: The most underwhelming 975 Blood Moon Skin
Her skin is the last of her problems...
FprodUaka (EUW)
: ranks 8 wins 2 lose bronze 5 joking ?
You deserve challenger for winning 8 matches, man! Rito, please! Notice this poor bronze who should be at least in woody diamond!
: She not weak atm so I think they dont think she need anything atm but I think they will when other champs have been bufft
They already said they are going to buff/change something(minor) on Kindred after the jungle nerfs that will come out in the next months. They even said that they are going to do something for Kindred even without jungle changes.
: Camille is just too OP;
They really need to stop nerfing her numbers, i will keep banning her until they nerf her E range. IT's just stupid, she gets more range than your screen, add a nocturne jungle and your carries will most likely disappear from E+R camille and R nocturne. And janna can't always be there to land a godlike ultimate every single time.
: Camille needs a nerf
They should stop nerfing her numbers, nerf that E range, until then, i'll keep banning her. That E+R is just absolutely insane, it breaks games, add a Nocturne jungle and carries will disappear from the game.
: Why nerf my dear Lee Sin?
That was a joke nerf, it'll make lee sin players even more damaging for their team, more tempted to go 2+ offensive items, since the scaling is still insanely high.
Noezholio (EUW)
: The reason why she isn't played in the lcs anymore is because the whole meta changed not because she is weak. Lissandra, in the lcs, needs these hgh speed flanking maneuvers to get in, initiate a fight and probably kill some squishy. Thats pretty hard against coordinated teams with good vision. Combine this with a lacking laningphase and there are jsut champs that are better at this. And that leads to her problems and why she feels so bad nowadays. Her range is quite poor. You can't put her midlane against a syndra, oriana or an viktor or put to the extreme something like ziggs, lux or xerath. She will get poked and the engage is pretty obvious so unless the enemy makes some huge mistake they are free to go. Now combine this with not the greatest waveclear, at least not in comparison with those mages, and you're off to a bad start. toplane, well i guess she'd be fine on toplane its just that kennen does the same thing for engaging but has an easier laningphase. But if you manage to stay relevant to the game and get those flankings off lissandra is as deadly as she ever was. Or even worse thanks to the new items. She could definetly use some sort of buff but that won't bring her back into the meta right now but as it is she is a far shot from being unplayable bad. Well unless you're somewhere high diamond and above.
What if i don't care about lcs and i just want her to be competitive against a strong/god tier pick in soloQ? And, not to mention that her win rate mid against every mid laner is 40% or less.
Eveninn (EUW)
: A lot of Champions can oneshot someone at lv 6. :c
Everybody got 2 extremely high mobility skills (Q, W) AND extremely high sustain (W)?
Arkedeus (EUW)
: Feral Warwick- A Disapointment
Thresh, Leona, Braum, Janna. This ones are WW counters, at least in teamfights/ganking the adc. Everything tanky with self defensive abilities: fizz and lissandra.
: 50% starting dmg for her ult and shield from 5 sec to 3 sec, not that major tbh
Yeah, from 5 sec to 3 sec is a small nerf. Kappa.
: Riots Placement-System is BUSTED. 10:0 Placements = Bronze V
There are people who'd love to get placed in bronze 5 while smurfing, just think about all the souls you'll eat out there.
Perilum (EUW)
: Please never seek a career in game design.
SHHHHHH, riot might hire him.
: *we don't want urf to get boring*
I found urf to be boring the first match i played the first time it came out.
: Ziggs nerf
hahaha, ziggs just came back and people already asking for nerfs, ahahahahaha. http://memes.ucoz.com/_nw/18/14234081.jpg
Adama (EUW)
: Is it possible to keep improving at League?
It's always possible to play worse than before! if that can help you.
: Best powerfarming champs?
Annie is basically free farming, and the Q spam(if you max it first) actually push pretty decently while not using mana...it is a champ you can go max farm with.
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: Map awarness and whatever "map control" is has nothing to do with champion. It's a player skill, that applies no matter what champion you play :d
Yasuo players turn off the HUD because they like challenges,
Fłayboy (EUW)
: Randomize skin button [FOR RIOTERS]
You guys need to find a job or a hobby if your problem is "what skin do i take this time", good lord...
: Funny that every player tells us that someone else started the flame. I wonder who starts the flame all time? Maybe it's Riot...
What if...there's riot behind the flaming? What if the flamers are paid by riot to make other players life infernal?
: Permanently ban
Everytime the same thing, "i spent money here, so how can i be unbanned" you can't, get over it. Everyday multiple ex players write that they spent money so they should be unbanned or shit like that, no, you are not going to get unbanned, make another account if you wish, or do a favor to us and yourself..stop playing this game, it's clearly toxic to you and you become toxic for other players too.
: What do champions say about you?
I do not have a main. I have champs i like but my only real main was Akali, the only champ i really really liked, i miss her so much...
: Tips for Gnar
Gnar needs high communications unfortunatly, i like it too but...it's really hard to pull out things with him if you are not fed af...which might be hard since he's not even the best pick top atm... He's strong in pro play, not really a solo Q champ. Except for the usual tips and tricks of Gnar that everybody knows about, the more coordination you get with your team, the stronger he gets...so, i'd suggest you to improve your communication skills, telling them what you are about to do and when...things like that. I bet you already knew that, but that's it for Gnar...
: What is 1 3 1 xD ? But with groupping there is a huge problem with groupping. Enemy usually has leona or amumu (they've heard its a freelo or whatever) and when we lose one fight my team keeps forcing the fight even tho enemy can 100-0 us literally. About split pushing, i already told 'report trynda/yasuo doesnt want to group mid'
1 top 3 mid 1 bot, so you split push every lane with Baron buff, putting insane pressure but exposing your team to offensives from the enemy team, you can't do that without having extreme coordination while keeping eyes on enemy team, if you don't have that, they will 2 v 1 or 3 v 1 the splitpushers, and fight you 5 v 4 or 5 v 3, basically losing advantage, or even the game if they kill 3+ on your team. You can still do a 1 4, 1 top 4 mid if you think you can win a 5 v 4...
: Why bronze/silver players are feeding.
Everybody feeds for fucking sake, stop talking about "feeding" like some kind of syndrome riot should cure, HOLY! Everybody gets a bad game, or two or three or four, whatever, you can't do anything to stop a player from playing a damn game. I did a 0/7 Riven against a Darius, literally lost the game cuz of me, yeah, i was in flex with all premade and i didn't even take that seriously the game, nobody did, but, what should i do? kill myself? Delete lol because i sucked a match or two? Last time i played as shyvana, shaco stole 2 of my buffs and camps, he literally killed my gameplay, i was always behind of exp and everything, you know, it's shaco, and i suck against him, he's a nightmare to me, the team flamed me like hell, i couldn't even say they were wrong, yeah, they didn't even try to help me when shaco invaded(he wasn't even the jungler, he was top lol), and? Vlad got a {{item:3151}} as first item and ziggs had 80 cs at 20, bronze things. Everybody sucked that match, but i took every damn blame, from everyone except fom my partner, and i flamed myself too, since i know i was doing SH*T! again, what should i do? DELETE league? or learn to play better? for christ's sake. "feeders" are in your damned mind, everybody's a feeder and nobody is, someone just died many times, and? He just needs to learn how to play better as everyone, stop blaming people for that, blame people for being like you instead, blame yourself for hating on others, hating on who? the people you should see as your team? madness, feeders are everywhere, from bronze to challenger, i've seen streamers losing their first promo to Master because of """feeders""". Get over it, the moment you do, you'll feel better and start enjoying league more.
IkOerman (EUW)
: That is exactly my point! Vayne destroys or gets destroyed, there is no in-between. Vayne can't just do "OK". This always results in easy wins for either team, and that is what my question was about. How can this be fun?
Uhm, did you try her? you should try her when she's not mainstream; when you do a decent play or a really good move and you get a double because you really outplayed someone, you feel great! I love that...i think other people are like that t00, i like her character and her concept. I can't explain, but at the moment, people are playing her because she's op, it's the same for every mainstream champion, 70% of the players are doing so because it's easier to win, i'm playing shyvana because she's strong, not because i really love her, kinda boring honestly(and Vi too, ugh).
IkOerman (EUW)
: How is vayne a "fun" champion?
She's strong now because general adc are really weak early game, where vayne is also weak, but that means they can't stop her like they did before, not to mention that tanks are pretty strong at the moment, and vayne is meant to melt them, people keep crying about vayne deleting tanks, is it hard to understand that SHE'S MEANT TO? oh. Yeah, the crit Q is still pretty strong, that's what might be kinda unbalanced, but, vayne always falls down when adcs get buffed and meta changes. wait for changes, when they'll boost adc's early, and Vayne will fall back, if they boost AD builds over attack speed, vayne gets destroied, the problem now is that vayne(and every adc) builds attack speed while building crit, and AD while building crit damage. IF they buff pure AD items, making them a better choise early game for most adcs but not for vayne (since she NEED attack speed as first item), vayne would die. that's what i think, please, tell me if i'm wrong. Btw, Vayne is fun because her skill ceiling is enormous, like Riven's or Anivia and some other champ, she got outplay potential, which gives you the opportunity to do more things than a Lux, which is a kinda boring champion, what saves her is the range and safety(and dmg), take it away and lux is nothing.
Rumkatten (EUW)
: How many matches before you should give up?
Or simply find a job or study is a great thing too.
: You want to talk about hitboxes? What can you say about Lux ult?
Lol, lux ult is not so thick, you can dodge it just by walking.
DemonikSoul (EUNE)
they should buff it, the ultimate should catch you when thrown in the opposite direction.
: There are a lot of times when you aren't able to dodge it by just going away (unless you have flash). For example in a team fight where you are staying behind your front line (fairly close, but far away from all other "press to kill adc"), however it is going in a such fast pace that you arent able to dodge it when ur an adc without mobility which means that you are pretty much deleted from the fight.
Yeah, when you are literally blasting his head with a mace(melee range). ACTIVE: Ziggs deploys his ultimate creation, the Mega Inferno bomb, hurling it to the target area and dealing magic damage to all enemies caught in the blast, increased by 50% against enemies in the epicenter. MAGIC DAMAGE: 200 / 300 / 400 (+ 73.3% AP) Waw, Op, they should nerf it. did you see the blast radius? it's 10 times the nuclear bomb on hiroshima! nerf pls.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Ziggs? Haven't heard that name in ages. The trick is to not move towards the giant skull symbol but away from it
Oh, nuts! here i thought it to be the safest place!
: Tips to win in low elo with such a high percentage of "whatever"
The key to win in low elo is to stop crying and think more before the match, in the middle of it, and after it.
Shozis (EUNE)
: - /mute all - don't start insulting/blaming/flaming others in chat - focus on your game - even if the game is unwinnable you can play it as a practice: improve your lasthitting, learn your champion better.
You can practice how not to cry, even in horrible and degrading situations.
Applekami (EUW)
: There are only three kinds of league players 1. Feeders 2. Carries 3. Trolls
And then there's you, outside of every group just by yourself...sigh.
: After trying out Syndra, I've found out that she is much easier than she looks.
When you get 6 balls and someone has less than 90% of life and they don't have more than 2k hp, they die. WOH HOOO SKILLLLLLL
: The reason why this community is toxic...
Do NOT play when the team is toxic from the start, is like asking for trouble, and making it double... _To protect the world from devastation,_
Jesskill4GR (EUNE)
: send now a verification code to the 1st email used on this account
What? do you just have to verify your account? ._ .
Jesskill4GR (EUNE)
: why i got permanently suspended ?
Some reasons: 1) Mistake by riot, in that case, close the boards (we are powerless, and mods are powerless too) and look for serious help from Riot. 2) You got already banned twice or more and you kept doing whatever you were doing, good job in that case, do a favor to yourself and us all, change game if that's the reason, you clearly can't play this game. happens. 3) You did something breaking the summoner code, like cheating, buying things outside of the game...in that case, feel free to make another account and stop being a phony. If you feel offended by this reply, then you did something on the second or third group, and you deserve the ban.
: Report a champion?
Yeah, i'd like to report Teemo and Singed, fking toxic.
: One-shot by tanks?Really?Can you please tell me a few tanks that ONE-SHOT adcs?
Tank veigar.
: How does this make you feel?
Exactly what i would feel playing with you. _Nothing._
Ireli4 (EUW)
: Do not rework Irelia
Please, at least let them rework her visuals.....i hate her hairs :(((
Illâoi (EUW)
: [Item Concept] Water Lily
Yeah, fuck that poor crab, right?
GødLike (EUNE)
: Nerf Vayne!
Nerf Irelia. But, yeah, they should stop putting soap on champions, they are so hard to catch...sigh, _perv_.
: Ziggs adc is meta, haven't heard about Ziggs support being a thing. I guess it's like Zyra with less cc, but more damage.
And it's way a better character than zyra, yeah i know i know...he doesn't have boobs...not yet.
Budsbam (EUNE)
: Champs that could use...?
Nasus is good with it...
: Does Irelias passive even work?
Ashe's arrow is probably the only cc that could stun an Irelia for 1 sec.
xiVoiix (EUW)
: Flash not instant?
Funny, you just ignore the fact that you are connected to a server, not playing in real time.
: > [{quoted}](name=D4RKEVA,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ciAVGx8y,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-06T12:04:47.089+0000) > > do you mean azir should be able to w towers again? No they wont revert that as it isnt his niche > > And if you mean soldiers should attack towers NO he would outrange towers -> broken do you mean azir should be able to w towers again? Yes. No they wont revert that as it isnt his niche? Why? Azir got a lot unnecessary nerfs. Rylai, ult ms nerf, ult duration nerf, soldier damage nerf. The latest E shield scaling nerf. Tower damage buff would be good buff. Riot gives some buffs then reverts then reverts again. Azir is in bad spot and the best buff is tower buff for him. Ziggs hadn't tower damage previously.
Azir can't be balanced, wait patiently the rework and stop asking for things that would make him 80% permabanned. lol, soldiers attacking towers in s7 where the first tower is game changing, you mad bro, you mad.
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