: Those statistics were repeatedly confirmed to be believable by psychological research. Wouldnt call them made up.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: sure made up continue flaming your butt off im sure that ban status is going to help you achieve your 100% win rate
Sure i'm a flammer because I don't buy made up bullshit from Riot nor you. Seems legit, you smell like a toxic boot licker, ain't impressed. Conversation over, see you never!
itram2001 (EUW)
: A casual player's message to the complaints
Tbh this is one hell of a stupid post.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: statistics they aren't lying it's called statistics
It's called made up statistics, and made up statistics are lies. 14% of people know this.
N o (EUW)
: Skins are getting out of hand.
: i SWEAR TO GOD if Nubrac doesn't get Unbanned.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: Seriously riot.. MAKE RANKED GAMES only with champions LVL 5 AND ABOVE
Thousands if not millions of players could beat your ass on a champ with 0 mastery points without even trying hard. This simple fact makes your point invalid ad total bs, have a nice day and stop crying.
Chrysies (EUW)
: Give us that option already
Agreed, chat should be an option abailable for those who want to have it, for me it's a meaningless clusterfvck of stupidity and I want it a button to have itremoved from my gameplay. It's boring to have to mute it's effects and move it arround when I should be able to make it dissapear i n1 click, as many other options.
Gnirk (EUW)
: Add Unskilled as a Report
You are low gold with 47% winrate in 200+ games, according to your own standards you should be reported.
: League of Legends is definitely dying (euw), experience for new players is terrible
Another irrelevant crypost and another failing prediction of a dying server, according to all the nostradamus of the internet this server was dead back in 2011, very well predicted chumps!
: If by HOTS you mean the LOL parody for casuals, you're on the wrong boards with your little advertisement. LOL redefined the MOBA scene, and it's still leading the whole industry after 10 years, with a steady multi-million worldwide playerbase. If this is a bait post, 1/10. If not, go on and leave, no need to advertise it, we don't care.
If by lol you mean the dota version for low IQ people...such as yourself.
Zantier (EUW)
: New report option
And call it "bullshit report".
: 20 games 6/7 leavers
You think youy would have won "easy", how cute.

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