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: STEP 1: Create & Play a Custom game(make sure you're alone) STEP 2: While you're inGame, hold down CTRL + ALT And press DEL to get to emergency menu and open TASK MANAGER. STEP 3: Look for LeagueofLegends.exe in PROCESSES(it has the old LoL logo)which uses the most space commonly. STEP 4: Right click on LeagueofLegends.exe and click Open file location. STEP 5: You will see some files and LeagueofLegends.exe itself. RIGHT CLICK on LeagueofLegends.exe and go to PROPERTIES. STEP 5: Uncheck the "Always run as administrator" Apply > OK = DONE Aloha!
Dude i would lick your balls if Internet would it make possible! Worked!
: "You have disconnected, please check your internet connection and try again."
When you have an solution post it here,im having those issues for 1,5 months now and im still not through this,i can join 80% of the games by shutting my firewall completely off but some games you still cant join. I dont know what to do from this point either.
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: LF a Ranked Team EUW (German Pref)
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