: I Want to Say This to Riot, LOL & the Player Base
Hi ^ω^ This is my first post here, I just read the boards from time to time. I was wondering whether to write to you, because I'm struggling with social anxiety and I'm not a very sociable person >.< (I don't even have an instagram or facebook etc) but I just have to write this..I want you to know you're dear to me :) I'm struggling in life too (and by seeing your icon and name I think you love rock and metal music just like me ^-^) and I know how you feel and it's truly breaking my heart. League is really good if one wants to escape the reality for a while. Nowadays some people tend to make fun of depression and anxiety and meme about it, but I know the majority of them doesn't know how scary and destructive it really is, because they have never really experienced it. I just know some of the people will understand it's true meaning when they're older, because sadly, life is getting harder and harder everyday for the large part of the society. I can tell that you're a precious person just by seeing your writing style (not some 'lol u r noob k*s haha' kid) and I wish I could hug you (◕ω◕). I think you don't even realize how intelligent and valuable you are ^-^. We can play some ARAMs from time to time together but only if you want :) You don't have to chat with me about yourself or about anything if you don't want to, we can just enjoy some ARAMs sometimes (I mostly play arams nowadays (this is one of the several LoL accounts that I created) and I don't really like to talk about myself :3 ) I'm not toxic and friendly, chill in games :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}


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