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: "Sorry, you have been removed from the group"
Yeh, been like this for me and some friends too for the past 40 minutes.
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: What Champions do you find interesting and why?`Pros/cons
sevenkill (EUNE)
: Top - 15 Underrated Champions!
I see Yorick, Nunu, Xerath, Sion, Rumble and Swain pretty often in G4.
: How do I successfully roam as Zyra Support?
Thanks for the comments :) I take it less roaming for me then except for visiting mid after back. Cheers <3
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Cavalier (EUNE)
: Nice now go lose 7+ games in a row and get demoted to silver again {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hah, I plan to maintain my 60% win rate mate ;)
: good job mate!
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: How long do you think the Unique Passives are going to stack?
Oh really now? Cheers. Thanks for telling me! I thought Unique Passives didnt stack, but I see. Cool! This opens up way more builds. Thank you.
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Fidda (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Unknown Reaper,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=8Ye6ij6Z,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-12-16T09:38:20.132+0000) > > Behind the Legacy Hextech Chest: > &quot;If you’re only interested in a specific Retired Legacy skin, they’ll all be available for purchase in the store during the duration of Snowdown!&quot; Sorry for misunderstanding the situation. There are different types of Legacy Skins (Riot, Retired, Traditional, Limited etc.), this Skin you mentioned (Traditional Trundle) is in the Traditional List, it's not a Retired Skin. > Traditional skins were created to capture the original feel of our first fully reworked champions. Any player who owned the champion before the rework received the skin. >--- >Champions who join this list are Karma, Sejuani, Trundle. You can find more information about Legacy Skin types - [**HERE**](
Alright, so the only way to acquire that now is by a super luck Random Skin chest? (I did get it like that a few months ago on a low level account I made to teach the game to someone else). Trundle looks so stupid atm, all his skins are baaaaad, except for the traditional trundle. Really want to change my support from Morgana to Trundle, but I cannot stand his current look :P
Fidda (EUNE)
: It says 'returning Legacy Skins', but it doesn't say all of them.[/img]
Behind the Legacy Hextech Chest: "If you’re only interested in a specific Retired Legacy skin, they’ll all be available for purchase in the store during the duration of Snowdown!"
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's been mentioned that it's in the works by Riot, so there has been answers from Riot. =) SMS has also been tested out on PBE a while back.
SMS seems to be a bad solution to this. I could imagine people who knew the username of someone could just make the system spam messages to the victims phone through this. Would much more enjoy an app or dongle for two factor.
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: technicly they are becuase i havent given out my cards information to anybody and everytime you buy rp with credit card you need to enter the cards cvc the security code and i checked my pc for any programs that may have stolen info when you enter some info in and 0 i have no viruses or malware on my pc so how in the hell did the hacker then get my cvc? they must have hacked into riots servers and gotten my cards cvc from there its the only way.
That's your statement. You cannot be sure of either, only investigations will recover such information or not. You cannot do more then to report the issue to proper authorities. Good luck.
: wow thats really stupid of riot to do so.I do not want 8000 riot points on my account i just want riot to take back the riot points and give me the money back how hard can that be? i mean steam has better security and better refund system why can riot take example from them?
They can if they want to, but they are not required to. It is the same case as with any other purchase. If someone has stolen some money from your pocket and bought something with this money the merchant cannot be demanded to accept a return. They could offer it, but are not obliged to.
: So your telling me that i should go to the police and they will then contact riot and get the hackers ip and then start a search?
They could do that if they wanted to, they probably won't for such a small issue. But the only way to get your money back is to contact your credit card issuer and the police. If your claim is legit and you have not neglected the security of your credit card the cc issuer would take the loss themselves, refund the credit and both you and riot would keep their money. Riot is not responsible for this.
: could riot send the ip the purchase was made with to the police so they could find whos behind this?
¨That I cannot answer you. In a international world these issues are complex but many countries have cooperating police forces which helps the issue. You cannot tell them to do this, this would be something the police themselves would decide to do if they have the spare resources and is of a high enough priority. In most cases where sums are low or if the cost of solving a issue greatly outweights its benefits the typical scenario happens: Credit Card Issuer demands the abuse to be reported to the police. Once done they accept it as a loss after some preliminary considerations (basically determining if they find you honest and have not made it too easy for the criminal in such a manner that it can be considered neglect.) and return the credit. Then the police puts the case to rest and go on with their higher priority tasks. Riot is however allowed within the confines of the laws of which their customers are using their services from allowed to examine and trace where the abuser logged in from and do some actions based on those results.
: account hacked and rp bought want money back
If someone has used your credit card without your consent you should contact your credit card issuer, block your card and inform them of the ill use. In most cases they will return the credit back into the account. You should and probably by demand of the issuer must report the incident to the police.
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Arcadeath (EUNE)
: I wanted to buy Blood Lord Vladimir, so If more people could post, It will help me decide on what to do when I purchase more RP :D
: I bought Blood Lord Vladimir, but... I seem to have weird luck with mystery chests, legacy skins but bad ones. this time I got Unmasked Kayle. LOL
So funny that she is called that, as seeing most her skins are unmasked atm :P
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: Nami or Zyra?
You'll find different opinions with such questions. Personally I would recommend Zyra, because I find her much more fun to play then Nami, however Nami is very much fun. They are two different suppports and you should them with different ADCs.
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Emillie (EUW)
: Meanwhile in gold, games are decided by which team has more op champions.
This is not really true by my experience, but rather is decided by which team is the best at grouping and not running away from TF's to do sub-objectives.
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: You got 5 honnors from the ENEMY team for playing teemo. Now ik you are a liar :D
Indeed I did :) On my first account. Not long after I got that yellow crest too. Might have been a link there maybe?
Rich (EUW)
: Was that ever related to The Lost Dale? I remember seeing Daggerdale in the server list at some point, I think I even popped in for a little while briefly. I used to play on the former. Low-magic, RP-Heavy. We should sort out a game.
Daggerdale was a medium to low magic, medium h&s, heavy rp server with loads of extremely good roleplayers. Was very fun. I do not dare play NWN1 again, it stole too many years from me :P
Rich (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Unknown Reaper,realm=EUW,application-id=WRrW6N5X,discussion-id=6s94EmQI,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-24T13:53:26.237+0000) > > Thank you Riot for making one of the best games in history. **Second only after Neverwinter Nights 1. ** WOW, my favourite game ever! The RP-multiplayer.. *fistbump* EDIT: Dude, we should totally play multiplayer sometime.. I haven't played that game in years. (If you still have it. :|)
Of course I have it. Played it for years straight on a RP multiplayer server called daggerdale.
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