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: I don't thin you posted looking for advice but I'll give it anyway, you can ignore if you want but you did ask "What can I do" 1) "but what the hell can I do when 2 people go braindead in enemy jung in late game without vision to fight 5 people" In the last 20 Ranked solo games you have bought 1 control ward, you could help illuminate those pesky areas so your team is better informed of what they're running into. 2) "What can I do when we ace the enemy team with just me dying and my team not doing baron till the enemy xerath respawns to steal it with his ult" As the jungler, your life is worth more than most in these fights. You may benefit from not going for that last kill and letting someone else pick it up to preserve your life, or even to let someone die for you. The death of the jungler is a massive loss on objective power. 3) "what can I do about total inters letting people go 8-0 out of laning phase." Gank and try to leave kills. Access the matchup, if your teammate is the late game champ, try to find a way to stall it to his power spikes. If he's getting camped and you can't win a 2v2, try to camp a lane that has a way of dealing with their laner during mid/late. Sadly though, sometimes lanes lose, it's a fact of league. 4) "I went on a holiday so my skill has dropped a bit, but I'm still the only one who does decent." Use your ability to get other people fed and don't go for 1 for 1 trades. When you die 1 for 1 it might make you stronger, but it also makes your opponent stronger than the rest of your team. If you can't solo carry its not worth dying 1 for 1. The fact this post exists means you cant solo carry. (This is normal) 5) "Sure, I'm not a perfect player, I make mistakes but I dont lose the games like my teammates do." Yes you do. You win or lose as a team, a 5 man squad. You all win, or you all lose. So if someones doing poorly, you best find a way to help out 'cause he's 1/5 of your chance to earn some league points. 6) "Before I went on holiday, people actually had brains and knew how to close out games, now I just see total crap. I went from plat 1 promo to plat 4 ffs." Don't get tilted. There is ALWAYS something more you can do that you're not doing currently. Blaming others isn't helpful and gets you no where. Good luck on breaking the tilt, it hits us all sometimes.
2: I engaged as the jungler trading 5 for 1, pretty worth to me, means a free baron but if your team prefers farming while you spam baron and start doing it when the enemy starts respawning, is that really my fault? 3: I dont gank lanes which lose hard because of counter ganks so that's not what's wrong, besides if you check my jungle games, you will see that I have a lot of assists and not that many kills 4: I dont go for 1 for 1 unless I get a bounty out of it. 5: If only it was just 1 person.
Estti379 (EUW)
: >I went from plat 1 promo to plat 4 ffs. With your current attitude, you might end up in gold! (And, TBH, as long as you have that attitude, I hope that it happens to you.) It doesn't matter what you think about your teammates, they aren't the reason why you are loosing ranks. Your general ranking depends solely on you and your skill. If you are loosing ranks, it just means that YOU are doing something wrong. In the end, in each match there are only 4 possible slots to get "braindead" players, while on the other hand, the enemy team has 5 possible slots for such players. Just a thing to ponder about: maybe what is hurting your rank right now is your attitude towards the game and your teammates in general? Things of the like of being more aggressive/toxic towards your teammates, having a mindset of giving up more easily after mistakes that were made, getting way more frustrated/tilted during a match, and bring that frustration into your new match? If it isn't your skill that is the problem, then one, if not all of the above, could be the issue.
Why do you even speak, you have been silver for 3 seasons. In game I dont flame people. You tell me that when I lose rank, it is because of just me? Oh my.. Must I show you a replay of one of my games? You are telling the bs everyone says but the truth remains that it is a team game and you can't do sh-t if you are the only one with brains
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: thanks man
It's funny because you are listening to someone who has been stuck in silver or lower since s4.. Gold 5 isnt about objectives, your teammates wont listen anyway. Gold is all about hard carrying through kills and cs. Play a champ you can always win your lane with. If it is a champ you can snowball with, roam. If not, split push. Gold players cant react to that.
: The reason why players get stuck in Silver... (not really, just wanted to express my sadness)
Haha I love these comments. Before you tell me I am silver, I am in my 4th promo to plat 2. What this guy saus is real actually. People in the higher elo's troll the sh-t out of their games. How do I know? I am one of them on my smurf and I did it as well at the start of the season on this account. However, it is true that if you are good enough, you will climb. Give me 2 weeks and I will get your silver account to plat 5
Etherim (EUW)
: [Giveaway] Any skin at 975 RP Giveaway ! ;D
: So basically roam as much as I can. This is.. A good advice thanks! I had the mindset of roaming when I see a possible kill but it see what you mean: Even if they are in the position to escape easily my roam will chunck a piece of tower/ force the enemy jungle change position
If you keep roaming, your playstyle can be read, make sure to have wards in the bushes in case the enemy jungler shows up
: Twitch or Zac !
Of course twitch is harder.. Zac is broken atm and every braindead player who plays him for the first time manages to carry hard
Devil J (EUW)
: mmr is busted as hell
Yeah you are right, I'm playing on a smurf on which I have played 22 games in total. Won 17, lost 5 with an average kda above 4 on champs I try for the first time. I only gain 26 lp per win :/ On the other hand.. I only lose 12 lp
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: Can we talk about how bad is Perkz at Syndra?
Alright.. I guess I will explain, perkz used the ult for the greater good. Sure, it's better to het it on a squishy, but he cant get in range with the squishies so he used it on a tank to get more balls, with those balls he had a higher range on stuns and some of those won them the teamfight.
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: 67% winrate on lee, 67% winrate on blitz, 100% winrate on olaf and annie... Guess this guy will climb faster than you. Edit: his season 6 rates on his mains are even better.
No wonder you are stuck in silver 3.. Seen his kda on lee? It is below 1, he got carried and he played only 3 times on lee. He played once of olaf and annie. His stats are definitly not better than mine
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: "if u are good u will climb " line use by many forum user
Well.. one of the reasons you lose a lot is because you might get people who were plat/gold last season. They were either boosted or they don't care about winning. I didn't care about winning as well until now, over my last 20 games i have won 80% with an average kda of above 4 and a kill participation of above 55%. You just need to be happy when you don't get plat/gold. I prefer silver players myself as well
Fador (EUW)
: 5's Team looking for Top/Jungler(Gold/Plat+ players) - we play tournaments
Hi, I'm gold 5 now, season 6 plat. I main jungle, used to spam cho jung, but this season my main junglers are graves, hecarim and diana. Check my for my jung stats. I can speak English fluently. One problem is that I can't practice tomorrow as I am going on a school trip till saturday.
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luddigus (EUW)
: Need player for ranked flex
Well.. was plat as well, now gold soloq and silver flex, over my last 20 games I have a kda of above 4 with a kill participation of 55%+ stuck in ELO hell tho.. XD, add me if you are interested
Èureka (EUW)
: You have a 47% winrate. Way negative. and you're only G5. You probably lost the games you should have won and couldnt carry the harder ones. The sample you've given is far too small to be relevant.overall sample is in a negative trend.
I'm sorry that you don't know that in this elo people enjoy going 1v5 for no reason
Stell (EUW)
: > still winning only about 50% ?? As if it should be an automation that with 4kda and 56%kp you should have a high winning ratio.
It means that I am the only good player in my team all the time and that my teammates are bonobos, I'd like to see you carry 1v9
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: Liverpool FC ( Esports )
Just like their football club, they will never win the league!
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: RP contest ^.^ Best nickname
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: The ranking system is not balanced?
Well.. You are right.. I was plat last season, could have climbed higher if I kept trying but plat players are c*cky so yeah.. But this season, when I meet someone as my direct opponent, who was gold 5 last season, I know I will win easily.. No matter what people say, the difference in skill between elo's is pretty big..
skocc (EUW)
: OMG change this god forsaken, rage inducing leaver punishement system seriously!
Lmao.. I leave games but I dont even have a 5 min low prio.. Feelsgoodman
: Help guys, My name is Kelvin, I am 17 years old and I am from the Netherlands as well. I ended plat 5 last season but I had the potential to climb higher but I for bored and did not take ranked that serious anymore. I can play any lane except for adc. Jung: Cho, diana, heca Top: Cho, jayce Mid: Ryze, viktor, Cho, Diana, Annie, Lb Supp: thresh, blitz
Eowak (EUW)
: Looking to form a new team
Help guys, My name is Kelvin, I am 17 years old and I am from the Netherlands as well. I ended plat 5 last season but I had the potential to climb higher but I for bored and did not take ranked that serious anymore. I can play any lane except for adc. Jung: Cho, diana, heca Top: Cho, jayce Mid: Ryze, viktor, Cho, Diana, Annie, Lb Supp: thresh, blitz
: > [{quoted}](name=Zoé,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OqEFll05,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-12-14T02:19:33.849+0000) > > it says i'm the best mordkaiser on EUNE (first penta of the year) glad to know that :D {{champion:82}} This was my build for 1st Penta of the year with {{champion:22}}
It says the same about my cho.. on this account and on mys murf.. dw.. it is all a lie :/
TTekkers (EUW)
: Haha, you obviously weren't playing 2-3 seasons ago. It would often happen that you get 2+ kills in a single, short, teamfight and not get a double (or higher). The timing used to be insanely short. Anyway, 10 seconds, are you high? That's enough time to take the baron after a teamfight recall, sell all items, buy 6 tears and cry in base because you didn't get a penta.
Yeah I am not allowed to ask questions according to you, so sorry, but dw lad, stay in silver and keep complaining about how bad your teammates are.. Besides, I did play 2 seasons ago :/
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Swaguani (EUW)
: > why he gets ppl who are playing like platinum+ I checked that vid, if those are eune plat the; ''eune plat=euw bronze myth'' might be true 8-)
I am plat and I can tell you, plat is overrated... Plat is like bronze-gold.. No skill is needed to climb. A good example? Me.. I main jungle but when I play mid I get 50 farm per 10 minutes... I am still useful in the game and I win my lanes...
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