: @Vapour @FollowMe4Candy a 6 hour ago and 7 hour ago comments on a 3 year old post, im here because i also got this message this morning, if 3 people now got this recently then i think there is something wrong with the clients for some people. how mine began was the client wasnt opening so i went on my task manager and the only things that were open were something like riotcrash services or something like that. i closed those things and when i tried to start LoL again i got the message
Hey, i fixed my problem a long time ago.. I remember that it wouldnt open on any place, the shortcut the source folder, it wouldn't even lt me uninstall league of legends... After doing some heavy research, i decided trying to just add the dll file straight to the folder... thats what fixed it My guess is that the update was going to replace the dll file with a new one, but since I interrupted it just at the right momment it deleted the old one but couldnt add the new one in time.. some easy configuration of the update sequence can be changed to avoid this :D but i guess it's extremely unlikely that this would happen again. and i believe that your problem was a bit different since runing as admin worked for you
Don't know if its still relevant for others, however i had the same problem, after exiting client mid update... fiex it after downloading the specified file and uploading it to the root folder of league of legends. Other sollutions specified before were all but useless in this case


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