: After the fixed flex queue
Dont feel bad, trick2g has a soloQ rank as diamond 5, got placed in bronze 3. lmao
Zyvera (EUW)
: You do realize the ranks are 'unbalanced' at the start of every season if you instantly dive into ranked, right? Perhaps you also realize it is a 'new' queue and the previous solo rating has literally nothing to do with this queue (perhaps the previous team ranking?). You are playing against unranked players, just like you would in solo/duo.
Only diffrence in Solo/Duo queue games, you still get around the MMR you had previous season, like that your placement matches at the start of the season will determine if you played better or worse with that base line MMR. Thats why challengers get placed in diamond most likely. However, this is just not balanced. People are playing flex queue because solo/duo queue is not yet enabled in pre-season. So people queue up for this instead to play at least some kind of ranked. But this mode shouldn't actually be allowed to get into solo.. at least just as 3 or either as 5, since flex is the new team ranked if i'm right. That makes it just unbalanced, thats why i am reffering it to 'worse than dynamic queue' because also there it was possible to queue as 2 but get a full premade enemy team. And the thing that makes it worse, is that it now also says 'flex unranked' that will make you play vs higher elo and makes this mode for lower elo's that is most of the % of league players just not worth to play. Its just like only higher elo (plat +) can play ranked only, but thats not true right? What im basiclly saying is that it SHOULD rate out of a soloQ rating and match the teams with the total team MMR, like that you wont get 4 silvers vs 4 plats for example.
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: > Common uses for refunds are... All these 3 reasons are not what refunds are meant for. Refunds are meant for when you make a mistake, when you buy something by accident. Just compare it to real life: Can you refund your car and get a new one, just because you like the new one better? Can you refund a car because you notice that you don't actually need a car? Can you refund a car because you are new to driving cars? No, you can't. You misunderstand what refunds are meant for. They are not "get stuff basically for free on regular basis" tool, they are refunds!
It is not really "free" you still either payed RP or you bought something with your IP. You compairing it to a car is diffrent to a game, it is not like we get the money back in real life, just in the game. Ok I get that people just can buy a skin for a period of time then refund it because they had enough of it, but that is their choice. Riot does not lose anything from refunds because they still get the money if it was for a RP purchased item in the shop. I am not misunderstanding what refunds are meant for, I am just saying that most likely they are common reasons for people to refund. Let me ask you this then, what if you made mistakes more than three times while shopping, wouldn't you be sad you only could refund it three times, instead of twice each season?
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: Not playing safer/under the turret doesn't equal intentional feeder.An intentional feeder is someone who goes to the enemy presses ctrl+4 and dies without doing anything or at least not trying to prevent himself from dying/fighting. There is a reason why it's called intentional feeding and not just feeding because someone who is just bad might get banned but why should someone who is bad or who doesn't know that much about the game get punished for it?
Well, does just walking to the enemy trying to kill him without anything as a jungler who already died 5 times in 2 minutes, and chat with: "i'm going to kill you" "ah crap almost" just to give the enemy kills.. count as int feeding for you? ;) because that is what happend.
: Won ranked game, got demoted instead
Because you left, how does that not make sense? You didn't win, your team did.
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: Okay, leuk enzo :) maar euhm.. wat als je silver 4 bent geweest in S5 maar nooit echt tryhard ranked deed toen? :)
: Searching Dutch players for Dynamic Queue / Ranked Team (3v3 / 5v5) - Silver/Gold ELO (2016).
Okay, leuk enzo :) maar euhm.. wat als je silver 4 bent geweest in S5 maar nooit echt tryhard ranked deed toen? :)
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: Doran's blade: cost: 450 sell: 180 loss: 270 cull: cost: 450 passive: 400 sell: 180 profit: 130
ikr, you get profit in gold + people always go for the damage, i don't get that the life on hit is almost even better because you farm, poke etc. as a adc in most cases the only thing you lose is the HP early but play more safe at that point. why don't people get this? xD
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
That's not true, sorry to say it but division markers are live at the moment. The border you've got previous season is also updated already ofcourse. In that border you can see the new division marker on the line of the champion (+skin) name and your summoners name. you can see it [here](http://rankedboost.com/season-rewards/loading-screen-border/) that's how it is gonna look like! :) Friendly greetings, mr pleximiti x)
: Teemo bug
Yeah i also know a teemo bug, it's teemo.
: harrowing skins, when r they gon e?
i wanna know too dude, i really want to but the ravenborn lb skin, but I don't have my money yet. i feel you {{item:3070}}
iiCandy (EUW)
: Will I be Eligible for Ranked Rewards?
Here is the answer to your question my man, the tread that riot member 'Ymir' made says this: " 3) Players that have received game bans for player behavior (verbal or gameplay toxicity) will not receive ranked rewards UNLESS they have had no punishments for AT LEAST 3 MONTHS up to the End of Season. " like you said, you were banned from toxicity behavior, 3 month's back from 11-11-2015 was 11-8-2015 if i'm right, so you aren't able to receive your rewards, if you did receive them.. you're a lucky guy! :)
Frightpest (EUNE)
: Champion Recommendations S6
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Allisrem2 (EUW)
: All mastery pages get deleted and u get to make new ones, obviously? Not a big deal, most pple redo their page every game so nothing to worry about.
not true x) just resetted the points but names and pages were still there :)
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Also, you'll get banned if you do that. (just ignore that dude above, welcome to boards ^^) You don't really Need a Diamond Player to help you improve atm, a plat or high gold could do just as much. (just to mention) As for other sides... there are many YouTube channels or streams that teach the game, depending on what you are looking for. Nightblue3 (Streamer on twitch) is usually one of the most viewed streams, he's a Diamond jungler who just explain a lot of things that he does and whe he does it ingame. I personally don't even know many Youtube channels, maybe just look around a bit for the role you want to learn (or just tips on the game in General). Then there are sides like Mobafire, which show guides for different Champions... sometimes are frowned upon tho, as those mainly are about item builds, which can Change every game. (Armor or MR, etc) Also, even if some Streams aren't based on teaching, just watching high Level Players Play can help too. If there is something specific you wonder and can't find, you can feel free to just post here on boards or the likes, there always are some helpful people around. ;) I personally like using http://freelo.gg/, mainly for it's "worst average", something you can focus on to start improving with. ;) (ofc it's not 100% accurate as a Programm can't possibly judge skill exact, but it's a nice guidline)
: buy eloboost services, you will guarentee to get your desired rank 100% unless u get scammed.
Why should ANYONE do that? like seriously, you are getting that rank for an dumb high price but you still aren't that good in the game so what is the value for it? because you will get dropped down in elo even harder so it's a waste of money. The point is, I wanna learn more about the game so I can get myself higher in the ladder then let someone else do it and that I'm still bad.
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Takeoff (EUW)
: How do teams choose skin's [Worlds]
If a team wins the worlds finals they get the skin on the champions they played their winning match with :)
Cpt Dray (EUW)
: Just looking for a play Support now, games this evening
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: Trickster's Glass with Udyr on Tahm Kench = Tiger Kench
This is THE BEST bug ever! xD Seriously i saw it in game, fantastic.. it should be a actual skin tho.
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