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03222019 (EUW)
: This time it's really harder to adapt to it, her visual effects haven't changed for long time and now all at once new visual effects which are hard to spot.
Hard but not impossible. You'll get there, play some training matches and just spam abilities for a good half hour until it's the only thing you can see.
03222019 (EUW)
I personally love the update. Her visuals looked so trash, now they're actually pleasing. And if you call yourself an experienced player, you have lived through countless updates and adapted to all of them. This one should be no problem at all.
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: Ornn is for sure over the top atm
Disagree. He is very easy to predict, and when his W is on cooldown, his damage potential is minimal. Fairly easy to trade against if you just don't let him AA you after you've been hit by a W.
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: what i learned in this "teamgame" is that your team has infinate ways how to punish u but none to help u.
Yeah, it feels like that sometimes, that's why I posted this.
: Another problem would be, that it would disencourage reconnecting as your team most likely has already conceded or given up, because it doesn't matter anyway.
That you could solve by adding a certain amount of time a player has to be actually disconnected.
: Mostly by harassment. One player gave first blood? Flame the shit out of him with 4 people and hope he leaves. Sounds like a great environment. You could also start communities to "trade" losses, register as a solo player, everyone gets a score and they receive points for taking losses. In a game with someone from your community and the game is going badly? The lowest score player has to leave. You could easily add tools and apps to tell each player when they have to dodge. Overall huge win for everyone in the community as everyone get's 4x the extra LP by not losing a lost game
Didn't think as far as entire communities around that. That would indeed be troublesome. Thanks for the feedback.
: Poeple would try to make an ally go afk by flaming/blaming him. If someone has bad stats, everyone would tell him "Go afk, you're the reason that we lost. So it's only fair if only you take the lp lose"... I personally don't think that you need such a system. If you win, because the enemy has an afk, you gain LP, but if your team has an afk, you lose LP. And as it is more likely that the enemy has an afk, you need afk in their team, you gain more LP than you loose through the existence of afk persons. Also it would mean nothing in the long ring - at the end everything would have more LP, so you wouldn't climb higher. (if everyone has more, you will loose a bit more by loosing and win less by winning to balance the lp)
Alright, those are some valid reasons, I understand what you mean. Thanks!
: It's Lol, people would abuse the shit out of this system
But how exactly, can you be more specific, using an example or something?
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