: Consdering OP got downvoted for this... I can only guess it was a salty Yasuo main, probably one that was with them. Yasuo mains, along with Riven and Vayne, are easily the most toxic of the lot and these augments only make Yasuo's even more salty. Kind of sad, it's meant to be a fun game mode yet people are acting like you are ruining their promos to Challenger. How pitiful.
Agreed, I can't even play what I want because I get told to pick X with Y augments
: Yasuo mains never change, not even in Odyssey.
To be fair, I think this brings out the toxicity in everyone. If you do not follow what the others say to play/number of augments in champ select in onslaught then you are gonna get bashed.
Gabriella (EUNE)
: holly ^_^ buddy where you see bad behavior ??? Just tell me...
Gabriella: gg report kayn toxic Gabriella: kayn flame all game report him Gabriella: ekko Gabriella: nice feed Gabriella: talon Gabriella: :3 Gabriella: hee kill 2 times Gabriella: cause of you Gabriella: :* Gabriella: how old are you 12 ? Gabriella: 15 ? Gabriella: this feeling when enemy jungle is 100 times better than our :D Gabriella: this game is over cause sejuani is better than you Gabriella: she sleep on bot lane Gabriella: are you blind Gabriella: boosted platinum Gabriella: xD Gabriella: garen ? Gabriella: can't belive Gabriella: die for nothing Gabriella: lux idk how yo Gabriella: you miss everythin Gabriella: 2/6 Gabriella: is that rea Gabriella: real ?? Gabriella: 2/6 rengar Gabriella: 2/5 lux Gabriella: boosted diamond lyx Gabriella: lux Gabriella: this lux Gabriella: mute 3rd game is definitely the icing on the cake. You don't have to swear to get a perma ban. Toxicity is not exclusive to swearing.
: It allows you to have some kind of metric by which you can measure how much/how well you warded/cleared enemy wards. You can use it to gauge whether ur placing enough wards or if you should maybe buy more pink wards or switch to red trinket, things like that.
I would have said it's more about how useful the positioning of your wards were. If someone has high wards placed with a low vision score, it means they put them in poor places where it doesn't spot the enemy.
: Thank you riot for dividing rewards...
"ranked flex" So play with a premade team, problem solved.
: My account got a 14 day ban without any chat restriction
That simply means you were extremely toxic enough to skip chat restrictions, do you have chat logs?
Mangekyu (EUW)
: I got DJ Sona one after the other, i didnt want her bc i dont even touch her
At least it gives good amounts of essence
: http://prntscr.com/e3sh40
Looks to me that Kat is overlevelling them greatly, could be a factor.
: Explain to me how a Katarina full tank can get a quadra solo. Balanced...i think not
: Yeah i know that but in this situation i think it is different right ?
: Are there any chanses in the future for nidalee rework?
I would say she's extremely low priority right now compared to other champions. So I doubt it.
House x33 (EUW)
: You did not get an S because: -62 Cs in 44 minutes. -7 Wards place -0 Control wards -0 Wards cleared
: Remake, bans system and my issue
You should also be careful asking other people to play on your account. It's bannable because of account sharing.
: Patch 7.1 Tryndamere spinning through Caitlyn's trap
That's because knock ups interrupt dashes. Test caitlyn traps with other dashes, and see what happens. I believe cait traps only work when someone walks over and not dashes.
: Toxic Behaviour in privat Chat
Why would you add him? Seriously..?
: It's not like it's a serious look at him, and they have already mentioned it. Just a little change to the interaction between Controls and shrooms that puts him in a healthier place. But I have to agree with ADCs and supports. Ziggs ADC as well as a rise in mid lane supports (such as Malz), just shows how unbalanced the game is right now with AP champions being too strong. I think an overall rework to AP and MR items might fix it better as it would weaken AP champs to the point where ADC and supports are more relevant again. Good botlanes can carry a game still, but they are more often completely stomped out in early game now.
PepijndM (EUW)
: \**trying to figure out the abbrev.s*
Would have been easier if he used icons because I have no idea what those are lol
: Right? That means oneshotting an unlucky Vel'Koz/Sona/Twisted Fate/actually almost all supps and mages, and assasins...
Too bad the entire combo is reliant on his rocket grab. If he misses that he won't be doing much for a short while.
: Series Restarted for No Reason
You probably dodged a game, counts as a loss. Free win, lost one, dodged --> exit promotions, win --> enter promotions again.
Doomley (EUW)
: >Nothing wrong with this. Actually this case is quite similar to the infamous "support singed" -case. You have queued for a support role, which means you must act like one. This means you can't farm while your adc is there. No one probably cares if you do it in normals but if you do it in ranked, you should prepare for being banned eventually.
What? Not really. That singed support left his adc completely to 1 v 2 to go counter jungle. By your logic, lux "supports" should be banned.
: can a permanently banned account be unbanned ?
Only chargeback permanent banned players can be unbanned, or if it was a mistake from riot which is rare. I'm going to assume you got perma banned for flaming. > as a support and goes full ap last hit player Nothing wrong with this.
: How can premades abuse SOLO /DUO queue?
Well his suggestion was > 2 person press it on 1 summoner and then you said > DUO That would mean we have our 2 people. Also, this would make off-meta picks extremely rare, if any. You'll be almost forced to play meta picks or get clicked by this button.
: Did you know Aphids are born pregnant? In fact, they're pregnant before they're born!
So aphids in a pregnant aphid are also pregnant? ... And then those pregnant aphids in the pregnant aphids are also pregnant? Aphidception
Dodge and get 96 LP kappa
: Im not angry at all tbh dude i don't really play the game anymore cause i think its so childish people get banned for talking trash, thats part of the fun of gaming us 19 century babies grew up talking shit on cod etc i miss those days
19th century.. that's 1801-1900... You're over 116 years old???
: **sigh** Why is everyone forgetting to give that information.... How long did the game last?
because he obviously thinks it's only based on KDA
: Oh god, another LoL player that doesn't know how to counter Yasuo.
> Yasuo Main > yasuo either picked by or banned by enemy team Read properly, he just wants to be able to play Yasuo.
: If im a Olaf no problem i duel her same for jax or fiora, but as adc there is no way to duel her in this cage. Yes if my team focus her shes done, but if her team is close my adc is done too and their adc still sit behind their frontline and melt our team. To get the 1500 Damage done lux need to hit 3 skillshots (dont think lux can deal 1500 damage only on her ult), and if you get caught from a lux q as adc in a teamfight you deserve to get the 1500 damage in your face. The problem on camille is that her ult is a point and click, you cant even stop cc her midair to interrupt her. If you can flash out of her ult or qss that would be ok for me, there exists a counterplay, same for lux if she hits a q on you, you can qss it and flash her e and ult to avoid the damage -> counterplay. But if camille ults the adc hes dead without he can do shit against her thats my point. And I still believe her kit is kinda overloaded, 3 skills with cc, true, physical and magic damage on top of this also %damage, a passiv that let her win the most early trades on lane and a decent mobility is just too much on a single champ in my opinion.
I think you can actually zhonya her ultimate, although for most adcs that would be a waste
legoatoom (EUW)
: Idea: Rammus Q damage scales with movementspeed
9000 ms rammus heading your way ... knocks you into his fountain from mid
: Ziggs ADC is BUSTED !! WTF IS THIS DMG - ADC in 2017 LOOOL
Can we please clear this up. It's NOT ADC. This stands for ATTACK damage carry. He builds AP.
Doomley (EUW)
: >They are not intending to die therefore it is not inting They are intentionally going to a place they know they will most likely die in, making it inting. BY DEFINITION. It's ok to die 2 times doing it but if you don't learn from a mistake and still keep doing it, it's inting.
> They are intentionally going to a place they know they will most likely die in, making it inting. BY DEFINITION. Game starts: I head to lane, I know I'm probably gonna die... I'm inting? > It's ok to die 2 times doing it but if you don't learn from a mistake and still keep doing it, it's inting. Some people just simply do not learn. That's why we have MMR. It's also quite difficult to play it safe against heavy snowball lanes, even if you try to stay at the tower.
: as u can see my statement is funded based on the fact that . now in challenger zigs adc is a thing they play and win with....flexible thinking .. probably the most OP on the rift
Ziggs marksman, not adc. He's not built with attack damage
: Is it worth 13000 IP for a name change?
If you have nothing else that you want, sure go for it.
Kitsune San (EUNE)
: Hey! Lifetime upvotes, are the upvotes that people at boards are giving you (the arrows near the comments and topics) only that they are summed up from every comment and every topic you are writing on that account. Afaik only upvotes are counted, and creating a topic or comment automatically gives you a point.
> Afaik only upvotes are counted, and creating a topic or comment automatically gives you a point. It's because you automatically upvote yourself. If you've upvoted too many times and then you create a post/comment, you get no upvote.
Othosama (EUW)
: Looking for Friends to grind my lvling
> I don't accept bronzes/silvers :) Wot
Holdstrom (EUW)
: "suck" is filtered
Remove filter, problem solved
stampydog (EUW)
: i get that ranks have to drop, because the highest rank attainable from placements is plat 1, but find it frustrating that they HAVE to drop for everyone, because this means i would be better of playing on a brand new account, and would get a different rank because there is no history to it.
Well if you care more about your temporary rank than about what you achieved on your account then by all means go ahead.
stampydog (EUW)
: My placements meant nothing
> just seems to drop down their rank from what they got last season That is exactly what has happened. Placements just determine how much further you will fall. Think about it. Challenger/Master/Diamond players get placed into Platinum, where do you think Bronze/Low Silver players will end up? > The thing that makes me most angry however is that i could have gone 0/50 every single game, intentionally fed and lost all my placements and i could not be at a worse rank. But banned. You would also destroy your MMR even more. Think of placement games as a MMR booster, they're not meant to put you at a higher ranking straight away. The games you play after placement should give you a lot of LP to help you climb.
: why do amumu and malphite need AP scalings?
Because once they've used those spells, they basically do nothing else. It needs to have damage if they want to go damage. No one should be forced to go tank every time.
: Hextech craft
No, besides it's not determined by the number of games. The more positive behaviour you show means the number of games you might need to play is lower than the average banned person.
skocc (EUW)
: Yea, it was at the beginning of chat restriction i think
Was it in a featured game mode/aram/TT? Because you can't earn tokens there.
Bosnjo (EUNE)
: Selling items randomly
If you deal damage after doing an action in the shop, it cannot be undone.
catexman9 (EUNE)
: well duuh but that almost never happens
If it happened often then yasuo would be broken
: yes i did behave like a jerk i accept that im not playing the victim i accept the ban the probe is here why did the other guy not get punished for an offence at the first time of doing it *maybe similar way i did ?
Because intentional feeding is WAY worse than flaming. Riot accepts people may flame from time to time and you are given some leeway to that. Constant flaming would get you punished.
catexman9 (EUNE)
: thats unfortunate because that way i cant really do a 5 man ult and etc.
yes you can, they just need to be positioned badly (and grouped).
: Nautilus W bug or not?
> Titan's Wrath resets Nautilus' autoattack timer. Intended. Directly from the wiki
: > [{quoted}](name=UninstalledLife,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WR9kETwN,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-12-24T15:38:51.708+0000) > > Then winning team earns no LP, fair? In my second reply I say they win LP, they won the game AFK or not, so they deserve the LP In Solo/Duo it's highly highly unlikely you will get a guy going AFK on purpose so his teammates don't lose LP, if that was implemented into the game. So either the guy would continue to feed instead or would go AFK. Either way the report for the feeding is there, and if they do revert to AFK then its fairer on his teammates who have to sit for 10minutes + whilst he sits AFK/Quit.
Then you will have LP inflation. More people will be in the higher ranks because much more LP is put into the system than is taken out.
: Ranked play, AFK = no loss in LP for the losing team(apart from the guy who left/afk)
mpky (EUNE)
: I dont want to anymore, this is my 10th thread
6th thread if you want to be specific :P
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