: Almost glad that I got banned.
im supertoxic , except i let them know in a civil way how much of a %%%% i dont give or to get off their high horse without using offensive language. thats how you dodge bans. be smart not a %%%%%%.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Threxes (EUW)
: Rant about the state of the game(mostly ranked)
when you can get solod by a random support as any laner because 0 MR AR given anymore unless you take it and lose out on 20ad/ap then you get this cluster%%%% of burst or be bursted gameplay that no1 but highly autistic addicted players enjoy - nonethless i still play league everynow and then a few games a day because the other games out there are filled with DLC pay2win or straight up shitty netcodes and the same "toxic" communities i encounter here. i recommend a 0 %%%%s given attitude and playing flex with strangers - not taking it seriously no butthurt and i actually enjoy games that way wether i win or lose - the mentality is the true burden for most gamers in league. the urge to win win win be a bigboi carry is what causes most frustration and ofcoruse no voicecomm which is lethal and much needed in league - i can´t type out an approach while playing but i can use voice and give direct instructions how to handle the fight while others make splitsecond calls too and that saves us all 10-20seconds of typing standing still not being able to cast spells. but i guess riots technology simply isn´t there yet and tencent doesnt want voicecom but skinsales instead.
: Is this toxic?
i wouldve altf4d with you in my match tbh , you do deserve the ban.
: teemo ulti 60% cdr free elo
if you build cdr on teemo and not mask sorcboots lichbane dcap you are a terrible teemo and a burden on your team.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kechoplsgrpmid,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=h1uyWFYc,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-11-25T19:19:40.761+0000) > > Things i say on the regular "stop being %%%%%%ed , that was dumb - stfu idiot" ive been doing this for months and 0 restrictions , why ? because i dont use %%% - cancer - sexual innuendo - racism etc and i never target it at a specific player while also blaming myself and using F u C k i ng a lot. > > "that was fuc king stupid , we really messed up there" "sry im %%%%%%ed should´ve went b" you can curse everygame as long as the way you direct it is at yourself or a situation without harassing another teammate or enemy. > > "you are useless , your build sucks - stick to your adc pls stop camping me" bla i could go on and on but you get the jist. > its also fine to point out flaws in your team as long as you remain somewhat civil , and followup with a recommendation how to fix it. > If you only insult and give no critique if its warranted or not , then you get yourself a report. > > i´ve been even honored for shittalking people because i´ve made them realise what they´ve been doing wrong. > you just really need to tone it down though if you can´t control yourself whatsoever , i ragetype a lot then before hitting enter i just cancel it so it´s out of my system. Then i mute all for a good solid 5-10minutes and unmute when im cooled down. I would not like to play with you. Thankfully I never will. Apart from being toxic and insulting you think you're doing a good thing. That's rich.
oh no what a great loss , another crybaby that is sensitive to bad nono words , there is a mute function for a reason 99% of the community seems to miss and getting triggered. %%%% off with your holier than thou attitude.
: How Easy Is It to get perma banned?
Things i say on the regular "stop being %%%%%%ed , that was dumb - stfu idiot" ive been doing this for months and 0 restrictions , why ? because i dont use %%% - cancer - sexual innuendo - racism etc and i never target it at a specific player while also blaming myself and using F u C k i ng a lot. "that was fuc king stupid , we really messed up there" "sry im %%%%%%ed should´ve went b" you can curse everygame as long as the way you direct it is at yourself or a situation without harassing another teammate or enemy. "you are useless , your build sucks - stick to your adc pls stop camping me" bla i could go on and on but you get the jist. its also fine to point out flaws in your team as long as you remain somewhat civil , and followup with a recommendation how to fix it. If you only insult and give no critique if its warranted or not , then you get yourself a report. i´ve been even honored for shittalking people because i´ve made them realise what they´ve been doing wrong. you just really need to tone it down though if you can´t control yourself whatsoever , i ragetype a lot then before hitting enter i just cancel it so it´s out of my system. Then i mute all for a good solid 5-10minutes and unmute when im cooled down.
: Bring back season 1 / 2 ! <3
one thing that really bothers me is how riot pushes their meta , instead of having multiple gamemodes you´re forced to play ranked for somewhat "competetive" environment or play cancer blindpick aram shitty weekendmodes. a retroseason permmode would be freaking awesome along with it being ranked and heavily reduced champion pool. so would be permanent urf , one for all etc - there is 0 reason to enable and disable them , if every gamemode was available all the time - id play way more league tbh.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: Zoe needs only a nerf of her E size + range over walls
had the pleasure of laning against her as aatrox and i really couldnt %%%%ing figure out how to dodge the sleep plus ultraturbodmg pokes. the hitbox on it is way too big and forgiving even if she doesn´t land it deadcenter.
kokakola92 (EUNE)
: Master yi junglers have Mr.Satan's syndrome
dont you dare talk shit about mr satan , he is toptier dad/granddad and takes the glory for being a savior to not expose the true saviors. really %%%%ing triggered right now , he is one of the best characters in the entire universe besides piccolo. your taste in DBZ/DBS characters A SHIT. also its normal to honor the person that carried the most , i do it all the time myself and if no1 really carried i honor the person that had the most impact usually the sup because they don´t get enough recognition. if its leona nami lulu i report them though.
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: Damage is not the problem
you just have the bads. i go 1/7 - 1/9 often as splitter and win games. also you were vs talon as heimer what do you expect to happen? his kit outplays yours completely.
: Am i the only one that can't use emotes?
i want to flash thumbs up mememote whenever i die or kill someone :(
Mettalica (EUW)
: Ranked in Preseason so far
one of my tips is to not to play on weekends , and only after 22:00 on workdays till 3:00
: Honoring Opponents
agreed , i do miss not being able to honor opponents for the exact same reasons or when they pushed my shit in and weren´t cocky about it , i always say gg wp or gg at the end of match unless its a 4on5 3on5 someone inting , splitting with a nonsplitter all the time due to tilt.
OG Crashyo (EUNE)
: How to communicate in flex ( beginner and advanced )
i for one dont want to talk with randoms , especially not if theyre hostile in chat and behaviour in general , color me oldfashioned for it but if ive to go on a strangers teamspeak discord etc its annoying , and i talk a lot of shit so ive to hold back my massive powerlevel and go into an alterego state speaking with a soft unintimidating voice making calls which are more like begging instead of instructions while i can be a total %%%% with friends ive known for years instead and no hurt feelings the next day. i dont want that "burden" on randoms neither do i want it on myself.
DutyPro12 (EUW)
: I got banned, i explain why i should'nt
DutyPro12: BRRRORM MALSÆKMDKJASMDASD , had me rolling.
: I Hate When People Complain About Tanks Being Busted.
if you one combo me with a dorans shield and a negatron cloak , then we have to talk about things. if you kill me with ult as monkey with a dorans blade and 2 longswords , we have to talk about things. this is the current state of the game and its not fun or engaging whatsoever , its pants on heads %%%%%%ed my man.
: When the Ting went quack-quack-quack, you man were feeding
is this ... is this poetry?{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Yavimawa (EUNE)
: Runes are awesome
are you a riot employee ? sounds like riot dmg control.
Proppa (EUW)
: What's your Age / Rank?
28 gold in flex solo , tryhaded once to dia never bothered ever again and always taking big to little breaks when riot goes full turbomonkeybalance or i dont like to be forced to pick champ XYZ to fit a "comp" which no1 follows in soloque.
: About my permaban, please give me your opinions.
account sharing "it was my friend" episode 3rd party wew lad why woould you ever EVER EVER share your acc with whoever , i dont even give my steam acc to my siblings or my mom.
: parmanetly suspended
sounds like you bought a boosterpack (the illegal one) and got busted by a keylogger taken advantage of by chinese angry moneyhungry starving ramennoodle diet bugmen. next time play legit or not in a homeless shelter where everyone has access to your account at all times if you take a poop.
Pacov (EUW)
: This is worth a 14 day ban!?
sounds like you talked more than you played and was being a funny witty in your mindset persona which tilted your mates into heaven and i assume you also lost the game hardcore while having around 10 deaths.
: game freezes shortly before you die
people make fun of me a lot lately "trynd use ult lmao" because if i dont do it preemptively the minilag of 0.5secs is enough to mess up neardeath ults so badly that i´ve to actually ult way sooner than intended missing out on the juicy bonus dmg and baiting greedy enemies into their death resulting in my own. ive had this freezelagdeath for a long time before , it was gone for a while . now it seems to be back again but not everygame.
SatyroKhan (EUNE)
: Bug, can't edit runes in champ select
happens a lot , sometimes cant even ban or talk in lobby.
Spearki (EUW)
: Real talk about BE
smurfers should be put into smurf vs smurf only prisoners island and remain there wether ranked or normals forever. its only fair - so newcomers can actually learn to enjoy the game and pain that comes along with it without being dumpstered. edit : ps : anyone who smurfs has very tiny testicles.
Arfoxx (EUW)
: Lee Sin vs Rengar
Rengar into squishy lineup , Lee if your team needs peel but since its s5 and low silver to high silver you´re better off playing whatever you like playing because it will be russian roulette most of the games regardless.
: Tutorial needs updating
the best part of a new tutorial would be that someone dying once is not inting or trolling and not to be a %%%%head about it while trying to fix it as a team. "even if you may gold on your own for yourself , keep in mind that you are part of the team and need to think like one so plan ahead as a teammember with your given role to fulfill it instead of tilting like an entitled toddler when things don´t go your way"
: Has there been a sudden spate of toxicity?
most of my games have been friendly banters and people exchanging rune setups etc , but this wont last for long. also friendly reminder if you play on weekends before midnight the salty ones are present 24hours.
: Id rather want that than seeing a full tank flashing on my squishy teammate and killing him with 3-4 point and click or guaranteed to hit spells and then that tank still has 3/4 hp and keeps going because he has no cooldowns. You can at least exaust and burst down an assassin and he most likely wont be able to fight longer because he lacks cooldown after all in. This game is better when you cant pick brainless champions that are immortal and still deal as much damage as assassins. People who like slow fights and tanky champs are just unskilled and cant play aggressive. Its easy to gain elo doing nothing. I like this update gameplay wise much more.
i agree on some points , but any mage and AD burst based assasin is dealing way too much dmg and ADCs are basically useless unless theyre burst based too and squishy as hell , i get away with things on TEEMO in 2on1s or 1on1s that i was never able to do , i expect a huge revamp or changes to offensive masteries because they´re way out of line and makes the game feel like some child coded it.
Achmed Bo (EUW)
: Riot's new snowball game
i for one am enjoying 700-800 plus ap teemo 2shotting anyone that isnt full tank build. {{sticker:sg-poppy}} but yes the runes are way overtuned and lack of armor mr choices really hurt everyone but now rengars get to kill you in 0.5seconds faster and no retaliation possible.
skinTDM (EUNE)
: Earning blue essence is a pain in the ass
Daily reminder that RIOT is OWNED by Tencent and this was going to happen sooner or later to switchbait you into buying RP. do not buy anything for RP until they severely improve this new "system" which is basically cuckolding in a nutshell.
Renold (EUNE)
: ffff ye youre pro.Salty too.Aaka toxic too. Sorry mate trynda is skilled zed is easy i know.Youre right.I go shoot myself now.Brain dead people exist. 1 question however to tilt you more.Skilled champs have skillshots. How many skillshots does trynda teemo have???????????????????{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
ok i will explain to you in detail what actually difficulty is in league and how it relates to champs that dont have skillshots. imagine you are teemo in a teemfight , youve these 3 options - blow Q on someone - who will it be ? when will u use W - how will you utilize flash ? do youve teleport or ignite if so who do you prioritize? - which items do youve rylais mask sorc boots , or triforce tabis hybrid ap morellos debuff? where do you put your shrooms , in which intervall and at which minutes - do you shroom dragon or baron , do you shroom near brushes or lanes to keep em pushed ? decisions decisions - while the kit is easy to execute it is by now way in any shape or form easy to play to its full extent - do not confuse skillshots with a champion being hard , ez has skillshots and he is braindead to play like vayne too except sniping with his ult. twitch has no skillshots and is also hard to play to full extent because it boils down to poisitioniong. trynda is hard to play against people who are aware of your full potential due to NOT having any ranged skills whatsoever outside of E gapcloser aka finisher / escape. so youve to time your ULT PROPERLY , bait people into thinking they got you then go RAAAGH , youve to be aware of ignites , you need to know your limits , you need to know when to push and when to grp - and inside a fight once again who to focus and if to run or commit while ult is still up - its a metagame inside the game with champs that have no skillshots unless you think landing one makes you challenger than you are even worse than i thought. champions that seem simple are much more complex than syndra or zed. now let me get to Zed ive played him a lot along with yasuo years ago but ditched him for multiple reasons. Zed has a very very high skillfloor but is prone to R E auto abuse and that usually does the trick for most things , to play him to full potential you need to be tricky , smart , quick and not whiff your Qs while predicting flashes or enemy movement in general - not once did i say Zed is easy he isn´t , but his kit allows him to do braindead all ins which something Teemo cant do nor Jayce because they dont get to port back to the moon with the press of a button or R away then W back in and harass from afghanistan with shadows. now next time you post about anything , think before you post because i can give you many more reasons why teemo and trynd or jayce are not simple to play against people that know what they can DO. and you cannot absolutely cannot carry games all by yourself as teemo - unless you are rainman and the year is still 2013-2014. good day
elin990 (EUW)
: How to beat Teemo as a Garen
teemo may harass and win early but mid and late garen completely shits on teemo - this is coming from someone who unironically plays a lot of teemo - im very very very afraid of garens. you Q spin ult me im dead. dont be afraid to counterpoke - once youve visage + whatever situational item you %%%% me hard 24/7 whenever your ult is up since all your skills ignore blind , just play passive and get the cs you can regen your life and after 6 All in. gg wp ez
: Christ no. It's bad enough that the spazzy mongloid salt-spitters are able to type, I'd rather not have some 12yo russian child try and act the big lad over mic!
but you can mute em , same way you can mute all the russians in cs:go or salters? there is absolutely 0 reason for lol not to have a voicechat , even freaking dota2 has it , every%%%%ing multiplayer has it except this sad excuse of a teamplayer game that takes away one of the most important parts of teamplay , which is voicecom. imagine war without radio or voicecom , morsecode only is what league is like and typing takes away time to cs harrass or flee. the system we have is SHIT theres no excuse for it.
Renold (EUNE)
: teemo hard??????jayce?????trynda????????oo really... LUL.WHat game you play exactly.
go and climb with teemo only to d5 or trynd or jayce and call me later , oh youre from EUNE aka toxic city. sry i thought you had some actual merit in this discussion about champions which are actually hard to perform with past gold.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Can playing too much league prevent players from climbing?
just like with any activity in life , it will tire you out eventually and you won´t be able to play proper - you will start slacking and start shifting blame and do mistakes you wouldn´t do if you were at 100% - this is why i only play drunk so everything along with reason flies out the window and i enjoy the game instead of stressing myself over it.
Thylaria (EUW)
: About the Question Mark Ping.
if only there was some sort of device that could make your voice be transferred to another player like a telephone and added to the game mhmmmm.
TheYanisHD (EUNE)
: - Matchmaking problem -
its another "Muh team muh team and i do never anything wrong episode".
: Riot Eambo please read this
you sound entitled , do the crime do the time. yours sincerely , someone who has been suspended before and thought my behaviour was okay when i randomly insulted people or went on a ranting rampage about bad plays and laners etc. "i deserve to make a mistake" no you don´t , mistakes are human yes - also no employee that works on tickets is going to come to this forum and read your QQ. re-read your logs , reflect on your behaviour and try to avoid it in the future.
: But armor makes you able to sustain better with Consumables.. Building health just makes it easier for enemy jungler to dive me..
armor alone doesn´t mitigate someones dmg that has INNATE armorshred and builds a cleaver , hence why health is better against him.
: Hey There Kechoplsgrpmid I'm replying to your comment you made towards A red Herring which first off wasn't all that nice towards not only him but also players who put time and effort into learning the champion you denounced as and i quote "OP braindead champ." so i wanted to make some points as to why you could've worded it in another way and i'm going to try and convince you that orianna is just as hard as any other champ if not harder than some. So first off you could have come over as rude towards players or employees doing their job. I know that sometimes riot employees seem like they are robotic but that is just their job. They are just as human as we are. secondly this post is a place to debate and i get that you are stating an opinion here but maybe you could summarise why you think this champion is so strong so maybe a riot employee can find a valid problem with the champion. now then for the part where i try to convince you that orianna is just as hard as others to start off i want to tell you that i as a orianna one trick pony in season 6/7 and a top 3000 worlds orianna feel like she isn't invincible at all because she requires a lot of coordination with either a premade or a random soloqueue player if not all 4 of them for example: your premade locks malphite so easy game right? I don't think so once you lock orianna as second pick you get counterpicked by a champion that can stop either your earlygame completely or a champion that denies your lategame positioning with the ball entirely ex. cassiopeia, talon, zed (maybe), definetly syndra and mostly anything with decent damage and some crowd control. the problem with this lies in the fact that an assassin like talon or even zed and fizz might catch your earlygame weaknesses in your high-ish cooldowns and abuse this by trading hard when you do not have the means to trade back or they will get a good roam and get ahead in items and might just burst you entirely before you have any means of defending you with for example a zhonya or banshee's veil. If this does happen it almost guarantee's your combo to either not kill everyone at once in a teamfight or you just not being able to get the combo of due the high pressure from the burst potential or the cc-zoning from said champions. which makes your impact in a fight close to none if you do not know how to place your ball correctly and keep yourself in it's range aswell as in a safe position and to think of where your important engager (malphite right now) is. If you are in a bad position it almost neutralises two or three players in your team because 1. you cannot get the combo off 2. malphite has no damage to follow his ultimate up with (he's building tank?!?)(most likely) 3. your adc might also be zoned out by that same assassin or the enemy damage dealers. i hope that helps you understand a little bit it's just a small piece of a big puzzle that you need to piece together in order to play this champion just like with other champions. In case i didn't convince you and you still have no counterplay to this braindead OP champion do make sure to do these things in a game vs orianna. 1. Do not let her get free farm or good roams of when you are playing a champion who can deny this example (zed can deny orianna a good roam by following her in earlygame and taking her out on her way there when she is out of the safety of her turret or he might even get some tradekills bottom if she does manage to get some kills out of it. 2. itemize against her: this is basically a thing with any strong champion you cannot let them do their thing without respecting them if you disrespect the champion then that champion might surprise you. example (buy an early hexdrinker vs orianna) 3. if you are a champion in another lane make sure to abuse her weak early by doing unexpected roams or taking the fight to her first in a earlygame clown fiesta example (blitzcrank can roam level 4-5 to mid lane and get a free kill with his mid laner on the orianna or blow her summoners resulting in a good couple of minutes of time where your jungler can abuse this) same goes for top if you pick shen for example you might want a level 6 ult on your mid laner rather than those bot laners to shut the orianna down. I hope this helps you in the least and feel free to reply with your own thoughts on this and if it did actually in the slightest teach you something about orianna. generic {{champion:61}} main in 2017
i did step out of line and was drunkposting , i do apologize if i came across aggro and insulting - the fact remains if you look at worlds and challenger its full of the champs with the overloaded kits that are safe and lanebullies/powerfarmers/laneclearers. edit: orianna is not the only offender but im not in the mood to wall a write of text , maybe later
Not xPeke (EUW)
: and yet you play champions like Trynda, Teemo, and Jayce and you say they're hard. "muh hard champs". LUL Those champs in Gold 5 don't require a brain at all, and are much easier to execute than Orianna. Especially Trynda in low elo. You just stat check people and press R and rightclick and split.. GJ.
after having peaked dia in 2014 i no longer tryhard in ranked and only go for gold then linger there with champions that i deem fun , which happen to be those 3 and if you tell me teemo isn´t hard or jayce trynda to play at full potential beyond gold , then ive nothing further to tell you but to try and climb only with them into dia and above. do not confuse a kit being hard to apply to teamfights with laningphase only.
Arsene (EUNE)
: What was the point of emotes?
to tilt people and BM with em.
MacDeath (EUW)
: >general claim , play your main acc have pride in it , dont be a scumbag preying on weaker folks for muh lulz there is absolutely 0 reason to smurf unless you got banhammered , absolutely 0. * playing a different mmr to be able to test out champions/roles/builds or anything else in normal games without worsening the experience of your team or getting destroyed (big thanks to all the tryharders in normals btw) * social opportunities like not beeing able to be tracked down by others * exploiting the daily win bonus to get faster to permanent champions without spending RP * playing with much lower elo friends who don't want to face players in your elo anymore (to keep the account on that mmr one has to adjust his skill to the lower elo also, so no stomping) These 4 work for me and just came to my mind. There are of course more, picked up by others. * playing on another server while keeping one on the original * beeing able to lead new players into the fields of justice with giving them advice in game Thank you very much to proving the list of smurf hating players who wrongly think their personal view counts as objective contains atleast one member.
"beeing able to lead new players into the fields of justice with giving them advice in game" this never happens ever whatsoever , maybe youre one of the few legit smurfs who like to venture to diff servers or whatever but this never happens , smurfs just want to shit on n00bz mostly. early release 1 week after beta since today player here btw.
MacDeath (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kechoplsgrpmid,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GEEjr1ET,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-06T19:26:36.632+0000) > > anyone who smurfs is scum tbh. Is that a general claim or do you admit that this conclusion is made solely by your bias against it?
general claim , play your main acc have pride in it , dont be a scumbag preying on weaker folks for muh lulz there is absolutely 0 reason to smurf unless you got banhammered , absolutely 0.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kechoplsgrpmid,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GEEjr1ET,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-06T19:26:36.632+0000) > > anyone who smurfs is scum tbh. No, they are not scum. Scum is a much better description for the TRULY toxic part of the LoL community. You know who i mean, the people that tell others to '%%%' or 'get cancer' and similar stuff. Smurfs are just that, smurfs. Smurfs are alot less troublesome than toxic people.
agreed those people are way worse , but 90% of smurfs are boosted accounts and hardstuck in d5. not to judge them i never moved out of d5 ever neither tried.
: OP claimed that Orianna bursted harder than Annie. I showed numbers to disprove that specific claim. Not sure how this is me being desperate or damage control. I directly disputed a point OP made. If Orianna is so braindead, why don't you play her?
let me explain why orianna is braindead , she scales with ap but hits like a truck with autos , she may be squishy but she has a selfshield , a n unpunishable zoning burst option , vacuum aoe that hits like a truck , autos become stronger more often she hits so also safe early , incredibly cant stress this enough , incredibly safe early and powerful late. there is a good reason she is in almost every progame because she is %%%%ing overpowered , one of many reasons why i cant take you guys at riot seriously anymore you shit out more and more "complex hard 2 play characters" whic hare just braindead statsticks with overloaded kits for the sake of "muh esports". i dont enjoy playing unfair champions matterfact i barely play league in general even when i peaked dia once , you lost your charm and are way out of touch of what is balanced and what isnt , look at kayne your newly released champ. he walks through walls , through freaking walls. whats next invulnerable while next to minions? true dmg on every skill ? shielding while attacking and bonus movespeed all the time? summa summarum , i can play whatever i want but i like to challenge myself so i pick underdogs such as teemo trynd which require actual braininput and have high risk high reward gameplay in every elo , orianna syndra maokai tresh are not one of those. overloaded kits do not equate to hard2play , back to the drawing board and stop releasing poopy overpowered stuff tbh. i am salty , a lot of people are salty with newly released champs up to the point we all ban them first 2 weeks until you retune them. by you i mean the company , not you as a person and ive absolutely no beef with any employee , but dont act like orianna has a high skillfloor , zed does , yasuo does theyre mechanically intensive - orianna is simply OP since birth and disgustingly broken.
: Help Vs Jayce as Tank.
hug tower bait him into trying to dive you , - do not "rush armor" like most %%%%%%s suggest armor doesnt do shit against anyone by itself , HP > SHIELDS > ARMOR in that order of importance in general. what you want to do is avoid poke , and absolutely avoid shockwave combo , after that feel free to all in.
Blackzine (EUW)
: If you were a Champion, who would you be, and why?
Sona to play with my huge titties all day while not talking to people and mash buttons on my accord.
: To all the people who tilt and say go next.
cancer lineup vs cancer , wow so incredibly full of wisdom mate!
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