: I don't know, the voting system has screwed me over a few times, if I get fed and I'm killing the enemy fine but the others feel like we're losing and force a surrender, it's quite annoying, especially if that could happen even earlier.
Even then, you can complain because you didn't get what you wanted, but after all four people overruled you.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Whats the point of playing game if u just wanna quit when it gets tough? I can vouch that every player in league won game with enemy having huge lead, and lost game while having huge lead. Game is lost only if you in your mind accept that its lost. But if u believe that u can win, then u still have chance.
I don't want to quit when it gets tough and never said it. I want to quit when it is utterly lost without any hope for remainder. Even then, you can vote "no" and you'll be fine.
: See it this way: A game that is decided so early that surrendering before minute 20 would make sense is so onesided that it doesn't last very long anyway. So it doesn't really make a big difference, you just lose a few minutes. If there wouldn't be this limit, you would lose a lot of games that you normally could have won. The 20 minute mark is not random. Riot found out that players are unable to predict the outcome of the game reliably before the 20 minute mark. Even after the 20 minute mark they are not very good at it, but before that the predictions are basically random. If you would allow players to surrender earlier, you would throw away a lot of the most awesome games in LoL: comebacks. And all that just for a few minutes? Not worth it imo.
_Comebacks_ don't exist. What's referred to as a _comeback_ is either one team being down gold because the other team has it easier in the early game and getting to the part where the strength of the champions overcomes the gold difference _or_ one team having made mistakes in the early game and the other team making mistakes later so that the (dis-)advantage is evened. Wouldn't you say that it should be the choice of every team to decide if it's worth to take their time to get their late game scaling or hope for the mistakes of their opponents instead of restricting them to play a round that they don't want to play? Yes, sometimes a lost game can be won, but sometimes it's just what it is. If they want to play it, why not, but same goes for the other direction (and it's still a team-based decision). Sidenotes: * "you just lose a few minutes" is something worth optimizing * Everyone (not everyone) acts like losing is the end of the world. Sometimes by not surrendering it's just as if I'd be hoping that suddenly everyone (everyone) of my opponents' team died from a heart attack just so that I could win
: Right, but before 20 minutes you may think it is entirely a loss, but there alot of late blooming champions that could change the tide of a game, not saying that will always happen, or even happen often, but allowing people to surrender even earlier will probably just result in alot of fast ending games because people don't have confidence and don't want to try.
It is still a vote, so if there are people like you who realize that the game may not be lost, it won't be surrendered by the vote.
: me:" got a great idea guys" my preamders : 'huh?' me: lets go and play at bronze ". team "ff 1 min" , "gg wp guys you played well"/ I would love to do it with my friends at our smurf acc.
Trolls will always find their ways. If anyone really wanted to lose games to decrease his rating he could do the same without much of a difference at this moment.
: > As of now, patch 6.6, surrendering is possible only when 20 minutes of in-game time have passed, of course rendering an earlier resignation impossible. Hm? It has been like this since....well...always, not just patch 6.6 > Since the game can without doubt be decided before the 20-minute threshold It can, but normall it isn't.
"as of now".. my bad, bad English, fixed that, thank you. Yes, it _can_, and that should be reason enough. Maybe it _normally_ isn't, but does it matter? It is something that can happen and when it happens it's nothing but a waste of time.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Unheil,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=AaUGORtm,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-06T08:59:10.892+0000) > > Without even taking a look at what champions Guinsoo's rageblade is good with, I've never understood why there is an item that grants possibly [twice the stats one pays for](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Guinsoo's_Rageblade). Because you can see that it is only 60% cost efficient without any stacks. That is why Riot is NOT going to nerf the item any further.
Round 68.57% to 70%. Also 14% per stack for completeness of information.
B3L14R (EUW)
: Guinsoo, maybe a nerf?
Without even taking a look at what champions Guinsoo's rageblade is good with, I've never understood why there is an item that grants possibly [twice the stats one pays for](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Guinsoo's_Rageblade).
: please stop being cocky, obviously a challenger can stomp a diamond player and anyone beneath them with ease, theres legit almost no counter play as a silver player playing against a master/challenger player... they have double your farm at 20 minutes, double your items hence double your dmg, they make minimal mistakes and throw leading to a 99% victory for them...
That's not what he said, though. Even if what you're saying is absolutely correct, I wouldn't simply claim that the TE knows these things if he doesn't state them. I've often played with lower rated players who complained about the elo of their direct opponents even before the game had begun. When asking them "Why would you lose your lane _because_ your opponent is higher rated than you?", they would just answer "He's just better, I have no chance." - "What is he going to do? Tower dive you at level one?" Now, cocky or not, if I play a solo lane or a premade bot lane, I _love_ to play against stronger players to see what makes them so strong. Even if I lose, I can learn from my mistakes and smile. Way too many people have a "winning is a condition to have fun" attitude.
: Go on, you either can't read, or you don't bother reading... I can take all of your hate. Btw, don't be butthurt EUW has laggs and EUNE doesn't :p
Be careful with what you say. Maybe it was _supposed_ to be a joke. But it definitely wasn't a joke.
: the thing is that it is extremely antifun to play against people that can instantly one hit you without you even having a way to counterplay. just played a game with people around my elo and it was a fun win where i could actually use certain mechanics to outplay them. and outplaying people is the most fun thing in the game
What you're saying now is "players with better elo can instantly one hit you without you even having a way to counterplay". But that's obviously not true. If you're trying to say anything else, would you mind rephrasing your thoughts?
: It was a joke. People usually say that EUW>EUNE. Most of ppl who leave EUNE go to EUW because EUW Gold is EUNE Diamond (in terms of skill)etc. This was mainly for players that left the EUNE to join the elite EU server. Especially for my countrymen :D
The better skilled player base does have nothing to do with "looking down" on anyone, though. What this thread really says, goes quite to the opposite: You are the one laughing down at the players who aren't able to play properly.
: >gg ping issue still not fixed u all have the same ? all day riot serv laging ive 2x my ping and i dc like 10 times today considering you said it at the start I assume this was not your first game of the day in which case you should not have gone into another game (or at least not ranked). > u stupid fuck read once in a while instead of spammign shit don't need to know what they were saying, this is abusive. > bad lee first time u do well in jungle ? are you seriously taunting someone? >and u being a lame low elo noob that u are abuse my ping and get fed off it its pathetic really u even know what toxic is ? im not flaming anyone go report me i wanna see for what abusive and... you got reported for the above so far... > u are special kind of a dick abusive > u are so toxic abusive you clearly did not learn your lesson after the 14 day ban.
@TE All of the above. In addition, you write _too much_. One can't concentrate on the game and reading the chat at the same time for an entire match.
bolqr4e (EUNE)
: Please..
Krofts (EUW)
: So done losing to junglers right-clicking in soloq
: So is matchmaking broken again?
You know that different queues use a different elo for matchmaking, so it might be that you've won a lot of games and those players don't care about the outcome of their games as opposed to ranked, so that their and your unranked elo might be closer than you think. But the real point is, "losing can't be fun", isn't it? Unluckily in a game where people play against each other, half of them will always lose. (Unless you play chess, then you can still draw) But doesn't losing against such players show you the difference in playstyles, your mistakes, where to improve?
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: If you could play against yourself...
the one on the red side
: former diamond players have started quitting this game...
Diamond players quit the game because of elo loss. _Challenger players are still challenger._ Never heard challenger players complain about how bad diamond players are?
: Dear EUW players, this is karma.
What do you mean by "look down on EUNE" and "got burned in a fire"?
: PLease fix you god awful shit servers!
Since you said "please", I'm sure the servers will improve shortly.
Queen Sunmi (EUNE)
: Why do you blame riot for lag and losing a ranked game and still play?
* It's _definitely not_ on _their_ side, so Riot might fix it silently. * Nobody ever tests lag before entering a game.
: A tip for jungle mains
##A tip for lane mains Learn when, and where to expect opposing team members. Also learn what "ss" in chat means.
EricboyZ (EUW)
: Can u explain why this name?
Rioter Comments
: What's the funniest joke you've ever heard?
Well, if you think _that's_ funny. Why did the chicken cross the road? - _Because it wanted to the other side._
EricboyZ (EUW)
: Support Main name.
Carl Walter. It has nothing to do with Thresh and I find this type of names fairly unexpressive, so here you have an original name that still beats yours by far.
: people and surrendering...
There is a difference between saying "this is a lost game" and "this is lost against these players". I tend to surrender lost games if they're unranked because I really don't care about the outcome, but for ranked games it depends. However, referring to stupid people being at the extremes of playing till the bitter end and surrendering as soon as possible: Albeit former might be unexperienced, chances are high that many of both of them will never change. After all, if everybody played this game, one shouldn't be surprised of the average intelligence of a league player. Reason enough for me not to further question their reasoning.


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