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: Hmm for lefty purpose couldnt you just swap buttons in windows mouse driver settings? :)
im not a left handed actually i basicly want to use mb1 as a attack move instead mb2 but it doens happen i can change my right attack mouse to anything but not left mouse s io annoying
pawn ll (EUW)
: Navigate to your config folder (League of Legends/Config/) delete the "PersistedSettings.json" file and then open input (League of Legends/Config/input) Add in the following lines of code: [GameEvents] evtPlayerMoveClick=[Button 1] evtPlayerSelectClick=[Button 2] If [GameEvents] already exists, just add the last two lines below it (That would be if you already have changed current keybindings inside of the game).
thanks but changing something in game file sems like cheating? you sure is it ok to do?
pawn ll (EUW)
: would you like to swap left/right mouse button functions ?
Charibasa (EUW)
: probably because you have something else on left click, you need to change that one, i don't see a reason why it shouldn't work
yeah maybe also there are tons of videos on internet like change that documentry file to that one bla bla.. but it reall doesnt seem right eighter lethal. ill look that in game option more carefull
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Mackeral (EUW)
: Supp lf duo partner
hey would love try a game with you. g3 and all i do is adc. add me
Equestria (EUW)
: Plat1 Support, LF ADC for ranked
im gold3 but i would love to play with you; all i do is adc for a long time
: Caitlyn imo atm. really safe adc, has a good build path with hurricane. lucian is a good adc super mobile, very good midgam and stil decent lategame. Ezreal atm is pretty decent, pick it if you need kite or if you are runnin ga poke comp. Can pick sivir when you need abit more engage and waveclear. Every adc has a different meaning and purpose in the game, pick when you need.
yeah caitly was also in my mind like you said she has everyhing but still i think im gonna for the jhin and sivir ashe cait aaa so hard to pick cause i really dont wanna waste my time
: I'd say you should learn only the champions u enjoy playing and feel comfortable with. I know there are those really strong meta champions but every champion has they're weaknesses just learn to abuse them. I have just started to learn ADC role and i feel like kalista is my go to champion in that specific role, if you have any tips&tricks i should know feel free to share them with me :)
small advice^^ stop shift and right click. i know it seems very easier like this but if you try to play kalista like anyother adc's which means: A+leftclick or right click. it would improve your kalista gaming a lot more and neve be quick for your E let your E fly^^ make sure to take i the kill speacilly in team fight cause when its in cd then you really would have hard times people underarreat kalista's E so you can kill them just like that before even notice. Hope it would help^^
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: I think Jhin would be worthwhile learning. I don't think he'll ever be really weak, but can be one of those champions who can snowball very hard and scale well too. As well as being a tad mechanically demanding regarding his potential he'll be a very strong pick when played effectively.
yea im also thinking about him, i really enjoy to play with him but still need traning after dps champs its hard to get use to jhin
Silisa (EUNE)
: All 4 carries you mentioned are good. It depends on what suits you. Sivir is pretty strong now, she has a spell shield - good vs CC and great mobility with her ult. She has good wave clear and can deal a lot of damage. She can also run out of mana pretty soon, if you have trouble timing her shield. Sivir is all in that shield. Ezreal (with blue build especially) can get really strong too. He is more mobile than Sivir, which might suit you, since you are used to Kalista, but he relies a lot on his Q to deal damage and has bad waveclear (without his ult). He has a global ult, which can be pretty useful for clearing minion waves across the map, sniping people and stealing Baron/Dragon. Ashe has a lot of CC - her AA slow targets, her W slows targets, her ult stuns. Her ult is a global, which can be used in many ways. it can also fail completely, when you miss, but that's the risk you take. She doesn't have any build in mobility, but can stay pretty safe as long as nobody on the enemy team can jump right on top of her. Jhin - he has a fun kit. Doesn't have mobility, other than the movement speed boost he gets after every 4th AA, but he has CC - traps that slow, and a long ranged ability that can stun as long as Jhin or any of his allies has landed an attack on the enemy. His ult has pretty badass range and can deal a lot of damage. If you can position properly and there is no one on the enemy team to take advantage of your lack of escapes, you will do a lot of damage in fights.
great exp, thank you dude! but i think i go for the jhin and sivir or ashe instead sivir not sure still ^^
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hi Wisit [Surrender at 20]( to read about upcoming game updates and skins. But shortly: Infernal Diana and a set of SKT T1 team skins for Alistar, Elise, Renekton, Ryze, and Sivir to celebrate their victory as our 2015 Season world champions.
ah thank you, it will help a lot^^
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: gold 5 support searching team/adc
always need a good support just added, im sure we can do well^^
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Eveninn (EUW)
: [Summoner Name FAQ:]( > **There is a Summoner who hasn't played in months - can I use their name? ** > We perform automatic sweeps for Summoner Names based on inactivity. To learn more about these name sweeps, check out our [Summoner Name Clean Up article.]( ------------------------------ > Accounts that go unused for too long are susceptible to Summoner name decay. If an account hasn't played any games for a certain amount of time, their Summoner name will be flagged as available. The Summoner name remains on the account until another player claims it, at which point the Summoner name will be removed. If an inactive account loses its Summoner name this way, there will be a prompt to select a new Summoner name the next time that account logs into the client. > - Each Summoner name will have 6 months of inactivity protection upon creation. - Each Summoner name will earn an additional month of inactivity protection for each Summoner level above 6. - Inactivity is defined to be a period in which no games of any kind have been played on the account. - When inactivity protection expires, your name will be available to be claimed through the Summoner name Change service in the store. So if I read it correctly, if the desired name is Level 30, they will take 30 months of inactivity. (it all depends on the Level of the account that currently carries the Name)
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: Hi there, You can do that, and btw 3rd party programs are considered ok as long as they don't give you any sort of advantage for example a macro is not ok because you can bind a combo to a button and abuse it.
yeah i guess right cauase litterealy in game setting i can change my atack button to everything but only left mouse button. i think we would know it if there was a hard rule about it and who would care to click mouse button with which finger anyway. hope some rioter would confirm that
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: Never LOSS PREVENTED with afk in my team...
well let me give you my advice about how i jumped to g4 from s5. talk with your team, remind them ' dont you wanna get out from bronze to play with better players better game matches' remind them to stick together after 30minute cause its already too fast by itself and we can easly consider at 30m or even near 30m you are in late game so once ace or spilit mistakes can cost easly a inh for you or a 2 towers. remind them how drake buff is importand even if you didnt make a good start with drake buff you will be able to fight much easier. remind them to dont chase let the enemy go cause every time or most likely chasing ends with giving enemy double kill or even worst. before gam stars type there 'runes masteries' sadly people go in games with wrong runes time to time. and be positive 'remind them to be positive' last advice find a good duo where you guys can play ( do not play more than 3 duo cause enemy can be 5 and most likely they will be on TS or experience team) good luck!
Goodnigut (EUW)
: My real job is searching for jobs in a country that, as they said it in my face _"We do not hire immigrants"_. that's besides fixing computers and other stuff I won't share.
hope it will go all well for you soon!
: My job is in a supermarket. It's easy, not stressful, but sometimes it feels like an intellectuals downgrade, but it's only 6 hours a week and I go to school the rest of the time.
dealing with spolit customers hope its not bothering you
: I'm a bartender at a Australian themed night club in the UK, It is not stressful at all and overall my co-workers and my management team are the nicest people I have ever worked with :)
yay! tell us then some good easy coktail where we can drink with lol!
: I am a student right now, but in the summer holiday i usually work. Last year I worked in my village, like lawnmowing or keep the pavement clean. This year I am gonna work in Voestalpine (in austria), so I hope they take me. My father has some connections, so this should work and even if they won't take me I can still do the same job as last year. The work at my village was pretty much fun. My collegues were very kind (they were ale like 20 years older than me) and also the boss really liked me because I could handle the sh't work good.
yay keep it up! after city life, im sure village must be feel you good
GillyBeee (EUNE)
: I am studying software engeneering. Freshman. First year is very stressful ( especially on our college, because we have hardest subjects first year ) but i have good friends so we help each other and once or twice a week we play whole night lol and drink beer and have fun in dorm. {{champion:79}}
sounds great that, your collects are also playimg lol, great common!
: My real job is working as a Waiter/Clean around the Cafe :P only 16 so what can i do xD {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
yay and is there any dream job of your is in future?
Xrozz (EUW)
: i'm working in a trade Union.. stressful here and there.. but it's okay.
Larry (EUNE)
: Salesman/storekeeper/website supervisor for a baby stuff selling shop. I stay in the shop the whole day, and i get paid minimum wage. Funniest thing is, it's my dad's, and i wait for him to retire to actually change the sh1t out of the shop here.
oh its good but which means you have your own shop! no boss no stress
Perilum (EUW)
: Working 9to5 in the IT. Enjoying games. And trust me my friend, you will not want to play games 24/7, when you get 20+.
HdtvSK (EUW)
: Zombie apocalypse survivor. Great job, no stress.
haha choose yor champ then! with who you would def your self from zombies?
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
i understand you so well! people who you are working with when they r bad its just horrible :(
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Ylvain (EUNE)
: EUNE S5 Plat, S6 Gold main support/jungle/adc LF team for Q
hey im sure that we can do well, im playing since s2 and almost all i do is adc. gold atm. add me ^^
: Club for Support-Mains
hey guys, my main is adc and i believe this topic can really help me and you. over a year all i do is adc but nothing more. i know how to farm, how to take a good place in tf's or when to push lane or freeze lane. you can check my old games all games are well done. ' i was s5 2-3 weeks ago and now gold' i dont play always cause my study is hard but i climb fast. so add me please! im sure we can do well and climb a lot faster! nick: Carry Potter7
Rhotgeim (EUW)
: Gold 5 Support looking for DynQ Team / DuoQ Partner (Silver 1+, 18+)
that post just made my day, add me dude. im sure we can do great! all i do is adc overa year and im climbing fast gold atm.
: I'd like to i'm gold 2 supp add hey im a god
hey, i love to play with real support players. i play adc over ayear and im good at it. addme ^^
Dreapz (EUW)
: Come join our club! :D
can u explain what is it? that clubbing is itnew thing?
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Darani (EUW)
: [EUW] [Plat 4 Support Main] [Looking For Serious TEAM for online tournaments] [Do not add for duo]
i'm not in some team eighter plat but im sure a good adc player, over a year all i do is adc. i just love to add good supports on my friendlist. so please add me if you like
Gaddafi (EUW)
: So many games as ADC and Kalista :D +1 for that, gj.
yeah, all i do was vayne luci trist. specially luci trist cause the game its too fast by itself and early or mid champs are just great for meta but then i met with kalista and tried learn her badly and finally... i dont use shift to kite yay!
Luskebuks (EUW)
: good on you m8 you did !! to others: he's good to play with :) looking forward to our next match together
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: I have added you, been playing support since season 4 ;)
oh dude was your nick name crystal something? cause i guess i removed you already because it wasnt looking like a supp account but after i saw your comment i assume it was your smurf account ?
Paholila (EUW)
: added you
will look when i open pc^^
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