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: its been this way for at least 2 years, some people say "riot does bots ban waves". But, out of personal experience, every bot accounts that i've tracked have still been playing even after 6 months. Which means they either did NOT get banned. Or somehow, that "mythical ban wave" happens less than twice per year. Also, due to "name and shame" stupid rule on boards, you can't even put the bots names here because the MODERATORS WILL PROTECT THE BOTS!!!!!!!!! So, riot is basically, not banning, but protecting these cheaters. If you play 5 Co-op vs Ai games, you will get from 3 to 15 bots in them >.> in your own team. Its not even a random occurrence at this point. It happens very often. But again, moderators, riot and even white knights here on forums are going to protect the bots, report you if you put their name and so on. Its a corrupt vicious cycle.
yup, i get all bots on my team too, they stand there and do nothing causing me to try and make it alone which is very hard and has caused me many losses..wish they would sort it out cuz im gonna leave soon :(


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