Dobby73 (EUW)
: League Freezes for 1-2 second every minute during the game
i have that to. i don't know the solution.. but i will like to know it to! (for when i can play lol again)
: Hextech Repair tool wont install
a solution some one?
: The Honor System
I have 14 chests.. and an avg of 1 key per week..
: Honor system
Honour is made and given by people. If the people make it a joke.... then it is.. same as the 'metal of honour' if everyone makes a joke out of it... it Will be.. In other words: those people are the joke.
: League is actually dying
Actually? Based on a feeling is "Actually"? Man man man....
VaVoem (EUW)
: Just want to post this here
Tnx for the comments and a bumb for all that did not see this vid yet ;)
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: multi billion dollar company btw
MadEclair (EUNE)
: Premade groups lobby bugged, unable to start a game
VaVoem (EUW)
: overall dmg of Pyke
i'am hoping that the dev team can answer this one way or an other :)
: The Fiddlesticks Situation
his ult needs an extra passive, like fear for 1 sec. and when he channels his ult he must me immune to dmg (or fear all).
watsgame (EUW)
: wind
is this a question? if so.. what is the question?
Smerk (EUW)
: He is support and his ratios aren't that great. He's more of hit and run type of champion, can't really go in solo as other assassins
yes that is what i already said..
Smerk (EUW)
: It is normal in all tiers, one defeat is enough to demote if you have no protection. You get protection for 3 games after winning promos, so obviously you didn't have it
T0hir0o (EUW)
: Got demoted from Diamond IV to Diamond V losing 1 game
seems a bit harsh.. Riot ! plz i wanna know for when iam in diamond :)
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VaVoem (EUW)
: Pyke Ult Bug
this msg is for riot and they can see it. they have the link
FedAnimal (EUNE)
: Lost promos by champ select
uhm what is the question? and what do you want from riot?
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Quinzley (EUNE)
: I have never understood the claimed ability of words to “hurt” people.
then you know you still have stuff to learn :)
: rly disgunsting .. i've been waiting for lke 3 hours now ... :/
that are 3 hours you did all kinds of usefull things.. be happy Riot helped you doing all that shit your ratter avoid.
Luissim0 (EUW)
: I can 100% tell you if someone wrote kill your self in a game you get punished for it so far every person i reported that said that in a game got punished within 5mins :)
but if they said it with a spelling error.. then nothing happens
: Reporting toxic players in Normal games
agree 100% When 'you' break the law or code of conduct. there must be 100% chance 'you' get punished. Riot can do that...
: bronze
play 200 games. then lets see where you are then :)
lars22 (EUW)
: So what is the point? Can you be a bit more specific about what bugs you so much? Do you want to suggest changes?
some only want to express there feelings :) thats it.
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: What game we play ?
In the Netherlands we have two different words for being in love, and loving some one. There is also a difference in the brain how it works. You are no longer in love and you see how the game really is (trough your eyes). All the time you played LOL, shaped your relationship with the game. If you had a Blast every game with friends on LOL. You probably were still in love. (I know the word 'love' is exaggerated... i hope you understand)
Rismosch (EUW)
: Video should've been named "Mediocre plays that still destroy people, because the champion was OP"
some one needs to get some...
die Nihil (EUW)
but the real question is... why do you only play bot games ? {{champion:20}}
: Yes 20 other people on my friends list across the globe have pc/network problems, you're right. None of us have the required technology to use the client properly anymore. Stop defending Riot. They did something wrong last patch. And now they're fixing it. I'm not one of those 'omg riot balance team is so bad, riot can't do anything right, riot doesn't care about their players'. This time it is Riot's fault. And if you can't see that then I'm sorry to hear that.
ow. do you know what you all have in common? then you can find out what to problem is and find a hot-fix or work-a-round. Or.. hope that riot will fix the problem atm :)
Danneyftw (EUW)
: Bugsplat is becoming a serious problem.
i don't think a lot of people have that problem. are you sure you have all the latest drivers and most important.. does the software you have now for your gpu any known problems (look on their forum).
: what the %%%%, that would make no sense.
: And you can't see other champions only those invisible champions!
looks fun but not posible. Eve cant do shit then and rengo cant aa when in his ult. and so on ;)
: Did you watch too much Naruto? Kakashi + Obito Kamui
Rioter Comments
: Yep, that's not League of Legends anymore. Stupid Runes, stupid Zoe and stupid HP bars.
Rioter Comments
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XeNvictus (EUW)
: But i have anger problems .
Problems need to be solved. What are you doing about that problem? (Dont answer it, but think about it and the start doing it)
VaVoem (EUW)
: Whip-it Champion
i was hoping for some more feedback. maybe the timing was not optimal, the idea is just not good or the title is not enough clickbaity.. anyhow.. this is a final bumb :)
Potchikir (EUW)
: A: pls comment :) B: commenting
Thanks for that comment! And have a happy new year! {{summoner:30}}
: Am I in ELO HELL?
You are in ELO HELL if you are almost every game the best, but you cant carry enough to get your self out.
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Zanit (EUW)
: A new champion with a whip
i had this idea couple of weeks ago :) Passive: "Whip it! one at a time" The skills have there own cd's but during the channeling / using the whip, the other skills are on hold (not R). Q: whip tip: (very small aoe) when enemy is hit his screen blurs for ((X) ms) and do tons of dmg. but the cast range is fixed. W: Whip sweep: Aoe in a cone from left to right (she is left handed =^.^=) when hitting a champ it wraps around it and stun it for fixed 0.25 sec. minions get 50% les dmg bcz the whip flies over there heads. big jungle monsters works the same as champs. E: "Got-jha" / "Hold this": the whip curls around the feed of enemy and drags him ((X) ms) and do dmg according the distance he was dragged. (((_nice combo with Tresh lantern or Poppy that hammers you away_))) "Hold this" trow the end of the whip to team mate and he holds it and the whip is a bounce of barrier (like the old Azir R) from both sides for all players, can be jumped,flashed over but dashes trow back the player twice as far back ("Hold this" will then end prematurely) (((_can be used for some unique safes_))) R: Las-Yoo: channel for ((X) ms) and Trow a lasso (minimum range the loose will be round, max range the loose will be more like Yorick E). All enemy champs in the loose will crop up together and stunned for ((X) ms). If only one champ is in the loose he will be snared. (this champ can be played in all roles)
: > [{quoted}](name=VaVoem,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=t6AsBkna,comment-id=000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-18T17:42:25.624+0000) > > and yet again you assume i pretend. You do because you have no proof it would work yet you claim it would. > [{quoted}](name=VaVoem,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=t6AsBkna,comment-id=000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-18T17:42:25.624+0000) > > read the rest and you will know Overwatch did this. 1 - Source? 2 - you admitted it didn't work. 3 - LoL is even harder to analyse. > [{quoted}](name=VaVoem,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=t6AsBkna,comment-id=000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-18T17:42:25.624+0000) > > I know now it had not the desired effect, but it is possible, or do you think Overwatch lied? Again, source? Also, I have never said that you can't try to build a system such as this one. But it just won't bring any desirable results. Get over it.
guess a man can never win an argument with a women based on logic ;) so this will be my last.
MadEclair (EUNE)
: > i think this was Riot's idea for some time **Doubtful. ** Grade system favour off-meta picks - picking the opposite role you're supposed to go with any champion will most likely result in high grade even though the overall score might be poor compared to mainstream role or even other champions performing in the role you chose. It's calculated based on average score based on role/lane. To fix that you would have to set a constant for every champion/role combination. But the meta shifts with every patch, even the minor hot-fix wich makes this impractical. Current system while not flawless is probably the best way to go. It's used in every single teambased game for a reason - because players are supposed to work as a team and as a team they should be judged.
it is 100% true that i think that. :) the rest... mheemm you are probably right :)
: > [{quoted}](name=VaVoem,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=t6AsBkna,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-18T16:31:53.146+0000) > > you dont know what i know so dont even go there. lame feedback.. ??? You pretend that there is a way to have grades represent accurately what a player brought to a game. I'm telling you there is not, because LoL is way more complex than you pretend.
and yet again you assume i pretend. read the rest and you will know Overwatch did this. I know now it had not the desired effect, but it is possible, or do you think Overwatch lied?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Current grades are unreliable, but because they don't mean as much it's fine. also > When the ranking is based on grades it is less likely that people troll / int / afk bcz they are the only one(s) that are losing points. > This way all the players play at there own skill level. > No more boosting. > No more frustration > More happy people > With the new competitive Clash coming out it is a good time to start this in solo/duo and flex i know overwatch has this system and none of those things disapeared, it's just a different system in the background, but for the end user the result is the same.
i didnt know this. tnx for that info :) it is a shame that it didnt work out for Overwatch. but is was worth a try :)
: > [{quoted}](name=VaVoem,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=t6AsBkna,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-12-18T06:23:25.733+0000) > > 'never' is exaggerating things. you think it is not possible to make the algorithm work? why is that impossible? Because LoL is way more complex than you realize.
you dont know what i know so dont even go there. lame feedback..
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