120mmdfg (EUW)
: Wishing the comeback of Korean teams in 2019{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
you expect a wildcard region to do well? dream on.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ultearov,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=GhlRzoxp,comment-id=000500000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-05T18:27:32.896+0000) > > it takes longer to fix a MASSIVE player influx when theres 4 times more players connecting? That just plain logic... 1 worker digs 10 holes a day. he need to dig 100 holes. he need 10 days. right?! 10*10=100 10 worker digs 100 holes a day, since 1 worker digs 10 holes a day, they need to dig 1000 holes, how long do they need? mr "plain logic"
except that's not how servers work? xD I am in my third year in university on websites, servers and databases, that is absolutely not how it works in any way shape or form. you cant make two (or more) servers take the people in because EUW is ONE server.
: > [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=GhlRzoxp,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-05T17:53:33.362+0000) > > Which part of "EU is a much larger region" is unclear? The entire EU region alone makes up around 38% of League's total playerbase. and what are you trying to say?
it takes longer to fix a MASSIVE player influx when theres 4 times more players connecting? That just plain logic...
: C`mon guys, a bit more active, please. I expected LoL community to be the most active to help, cuz I am one of you. In other games ppl are so active, they are discussing subject and sharing opinions, what will bring nice results to me. In here 37 ppl seen this and 5 votes.... This fact upsets a bit...
These boards are pretty inactive. Try the NA boards or the league reddit, where the community is mostly located.
DaveRod (EUW)
: Which champion do you think has seen pro-play no matter what season it was?
I believe Viktor is in there, he has always been a great burst mage to delete enemy carries.
: The war is only starting and you have abandoned your team after faltering once? Some "fan" you are. When they win their next one you don't have the right to join in on their success if you haven't got their back through the hard times. I am rooting for TSM who have lost game 1 guess what? I AM GLAD! because they will find weaknesses in that game to improve on and come back stronger and it will make it even more bitter sweet when they knock RNG out of groups. Bjerg for president (#LCSForever)
I fully agree with madknife. We aren't let down by this one game, we were let down by MSI and the "vacation". G2's fanbase crashed after MSI and even if they remain top team of EU for years I doubt they will ever be as popular as some other teams, because they let us down at their first international tournament.
: NA 0-10 again splyce will destroy that pathetic excuse of a team G2 will make clg ff at 20 if the game is not even over by that time already NA fangays are gonna cry just like last year
Although I agree about G2, C9 Is in a group where they can only thrive, and I have a hard time imagining splyce beat TSM (not impossible....but hard to imagine)
InTheory (EUW)
: I don't think CLG will have a hard time, I think it's only hard for them to be 1st Place in that group - 2nd place is nearly sure for them. Group B is most interesting to me, because flash wolves showed super performances last year and I don't know how they played throughout the last season. SKT and C9 are super strong for sure. For me it is pretty safe that there is no EU team going to survive the group stage - not after G2's MSI performing.
I would like to understand how you think CLG even has a tiny chance of beating G2? With the botlane changes in G2 and how crap CLG has become, Albus has more chance to get out of groups than CLG.
: Who will EU face, The posibility of becoming a wildcard region.
Despite their performance at MSI I think G2 is pretty good compared to anyone in the world. With the fall of SKT and rox not looking stronger than last year I honestly think this year Europe has a chance at a second world title. (although there is a higher chance China gets their first world title.)
: Was something with financial ties between the 2 orgs. Which was also the reason why TDK and renegades plus staff of those orgs got banned.
That "tie" has never been confirmed and the info was never that trustworthy. Adding onto that, even if it was the case, like in all sports in the world, the best teams always have a more lenient treatment than bad ones, it's just how it is - deal with it.
: I have a friend that 2v1ed a darius and panth with illaoi while he was 2-4 and darius 5-1. Saying u saw a lot of comments saying she's weak doesn't prove anything,Most players here are around gold/silver and mostly make stupid posts when they are mad, do you rly think that their comments on boards is enough to decide if a champ is good/bad? Sure the frozen mallet yasuo build might be strong but still requires some skill to pull off since his early is the same, very bad.All I'm saying is from my own experience not random dumb board comments by the way.And again, try playing yasuo yourself and then come bitching about him.
Illaoi's purpose is to be extremely powerful in laning phase. She is the juggernaut opposite of darius. In laning phase you WILL die to an illaoi with the same skill as you. It's unavoidable, and that's her point. Without gold she falls off extremely and even with gold, lategame she will not be that strong if you have even a little CC in your team. Yasuo's problem is that currently he is strong in laning phase (due to shield and minion dashes), he is good in teamfights (due to ulti and cc) and he is good as an assassin (due to his sheer crit damage), but finally the true problem is his survivability, tanksuo is just hell. However, tanksuo is nerfed to the ground and below in next patch. From that, although he will be good, he won't be broken. Also - proof yasuo is good while illaoi isn't - Riot announced that the patches from now on (a few days ago, maybe a week) will be oriented towards pro play in preparations for worlds - if yasuo gets nerfed but not Illaoi, that means pros currently are playing him a lot in solo Q or scrims, unlike illaoi. (and are you high enough elo to go against what pros do/think? I doubt it).
: I'm sure people would find a way to cheat the system and would be getting S+ way more often then it is intended while not actually being all that useful to their team. This way everyone tries their best to get that S (even though it doesn't mean anything actually). One simple example. If you saw that number of placed wards would increase your chance to get S+ we would see all roles buying sightstone and spam wards in their fountain. Do you get S+ in the end - yes. Did you actually play well - hell no. Ofc this is just a random thought and I hope you understand what I mean.
I'll second this. If people were told how to get an S, they would care about getting the S - not winning. As a support this "grade" thing is already bad enough. (I mean I'm being told "hey, if I don't die for my ADC, hide and just steal kills I can get an S, otherwise screw me and my grades") But imagine if I told you that midlaners get graded better for (example, no idea if its possible or true) solo kills, with no assists. Why would midlaners go roam? and even more important, they would start to flame Junglers for helping to get a kill. Therefore, as you said Moja, this is a bad idea and is better left as a mystery as long as possible. (I'm sure, sadly enough, that someone will crack the system one day, but hopefully it takes a long time.)
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Best team for me, and they will probably remain untouched
I fully agree with SSW being above anyone that is or can be in worlds this year. Looper, Imp, PaWn and Mata are still in great teams, but no one is anywhere close to what they had. However Samsung Blue was just....cleaner. They felt more powerful, more dominant in their games and although, yes, they lost to SSW they were the dominant team of the two. truly those two teams were the reigning champions in Season 4, and in my opinion, will stay the teams that have shown the best league of legends we will see in years to come. (I still sometimes watch that SSB - SSW semifinals at worlds) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Aint TSM at worlds as well now? on points if they do not win the final ^^
If they lose and CLG beats IMT they do not win by points, as they are tied with CLG. Sorry :-3
Rioter Comments
: Darius isn't a good idea to first pick lol. He is easily countered by almost any ranged champ. Or melee champ with ranged abilities.
So long as you play defensively until level 6 you can crush any matchup from my experience. (then again I'm silver, that may be why...)
: You are the first pick. What is your flexpick/safepick for your main roles?
Top: {{champion:122}} Jungle: {{champion:421}} or {{champion:60}} depending on the type of damase my team has most Support: {{champion:201}}
Mìmo (EUNE)
: "The old people voted for leave. The young voted for remain" Yea old ppl vote for leave so they can destroyed their own country because simply they wanna destroy it ,haha yea you are right But true reason is EU= Germany set their own rules and manage everything and thats what UK dont likes and thats why they wanna leave 51,9% ppl really dont know what will happen if they leave (but soon will know) but i m not from UK or any close countries i just hate how EU works and i hope others will follow ( France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Hungary )
No one will leave the EU as England and Wales (since Ireland and Scotland are going independant to stay in the EU) will serve as example, Germany and France (basically the big voices in the EU now that the UK left) stated they will not let England leave in a "nice" way. England will be punished by the EU to leave and the consequences will be dire and turn England into a tiny useless country no one cares about anymore. Oh, and all economists in the world agreed with that BEFORE Germany and France even said they'd punish England. Sometimes you have to wonder how much Ego the English have to think they know better than actual economists.
: Need a friend? Come here!
You should start a "need a friend service" xD Need someone to lay your horrible times on? Need to brag about your successes to someone? for only 9999 IP you can...! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: So what if they laneswap?
As Nakhishia said two lanes would be fed. I want the lanes to be matched: 1. to make team-creation faster. 2. For people to enjoy the game. Getting stomped on isn't fun. But in a laneswap it should still be a 50-50 chance of victory for both teams.
: So basically you want in worst case scenario a B5 support being able to play with a D1 Team.
> [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=akMvJX0B,comment-id=00010001000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-16T12:46:58.061+0000) > > So basically you want in worst case scenario a B5 support being able to play with a D1 Team. And lane against another B5 support, yes. Although if you read the thread, I stated that with the sheer amount of players in bronze silver gold this will not affect them at all. It'll mostly affect platinum/diamond being matched with master/challengers.
: Look what you are doing is matching people vaguely based on LANE and RANK. What the current system is doing is matching people vaguely based on RANK Introducing a second variable makes a match less likely not more likely.
The problem that causes long queue times is not the variables amount, it is the amount of players available per rank. Here the variable of "rank" is 5 times less used for matching, while lane is ALREADY used by the system to find teams of 5 (hello new champ select if you didn't play it yet). By doing this new matchmaking system the variable "Rank" is thus less important, and since it is the variable causing longer queue times, this will reduce Queue times TREMENDOUSLY. (but at the cost of having far more rank diversity).
: Wait a sec, more variables that have to be met would mean longer not shorter Q times.
Longer Queue times require more people of the same rank. The system would take longer here in a perfect world with always 10 challengers with exactly the right roles, 10 diamonds with the right roles etc... But the reason there are long Queue times is because there aren't enough high rank players. This removes the need for 10 players of the same rank
Rioter Comments
: 1. But that's just getting carried, it's not boosting, boosting is legitimately against the rules it is someone else logging into your account and playing for you in order to get you to another rank. I guess our disagreement is simply on a semantics level of how to call things. 2. (3) Well I guess it's simply how we both think of the "competitive aspect" while i agree that it diminishes achievements of pure solo players and makes it seem unfair I don't think it really removes the competitiveness bu simply moves the focus of the competition. I assume by "abuse the system" you are talking about low tier people playing with friends who smurf in ranked? or is there an elaboration you'd like to give yourself? 3. Nothing to do with my rank i simply don't care in the sense that whether you are bronze or challenger beyond acknowledging your level of play it has no relevance to me when talking to someone, but I guess your point was more in a sense of recruiting? Or? I'm honestly confused why you want to know if someone is or isn't boosted since during a game it wont really help so unless you are trying to make a team and make sure everyone is legitimately that rank I don't really see the point. Well wouldn't that mean that the higher the one being carried goes the more and more detrimental he is to the rest of his team leaving the other team open to exploit that weak link? 4. Well if you aren't one of those who simply got carried then you can simply showcase yourself playing the game, I mean if it's important to you that others know you are legit. Beyond that those who get boosted will fall back down anyway (boosted in the sense of paying to play with someone [lol])
Why do you still try to argue with them? They just lose their ears to any reasonable arguments and hate on everything. Just ignore them and hopefully by next year they have something else to rage about...
: I dont give a flying frick about my rank at all. I just hate to get murdered by malph yasuo premades. Its not fun. Its not competitive. I dont want the enemy team to have advantages that I dont have like a skype call, a team comp and a planned strategy.
Malph/yasuo can be done in old Solo Q (since theres also Duo remember?) And honestly this is one of the simplest in the book. As a toplaner, if my mid is a yas I almost always go for big knowckups top or jungle (Malph, Reksai, Zac, Gragas, etc...)
: Premades & Balance
TL'DR Dynamic queue may be annoying, have many, many problems, but your rank being inaccurate is not one if you play solo. AAAAnd another person whining about this. I have played Dynamic Queue with premades against premades with solo/premade vs. premade/solo and solo vs. solo. I can confidently say that when I am with solo vs. premades my teammates are individually better 95% of the time, and lanes are won by my team except sometimes when the enemy jungler decides to camp one lane. Now, teamfights are harder yes, but I rarely lose these matchups simply because by the time we get to teamfights my team is fed. The same has happened when I am matched with 3-4 man premades, where my team sucks and despite some skype coordination the enemy is just straight up better than us and we lose. Then again, I have had games where premades overpower your team or the enemy team because of superior conversation, but I see both ways happening and the system is, in my opinion, balanced. And I am Silver, thus I fall into your category of "low elo" And finally, as a solo Q player I have a 62% win rate as SUPPORT main. People who b*tch that premades win more just want a reason to bitch. It used to be "Im in Elo Hell!" now it's "Im against premades!" Just look at yourself, reflect on what you could have done better. No one will disagree if I took you and replaced you with a platinum player (assuming you are "low elo - bronze, silver, gold") the game would have been won, despite the enemies being teamed and your team solo'd. Why? Plat players are mostly far superior to you (no offence, they are far superior to me too xD ) and thus can climb by carrying. **If you deserve higher ranking you will still climb in the new system.** It may take a little longer for some because of luck/unluck depending on the communication levels of premades in your game, but over 1000 games it'll still be about 500 games that were yours to lose (your team is better) and 500 yours to win (your team is worse), all that matters is how YOU play. If you are above your elo you will end with 501-499 at the absolute worst, and thus still climb (without counting the games you will lose after ranking up which cannot drop you)
IsmaeelH (EUW)
: Tribunal App
I don't like being negative on a good, constructive post, but couldn't this be easily abused by one person saying people deserve Bans no matter what happened?
: Point remains that everyone can download it. There is no barrier except oneself - hence it's their problem.
> [{quoted}](name=iLoggedOut,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dpcoJj5M,comment-id=00040000000000000000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2016-05-29T20:22:36.475+0000) > > Point remains that everyone can download it. There is no barrier except oneself - hence it's their problem. he fact you still say that as a reply to my past comment shows that you either didn't read or can't understand me. Anyways, It won't ever be allowed because Riot understands what I said (although they probably thought of way more problems than me, and a long time ago). So have fun arguing over something that's never happening, whilst not trying to read or understand what the others are saying. For me, this is it, I don't need any further talk with you.
: Do you ever think zed will get a reliable nerf?
Pick/ban rate actually means nothing as to balance, you need to look at win rate. **And zed lies under 50% winrate.** He is not broken or overpowered, people overestimate him (like you are doing) and ban him more than he is worth. End of story.
The reaction you are giving and the way you said it are making me think you are either trolling or too childish to understand the concept of lag. Either way, good luck with this issue. *flies out*
: > [{quoted}](name=Draqone,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=cK6Gwobj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-19T07:06:44.622+0000) > > The second bug is because you autoattacked diana AFTER you stunned elise. No I didn't. Where on Earth did you see that Autoattack? Oh because Annie in Wonderland skin looks a bit like Hextech Annie? Dude, my auto attack is Orange. Do you see any orange projectile flying towards Diana? Also I didn't auto anyone there. It was just Tibbers, W and Q on elise.
Your w then "splash" hit the diana, leaving tibbers to attack the last person you damaged: diana. That is normal. The tibbers summon delay is however a huge problem, but could be from your internet connection. If you know someone else that also has that bug then it definitely needs to be brought up to riot.
MontanaMS (EUW)
: i unistalled and installed and nothin , even downloaded again and still same error ....
restart your internet. It's not the client, or the patch. It's been happening for me sine last season, and restarting my Inet router always seems to work.
IkOerman (EUW)
: I was thinking something like: **Mastery 6: 25 S- or higher ranks with a champ.** **Mastery 7: 5 A- or higher ratings within 10 games, at least 50 games played with a champ** **Mastery 8: 25 S+ ratings with a champ, at least 100 games played with a champ** **Mastery 9: 7 A- or higher ranks within 15 games with a champ** **Mastery 10: 3 S+ ratings in a row with a champ, at least 150 games played with a champ** **Mastery 11: Gained after the first S+ rating after hitting mastery 10, lost when having a rating below A-** **Mastery 12: 10 S+ ratings in a row with a champ** (for the die hards, remember mastery lvl 11 requires you to never have a game below A-). All numbers may need tweaking. Every mastery level prerequisites the one before it. I dont know how the rating system works exactly, if it rates you against players around your own MMR, my solution would be to drop players 1 mastery rank (only if rank is > 5) for all champions on reaching specific MMR thresholds. I like this because it both gives the player a challenge and you can really see if a player is skilled with a champion.
I like this until mastery 11. This would incite players to be super scared and hide with their champion that is mastery 11/12, thus affecting games negatively. Otheriwse this seems awesome @.@ Maybe make a post in suggestions laying out the idea for Rito? They seem to want to add mastery levels, give them the idea!
: Hah. You dont want to talk about the solo q players because just like Riot, you dont find it hard to disregard them (thats basically what you are doing). Ok thats fine. What the heck do you mean with 'you guys' anyway? It makes perfect sense to increase the bans...why are we even talking about this? Adding a bunch of champs to the game while not increasing the ban number only makes sure that bans are pointless. Bans are here for the sake of making a stratagy work, or for banning obnoxious champs in the game but hey, since we have so many of em nowadays, the bans serve no actual purpose. But lets keep it the same. Its the fact that Riot is no longer showing us numbers that should startle you...It startles me that it doesnt. If you have a succesful company, you are more than willing to announce the numbers (financial and number consumers). When Riot was doing exceptionally well, they werent afraid to scream it from the rooftops. And now, we hear nothing from them. But please, lets keep pretending everything is fine and dandy.
I'm a solo Q player myself, with at most 1/20th of my games with one premade friend. I am a solo Q player, but from my experience (and that of ppl I know IRL who also play solo Q) the game is better overall for solo Q players. The people who b***h about the system are those who flame in game, have bad games, tilt teammates then blame Riot. Fine, do that, it's your problem not mine. Then as to increasing bans...no it does not. Bans are meant to take away one champ you personally are unable to fight, or (if you know who you are playing against) ban champions the enemy is good at. End. Now that there are overpowered champions there is no doubt, but they are the problems, not ban numbers.
: Dont know man, it seems like Riot, as a company, has taken the same path. Look at all the recent changes (that no one asked for). Bunch of champs with overloaded kits, a very unhealthy environment for competitive solo players (dynamic queue), disregard to simple but understandable wishes; no xmas map the last few years while people begged for that sh*t and no increase of bans despite the fact that the game has over 130 champs to pick from, etc. There is a reason why veterans are quitting. They are fed up. And no, its not just because this game has been around for 5-6 years now. If a game is good, it will last for very long. Take super smash bros melee for example. It has a huge fanbase and people are still hosting tournaments for it!! Oh and btw, if you look at the statistics, LoL's playerbase is shrinking. I dont have the numbers here but I aint lying, you can probably find em online.
"unhealthy for competitive solo players". I'm not going to even go into that but the people who have been saying that for the past month ARE the unhealthy environment, not dynamic Q. Increase of bans? Most veterans, pro players agree that is normal and should NOT change. Plus, you guys are the ones who complained that it takes too long to get into game from champ select. Make up your damn mind, community. Xmas map makes a long time to make, especially with the new map, It's 100% understandable they did not make one. Also, please tell me where Riot released the amount of players, to my knowledge they haven't done so in a long time, back when player base was still definitely growing. Veterans quitting? Let them go. A lot of people can't take change, and we don't need these people. We have new players, who are interested in the game and don't whine about changes like the "veterans who quit". I have a friend who joined in the Beta and is perfectly content with the state of league right now.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Dude, you do know that few is not exact number of years and peoples perception of few can be rather different.
Definitely. Sorry, Then if you meant "few" as in less than five years my reply is meaningful. Otherwise, ignore me and sorry {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: What?WHAT?WHAT? Bullsht. I've never heard that big bullsht in my life. You are now top #1 bullshter I've ever met/heard/seen whatever. Reasons out of your sorry as.s None of the skins have ever gave better hitbox representation. They are done based on actual 3d model and recolor/redisgn of the textures. Those are not made bigger or anything. If youre going to say Riot checks every skin if it fits their hitbox proporties and thats why they ban people for MKJogo then I'm saying it: youre the biggest Riot sheep I've ever heard. Sorry I have no patients for people like you who spread total bullsht
Hm. Fine, don't check the facts, that's not my problem. In the end, you will get banned for those skins, end of story. (And duh, yes you can change the sizes of skins via 3rd-party programs such as MKjogo.)
: Soon. If they still gonna keep shitty dynamicQ and greed for money by rewarding premades only, even in ranked play, they will lose more players than they expect and faster than they expect. HotS with the upcomming changes at 14.06.2016 will become very competitive MOBA that has balanced champions in like 99% (only few needs buffs/nerfs), has a high variety of maps that lead to forcing players to play around objectives and tactics. As a solo player you can lead your team to win with good calls and plays, something that doesnt exist anymore in LoL since dynamicQ shits on solo players and promote elo boosting by 3-4 man premades teams on ts/skype that has huge advantage over enemy team mostly having none premades. Even if people do not leave LoL for HotS, there is still DotA 2 and Smite (not soooo popular but still an option for some players). I love LoL as the game and it's mechanics/gameplay, but what Riot does is making me feel "Please let this game sink into the deep of nothing, so I won't have to leave it, because it won't simply exist anymore due to bad decisions made by Riot(Ghostcrawler mostly)".
People who say "hots hots hots" and then say that riot is a company that manages its games horrible are so hypocritical. THIS IS BLIZZARD YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. They are the definition of make a game good, and as soon as there is a stable playerbase let the game go to shit. At least riot tries, and despite the winer here and there (like you) most of the community is content with the game we have. Best part is you also enjoy it other wise you'd have left. And not now, but a long time ago, because I'm sure this is not the first time you whine about LoL. So just enjoy the game and stop whining, thank you.
: Tell me what unfair advantage it gives. I'm really sick of people blindly believing everything Riot says. It doesn't give any advantage. I'm really sorry for people who wanted to have custom skins, because they have no money for RP. They found the first link with MKJogo and happy that at least they can see the skin and enjoy it, but no big Rito will do any excuse just to ban them because "hurrdurr" you don't have to press Tab to see timers. Big advantage and hax. FOr gods sake. They even made better timers on minimap with hourglasses on important camps which shows you 1 min/20 seconds left to spawn a camp. I'm against that people getting banned for using MKJogo. A streamer got banned for using custom skin with excuse it was giving advantage to him. Pure BS. It wasn't giving him any advantage at all. riot just didnt want streamer to promote very well made custom skins because "omg they wont buy skins for RP, we will bankrupt, ban this guy before his custom skins lay eggs in players brain". Pretty sad. They earn billions every year and still greed for even more.
Hm. Not giving an unfair advantage right? Yes, they can. 1. Customs skins can show hitbox far better than the actual skins do, for your champions and the enemy by setting custom skins for them, too. 2. Custom skins can actually be used to make animation cancelling easier/seeing enemies abilities better. 3. MKJogo is not JUST custom skins, is it?
: I mean... Everyone can download MKLOL. So it's not unfair, really. It's the player's decision to download the program, or not.
Not everyone wants to dowload tens of thousands of programs. And if we think that way, I'm sure soon oversmart bots will be created that can play as well if not better than gold-tier players, and then "It's fair though, everyone can download it".
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jonxx,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jALs6zpg,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-17T16:42:04.934+0000) > > Long wait ahead of you ;P yhea, a few years atleast
If MOBAs are the new "hot" video games, LoL is the "World of Warcraft" of MOBAs, maybe even something above WoW. It'll take more then a few years before they whine about lack of customers, and by that time riot probably will have a new blockbuster game released. :P
AkiFazilz (EUW)
: And still, how the f does rito knows some people use MKLol ?
Background PC checks done by the LoL app...?
Degmond (EUNE)
: That just proves you believe Riot tells everything they think to their players, like all big and honest companies.Yeah right. You really think they care about the timers? What "unfair advantage" do timers give?Countdown on your minimap?Where's the advantage? That you don't press TAB? They care about the money they lose when ppl don't buy skins but instead use third party programs for skins, it's pretty obvious actually.
Actually, yes, they do care only about the unfair advantage. If you look at what Riot is doing right now, every (or almost) decision is meant to improve the "esports" scene and attempt to make LoL more competitive. Riot is trying to make their money off esports now (though obv they don't mind the oney they get from RP...) not as much from skins as before. The timers and any TINY advantage can change the competitiveness of the game. Skins? not really. So even to people who don't trust what Riot says like you, their statement is not doubtful. It's logical and more than likely the full truth.
: I'm leaving LoL
That moment you expected a ranting thread and this is what you get... Congratulations, you got me! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I dont know about you, but I get cool premades every single time. Not once have I gotten a bunch of unfriendly premades.
I have gotten trolls in premades (which Ill admit is very annoying) but I have yet to find unfriendly ones indeed.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: Next thing on riot's list: Buy 1000 RP and you jump up a division(e.g. gold 3 > gold 2) Buy 10,000 RP and you jump up a league Buy 50,000 RP and you get your permanent ban lifted Buy 100,000 RP and you get a permanent slot in challenger for the rest of the season, while granting complete immunity to bans. How the hell is champion **MASTERY ** even connected to buying things? Are you kidding me? What is Riot even thinking?
Because having a higher "mastery" makes you better...? Please explain that to me. This is just another kind of "skin" to me, except you ALSO need to work for it in addition to buying it.
Warderino (EUW)
: I scratch my head, if I have the time to do that as a support main :P
I don't have time to say "scratch" before the queue hits as a support main.
desalmada (EUW)
: fantic lose vs G2 and G2 shame Europe at MSI. Turkey server had better setup than Fnatic and all europe players. fnatic had salary andd faty with that. they do acrobatic tips at they video. in Gambling win only All on nothing players. league of legends now gambling game so they need no life players! stop living in pink world! new blood will come and win your heart and souls! its inevitably!
I was unable to understand one sentence in that except the first two sentences... And Turkey did worse than EU at MSI despite G2 having zero preparation whatsoever. And Fnatic Lost to G2 yes, but they crushed RNG and CLG so honestly, Fnatic wouldn't have shamed Europe at MSI.
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