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Cypherous (EUW)
: Probably a routing issue, that or a fault somewhere between you and the servers, not much anyone can tell you just from that lag report alone
At this point i'm still really unsure. My brother hasn't been having the lag that i'm getting
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Eleat (EUW)
: Hi, That isn't a good thing tho, did you already repair the client with the repair button? See you on the Rift! {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I think it was a server based issue all fixed up now
ChefSauce (EUW)
: Did you also receive a penalty?
No penalty but half an hour wasted trying to get into a normal draft .-.
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Zyzyx (EUW)
: Yes. The IFS is not created for a specific language, it learns whatever is used.
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: Wile such a system _would_ work in many cases, it's very basic and just not as accurate as a machine learning system fed by our reports. If you're not talking about profanity and death wishes, but more delicate toxicity, the system relies on player feedback to determine whether a certain type of behavior is punishable or not. With the constant change of language (especially on the interner), new memes and trash talk appear. Stuff like "rekt" "bonobo" etc. simply didn't exist a while back. If the system can automatically adapt to changes in our language, Riot doesn't have to sit ontop of it constantly to make tweaks.
That seems fair enough, and context does indeed matter. But I think that for the extreme profanities which require little to no context such as 'go die to cancer' or 'hang yourself' a filter really would get rid of a lot of toxic players
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L0rdUther (EUNE)
: Bring back option to honor enemy players
Yes! I've seen so many players on the opposite team that have played with more honor than my side, we should be able to do this again for sure
noob infant (EUNE)
: there is nothing wrong with afk farming, maybe it's mundo strategy to farm and avoid fights untill he reaches some sort of powerspike. playing outside of meta or making decisions in game that are not in line with what the rest of the team thinks (like afk farming, not using the tp to follow, not roaming, not ganking etc) is not against the rules.
I think you misinterpreted what i mean, they use AFK farming as a means of throwing the game on purpose without getting banned. The other team can be breaking into your base and getting your inhibitor and nexus and this one player will sit on their lane and farm, sometimes they'll even say in the chat 'I go AFK farm noobs' or something related. They'll rack up a ton of farm throughout the game and not join a single fight, and it's a sneaky way of getting round the system
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: How do i report players selling eloboosting?
I hope you didn't click on any links he sent you, they are usually account stealers
: That's true. But everyone can do that, so why would there be a different average rank for sports than for adc? Bronze adc play ADC, just like challenger adc, only worse. Same for support. It's not like adc are higher rank on average because they carry differently.
: Then why was there a Support main Rank 1 in Korea for some time? And how do you explain all the support mains in challenger in any region
Bro i'm not saying you can't get high ranked as a support lol i'm saying that you aid your team in a different way, not by dealing damage but by cc'ing, healing etc
: ? Sometimes you get B sometimes A sometimes S Depends how good you play Nothing is "average". I guess around B+ A- is average grade. And if you meant ELO, there is no average rank either. There's bronze 5 support mains and there's challenger support mains. Average player in general is silver 3 or so.
Smerk (EUW)
: Take overall average rank and you'll get support main average rank. Do you really think that support mains are some special kind of people?
No, it's just that while playing support you can't carry the game by getting kills in the same way an ADC, Mid, Toplaner or Jgl could
Magneset (EUW)
: Maybe you should focus on the game rather than turning it into a debate club.
lol ^ I don't even know how the topic of Hitler can come into a game of league
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Noigan (EUNE)
: xayah and rakan are broken
When played seperately they're just annoying, but when they're together on lane they're broken as hell
Gengchen (EUW)
: Which champs do you play? I can recommend you morgana for climbing. Annie, bard, lulu and vel‘koz are good for carrying games as support too imo.
Sona, Bard, Morg, Shen, Karma, just started on Sion too
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: I want to thank you Riot Games
This is actually wholesome, good on you mate
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: Your views
There is no way in hell that deserves a perma ban, unless you've been super toxic before. That alone should be a temporary chat restriction at MOST
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