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JamesIAm (EUW)
: With the new collections on the PBE I would love to see a skins page
I think that would be a nice thing yeah. I would totally like to know which skins I have, because I'm sure I forgot which I have XD
Chappurz (EUW)
: same here... had it before! last time it took 2 days for mine to be fixed by itself..
: Telfort is a subsidiary of KPN, so maybe it's a KPN issue. Hopefully it's fixed soon, since I'm also waiting for it to be fixed.
Declined (EUNE)
: [Resolved] [16-11-15] Log in Issues EUW - Telfort ISP.
What is your ISP? KPN Where do you live? The Netherlands When did the issue start making it's appearance? This morning.
: I can log on it's not an issue of the Netherlands but of Telfort, maybe call them instead of complaining to Riot. It's like playing with 1 mb/s connection and saying riots server laggs...
well it's not only Telfort, it's just NL... I don't have telfort and I have this problem.
ItsMozy (EUW)
: Can't login. Connection problems with
The Netherlands with KPN ;w; Am I the only one having this problem with KPN?
: I think it's for everyone in the Netherlands with Telfort...
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