothing happened, so I don't tend to believe these ''reporting automatically leads to banning'' rumours.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ulriah,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9YadUeKE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-04-30T23:45:28.906+0000) > > Only if by ''community'' you mean Diamond1+ players. No, that's a bad idea, because of how little people are Diamond 1 +. Champs like Kindred of GP would get nerfed hard and be unplayable in low elo, whereas if you were to buff people high elo people can deal with, like 99% of the playerbase would be continually murdered by it. Take Jax. A champ most high elo people can shut down. If you were to buff his early maybe, people in low elo would be absolutely rekt. Everything is 100% different between high and low elo, so letting about 0.5% of the playerbase balance for all of them is stupid.
And the same argument can be used the other way around. If Riot were to poll the whole community on what champions to nerf, the results would be something like: Zed (despite being nerfed twice already recently), Annie, Fizz, Cho'Gath, Vayne, Riven, Garen, etc. In conclusion, letting the community decide how to balance champions is stupid.
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