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: Nah, those are fine. Programming whole combos into a macro is not.
: Chat macros, no. Macros that program certain abilities to be used quicker than human reaction, those are bannable. And they are manually reviewed on a case by case basis. Chat macros are 100% safe.
thank you very much x3
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: >For now, custom models and artwork sit firmly in the **“use-at-your-own-risk” **category, but we’re keeping an eye on them. We can’t optimize for assets we don’t develop, and if they do become a concern for any reason in the future (ie. they provide measurable player advantage), we’ll take action based on the stance we just laid out. >Gray areas aside, there are definitely applications which are just not okay, and while the number of players in this space are very low (think a fraction of a percentage), we remain vigilant and hand out punishments to those who show patterns of consistent abuse. > We reserve the right to take action against applications that allow the use of our assets for free (often referred to as skin hacks).
Thanks replying ^^ Will program be investigated and will it be safe to use in the future?
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