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: I HATE PRESEASON (now that I got your attention, click me)
I don't like to be forced to alpha test their mad ideas. They have like a whole server dedicated to s#it like that, why would they put whole game into unplayable mess instead?
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who got a lot of problems with my game when preseason started?
client started to be like 5fps for no apparent reason plus often bugsplats whenever somebody is using new rune. otherwise fine.
MinKsTeR (EUW)
: remove omnistone
From all the new things in this damned 9.23 this rune is one of the least annoying thing to deal with.
: A {{champion:86}} level 2 with {{summoner:14}} won vs a {{champion:14}} level 1? Damn, {{champion:86}} must be broken...!
So, tanky pick with giga mobility, spells that you basically can't miss and shitton of damage is supposed to punish everyone including tank picks since the very beginning? Do you know how the rest of the game went? He built Phantom Dancer first, still went unkillable for the rest of game. If you put better Sion in instance result would be pretty much the same. AD/Crit Conq Garen this patch always rapes Sion, goes top1-top3 damage and barely dies.
Vas34 (EUW)
: This is how laning vs garen this patch looks like. As anyone.
SO, 8/10 of people say that I'm wrong/play wrong/"bully weak Garen on forums"/expect Sion to have more sustain on lvl1 than Nasus who in my hands never die at level 1 (except it's a nunu gank or something). Funny to read you lads.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Cypherous (EUW)
: What invulnerabilities are you referring to, his Q? Just CC him and delete him with your carry, if you can't do that then you kind of deserve the loss
I was not refering to Master Yi abilities specifically, I mean the situation when people pick multiple champions with invulnerability abilitiy in order to make him unkillable. Such as Taric R, then Kayle R making the total duration of unvulnerability for like 6 seconds.
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