: Oh, sry on that one But why don't you write a longer, detailed post if you want to actually be competetive. A short post makes it seem shady, atleast to me
Was just looking for female junlgers interested to be in a team, some of them actually added me so I call it worth :)
Ohfellia (EUW)
: Yeah ikr the gender preference is quite weird. It sounds like a tinder thing
Why? There are competitions female only at a European level, so we are making a only female team to compete in this competitions. It doens't mean that I hate men, it means that i want to compete in one competition where men are not allowed. Tha's it.
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: Hello, 25 yo here, mainly I play during nights or late evenings. I'd grab mid or support, can also play adc. My elo peak is around 1950 somewhere s2. Been playing since s1. My support skill level is around mid diamond (according to my Diamond duo adcs).
Hey, the team isn't really working, all the girls that are on it don't really play that often... And it was so hard to find someone who wanted top or jungle, the two that I found don't really play a lot so we played like, only one game together. Anyway I'm main ADC and I was looking for a duoq, if you want we could try to duo sometime. If you are interested just add me on league :)
PreZu (EUW)
: :D ewww
Hey, sorry I didn't see your post until now. I didn't recieved any friend request from you neither I don't know who you added haha. But yeah the team isn't really working, apparently it's impossible to find girls that like top-jung and the two that I found don't play that much...
noisiVehT (EUW)
: LF DUOQ Gold high/Plat. NOW! NOW! NOW!
Hey. I'm looking for a duo partner. I'm only gold IV at the moment, was gold III a few days ago but tried to help a friend to climb and, well he fed hard in a lot of games and I got dropped xD Trying to get back to my elo again. My goal this year is to reach plat. I play mostly mid, adc and support. If you are interested add me in the game. If you are not, then good luck finding somene : )
: TOP / MID Laner Looking for a mature Gold+ Team
Hi, we are three people who are looking for a jungler and a toplaner to create a team. We are two golds on botlane and one plat on midlane. We are looking for people who want to play as a team and improve together, not being toxic, and not raging. If you are interested you can add me in game :)
: SEEK A TEAM. im PLat. english/spanish
Hi, we are looking for a toplaner or jungler. We are three people (two golds and one plat) If you are interested you can add me in game (i speak both spanish and english)
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oeL (EUW)
: ***
Oh thank you, that could help. I don't have ts tho, but if you know any girl that could be interested i would really appreciate it if you told her about this :)
: I guess their d*ck was faster adding you then their eyes reading the whole post X)
One of them was like "Oh, i didn't see the only girls part" ...like... yeah, sure
oeL (EUW)
: ***
Not gonna lie, already some guys have added me asking about the team x)
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: All right, I'm off to Riot Corp. Wish me luck! http://40.media.tumblr.com/f8346a1d543d4d8ba55532ffa59e59bf/tumblr_moz2390kyR1re0wxho1_1280.jpg
I'm laughing way more than I should


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