: For the first cc, but the second one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpYPaMDWh7s
Wouldnt you be already lost if you had to burn that much cc on Yi? I would personally just use W and kill you ofc. W/o qss.
: The enemy of Master Yi is any type of cc who last longer than 1.5 second. So if you have an support or mage mid in game then you don't have problems. The real problems appear when that support or mid need to hit the cc.
: nobody is going to answer your questions, since you didn't post your full chat logs. Which in itself says a lot.
I did not have my personal chat logs until now. I wont post them here, because there is some lines I have said that might be deemed as unappropriate it seems. At some level I do agree with the moderators and most levels I dont. And that is between us. It does not belong to you at any level. Your post (in my opinion) should be deemed as harrasment and treaded as such. (as the current direction seems to be).
V31751 (EUW)
: Chat restriction
I received my pre, in-game and post-game chat messages and I am still struggling for the reason. Yes I talked to my peers, but I did not say anything that could (SHOULD) be deemed as punishable.
: i'll state what riot stated on numerous other posts they can't give you LP directly as the lp you gain is calculated by a computer from the date it gets for that specific match so giving u an accurate LP amount is imposible the reason for you not getting LP is because you were afk for 6 minutes which is considerate as your loss no matter what happens saying that you play for no reason after you try to come back is also not the case at least from my point of view yes you still lost but i bet you my ass that if you didn't come back you'd be also reported for being afk where as this was less likely if you came back and tried your hardest
" they can't give you LP directly as the lp you gain is calculated by a computer from the date it gets for that specific match so giving u an accurate LP amount is imposible" lol what :D
V31751 (EUW)
: Chat restriction
I can write every 4 minutes and that is all I can do. Every 4 minutes I am allowed to write 1 line. I cannot talk all chat. Why?
Rioter Comments
V31751 (EUW)
: %%%% you RIOT (once again)
V31751 (EUW)
: %%%% you RIOT (once again)
?????????? My god
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Tarolock (EUNE)
: so you can buy a warmog and get full hp in 4 seconds, but casters cant get mana, ok then... btw if you are at it you should remove {{item:3802}} too, does the same
It is not about the mana but rather about ultimate cooldowns. Champion with huge AoE/cc ultimate abilities are now extremely powerful when fighting in limited space like Howling Abyss where you cannot recall to refresh your HP. Having PoM rewards no brain playstyle, where it is beneficial to use R any time it is open without even trying to look for a good play.
: How do supports carry the game?
Rahil (EUW)
: Game freezes with the only option having to hard restart my computer
Same thing happened for me too. There is also a lot reconnecting while in client (totally random how often), sometimes I dont join que while others in my team do. Some times latency spikes 1 ms and there is mini freeze. And once (yesterday) I got roll back after choosing runes and had to play game with runes I had previous game with different champion.
Rioter Comments
QancerClown (EUNE)
: Nerf Jhin.
Yea Jhin has been %%%%%%ed since it was released.
: Hard CC. He becomes useless.
Rioter Comments
Yutto (EUW)
: Katarina reverted??
She should be played ad heavy currently.
Rioter Comments
Kàźuya (EUW)
: You would think with the popularity league has it would have a better client?
Yeah, the client is horrible and it is actually the very same "New Client" Riot was very proud of when they were planning it for 5 years - Dunno why. Old one was ugly and it was at least part of Adobe AIR, I think, but it worked nicely. They made this client piece by piece beta testing its bugged released_beta_versions on willing players and after they did not listen feed back forced it to everyone. As everything Riot does, it is spaghetti, and needs more cooks to eat it than to cook it. WP and hey X Enable Low Spec and X Close client during game & Settings
KonDim (EUNE)
: I7 7820hk gtx 1080 fps cap reduction
: its working
It is not working. Still crashes before launching client.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, Messaging has been updated to reflect this issue. We're currently investigating, which is one of the reasons ranked queues have been disabled for the past while. We'll keep you posted as we get things back up and running again.
Well, that's a relief. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Verdizko (EUW)
: Unable to start a game
Yes. Riot WTF??
QuickJiiz (EUW)
: Like the automatic afk buster that detects afk griefers who opened at 10 minutes and just walk around in base so they don't get banned? You people are so clueless as can be to be honest.. Your game has slowly gone to waste ever since the lp + report system came in place. Ever since people knew they could report others, tolerance sunck and kept sinking. Nowadays we're not at 0 tolerance but at -100. I can agree that people should be able to report others when they get scolded with flame such as %%% or take a rope, your mum ... etc etc... But not when people call you out for bad plays.. When this happens and you get annoyed that just means your a stuckup spoiled brat who can't stand anything. Good luck irl btw! On a second note, Ppl play your game cuz they're addicted to it! and the variety of champs keeps them playing. and that's 1 of the 3 reasons why it's still popular. 2 is becuz High elo players keep playing cuz otherwise they'd have to go to work instead of streaming and that's a legit fact! Meanwhile low elo players are still shit, still as toxic and still 2017 as they can be. (which is explained above) 3 there is simply no other game around that is as "fun" to play as this one imo.. atleast not in this genre. The people behind the game on the other hand are just bleh. You can erase this post.. but it would simply be a shame.. cuz it would show that yet again the truth has to be hidden and that freedom of speech is taken away by a company who doesn't even have the right to :)
You are allowed to criticize other players for their mistakes. But when you do so, take a look at yourself before saying anything, and really think, if you could remember that one time you did a mistake yourself. Would you like others to point that out to you, or would you agree that you know when you did one, and don't need someone to unleash their frustration on to you?
Rioter Comments
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CiomkaRU (EUNE)
: Wow! Is it really such a disaster, that you lost **3LP** and had to wait **6 MINUTES**? If a game bugs once a while (like seriously, it happens really rarely), do you really have to make a thread on the forum, offending Riot? Well, if they don't like that, you can get banned, lol. Seriously, calm down. It's just 3 LP.
Riot wont ban you for saying %%%% them. I have done it billion times and yet still I am here. Sometimes it is fine to let out some steam and rage little bit towards the company. They can take it. Trust me. I mean this guy at least lost some LP, I was just disconnected from normal game because of maintenance and went full rage mode. :D @Lenks I feel ya bro
Perilum (EUW)
: Yes I know better. Maybe because I've a degree in Computer science and understand computer a bit more than you "gamers".
Perilum (EUW)
: That is not a problem with the game, when this only affects you. Fix your personal problems by yourself.
So you are suggesting that nothing is wrong with the League and it is just pure coincidence that we can play other games without any lag, but every time we launch League our computers stop working correctly? Such a extraordinary point of view, but clearly you know better.
: Riot fix your god damn game.
There has been strange performance issues with LoL as long as I can remember. For me example: I have capped 80 FPS stable in all circumstances except when any of the objectives on map is done by my or enemy team. Let's say enemy takes dragon, it causes my screen freeze for 1-2 seconds. Same with turrets etc.
: Patch 7.1: In-game FPS Decay.
Eambo (EUW)
: We have always left normal games enabled up to the maintenance time. Ranked queues are disabled 90 minutes prior to give people time to finish their games and ensure no new games are started, however we leave normal games enabled so the game can still be played up to the last minute. Normally we have messaging up at least 24 hours prior to make people aware of this however this particular maintenance was emergency to repair the MMR issues we've been seeing in ranked since the start of preseason. Apologies that this wasn't messaged clearly enough, but we will continue to leave normal games enabled when maintenance is upcoming for people to try and get a last game in - there's no guarantee you'll have the time but that's a choice available to you :-)
Dear Eambo, I really appreciate your answer. I do! It explained me clearly what you did wrong. Sincerely, V3
Viavarian (EUW)
: You act like you lost your account, a thousand euros and as if Riot killed your cat on top of it. In truth absolutely nothing fucking happened.
I know. And I am not _really_ gonna quit. Of course not. I have wasted over thousand euros but my cat is still OK nevertheless. I just like to rage at Riot and hope some of my messages during the years will catch them and they start acting like a provider.
: They done it to fix flex q placements jesus relax.You didnt lost something.
Lol no.
Infernape (EUW)
: All games in progress end in a draw and the stats don't get recorded. It's as if the match never happened.
I dont get why Riot cannot behave like a mature and good company and DISABLE que before maintenance. Fuck your Riot. You are just fucking awful. I swear I am not gonna play your shitty games after this disgrase. Fuck you. Sincerely, V3 Member since 2009
V31751 (EUW)
: Riot WTF
Dear Riot, It is me, your old pal V3, here! :D How are you doing? Me myself am not doing too well, COZ EUW IS FUCKING UNAVAILABLE DURING MY GAME WTF? RIOT wtf. Yours sincerely, V3 Beta
Infernape (EUW)
: Maintenance? Click the yellow exclamation mark at the top of the page.
Middle of my game?
V31751 (EUW)
: Riot WTF
[RIOT WTF](http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff39/ShagratCO/sdwe_zpsmkjvl532.png)
  Rioter Comments
: Can't login to chat (AGAIN)
SmB Koji (EUW)
: So those players are allowed
I quite often say "Hello, gonna feed" or "Hi, gonna be FB" as a joke or something like that. Hopefully Riot wont ban me when I really happen to be FB or feed my ass off. {{item:3070}}
: What are confortable champions for a top/mid laner?
Swain is insanely over powered. Pick him.
V31751 (EUW)
Patch note: Added champion tooltips for Antifun. CHAMPION TIPS: Antifun is STRONG against: Other champions [When you are playing Antifun, try to spam your abilities like a moron. Smash your face in to your keyboard to achieve highest possible damage output.] Antifun is WEAK against: Ban, DC [When you are playing against Antifun, try to ban him in champion selection. If that does not succeed; Try to DDoS him and his team early on to avoid seeing him in your lane.]
: every ult is like this, stop crying, fiora had enough nerfs.
> [{quoted}](name=xFeArtx,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sLv5asTx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-27T08:51:28.560+0000) > > every ult is like this, stop crying, fiora had enough nerfs. Yea. Giving her TRUE DAMAGE is quite a nerf!
Rioter Comments
V31751 (EUW)
: Hextech Crafting, Champion re-roll into permanent
Damn you Riot and your half finished shit! {{item:{{item:3070}}
Rioter Comments
Jοkεr (EUW)
: I'm having lag spikes ingame even if my connection is fine
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