: Thanks Riot games :D
We had an inting Ahri in one game. He just ran down mid every time. We didnt talk to him, we ignored him and reported him after the game. I didnt even start the next game and I got feedback that he has been banned. See? You dont have to be toxic towards that someone, just report after the game.
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: i got recconect and just get ban to 5 min... When i need to pick.
I left after 15 mins and I cant log in now :^)
Kite Q8 (EUW)
: Yes leave, the whole server is messed up atm NOT only ranked as Riot says in their announcement :)
At least the guy that was stuck with me was nice and we didnt get bored. After 15 minutes we decided to leave.
: Champion select issues
http://prntscr.com/ld8la2 Update: nobody else is replying to us so did just us 2 get stuck plus the guy that left?
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Zibo420 (EUNE)
: Yes, please. I am from Croatia. I know speak english, but i want see my language in this game. :) Thanks!
Bas i ne znas da pricas engleski :')
: And i want this :D but riot dont need more project skins {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} , need skins for lux, jinx and more who have 8+ skins ---_--- {{summoner:3}} Never main, i love Riot games <3 {{summoner:11}} {{champion:117}}
Lulu legit got a skin 2 months ago... why would we need more lulu skins? (says a lulu main who has spent all the money for damn skins and chromas and icons related to lulu)
: Evo ja cu da prevodim Phase Rush - Fazno Žurenje Trinity Force - Sila Trojstva Executoners Calling - Zov Pogubljivaca Ne bih igrao na Srpskom (Hrvatskom ili sta god vec) ni da mi platis. Jednostavno je krindz. Nauci Engleski, koristice ti i van igrice.
zov pogubljenih je pravilnije a i zurba > zurenje
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: You was gold last season, what's more gold 5. You can't start new season with rank higher then the previous one. Also it looks like your placement wen 3/7 (unless op.gg shows a wrong data). Everything looks fine.
My friend got mad at riot for being placed at b3 after he won all placement games. He was b3 the season before.
: Thank you support team!
That support team has helped me with a lot of issues, replied in less than an hour (the record was 7 minutes) to my emails and banned people I reported thru email when I forgot to report them after the game. I actually really like riot support.
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Leguik (EUNE)
: Someone up for an evening/night climb?
I have EUNE acc and im silver 1 with 79 lp and im just too lazy to play alone... if you still need a duo tell me so i can add you :D
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Smerk (EUW)
: Advice: keep talking to support in that same ticket. It's normal practice to lock account until they can confirm ownership
Restalious (EUNE)
: Greetings, Stay in touch with the player support he will get it back soon.
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: Riven Commission
I wish i could get £50 for a drawing :') Well done
: >Vatreni čvarak Hahahahahaha
xDragon (EUNE)
: can i get gold through provisional games if i was silver last season?
I won 10 out of 10 games on another acc and got into the same exact elo that that account was in the previous season
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: 89 lvl and you have another main?
A smurf to rush through the gold elo :^)
Nikoła (EUW)
: Dia 4 Adc Main LF Supp Main D4+
: Suggestion about toxicity punishment system
Im passionate about winning, I get frustrated when I lose, get camped, trolled etc. Do I flame anyone? No. I can behave like a normal human being.
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: Sorry for my selfish opinion, but I couldn't care less. Trash-mentality players like you will never even get close to being matched with/against me, you're all stuck in low levels and low ranks. There are many others just like you, hope you meet them as well. Is a ban worth smthn ? Well, I have 1.7K$ invested in my acc, and roughly 5K hours, D4 70% WR. It would definitely suck to lose this acc. On the other hand, if you're satisfied with lvl 20 monkey-madness ape fiestas on a 0 skin acc, playing free champs, if that is lol for you, than you, you're right. A ban is worth nothing. However I feel that you never even got to play a single quality match, and you will never do. So by you trolling, do you accomplish anything ? No. you're irrelevant, at the bottom of the pit, never to see the sunlight ever again. Rotting away, hand in hand with your kind. Enjoy buddy ! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: ADC looking for a support main [gold-plat]
I find it rather strange that youre plat1 but wouldnt mind gold support, because people usually look for duo thats higher rank than themselves.
msdimca500 (EUNE)
: Ummm 10 games
When youre at 0 lp and you dodge you go into negative lp points so if you dodged quite a few games, you had eg -40 lp, won a game, got 21 lp so its -19lp left to go.
msdimca500 (EUNE)
Did you dodge any games?
: How to win.
I just lost a game where we were so close to win, but our brand support tried to make some big plays alone and died and since we tried to help him, everyone else died (except me) and i couldnt deff vs 5 of them so they just hard pushed and won within those 40-50 secs.
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Tragos1234 (EUNE)
: My attitude is bad, cause you are guys are acting like idiots, not all of you but most. You see, the guy i say is paid from riot, at least tried to argue and gave some statistics and opinions, and also tried to say why the ban for int is hard. The guy above archnero1 if you can't understand it and my dear gold support main player, is neither giving an answer, why the ban system is so bad and bans for toxicity in one game, and never ban trolls and inters. Instead when i refer the second example of trolling, he suggest game strategies. Yeah that's why i am here, to hear your strategies my dear goldies. I am not here to wine about the bad banning system,neither to talk to someone from riot. I am here to listen bronze strategies of how to adapt to a guy typing me that he trolls me, then troll me and then as usual go to the next game without getting banned, and for the one's typing how you now, I CAN JUST SEE OP.GG. Yesterday i was watching Dyrus streaming to EUW, he made a good tp bottom but his team trolled him( of course because you think as a goldie you wont understand it) and instead of following the enemy for a good tp fight, they started farming the bot lane, like 3 people farming botlane, while also baron was up. So dyrus types i won't come to baron now, i will stay bot, cause he is pissed off the reaction of his team. And here as the guy like you, the janna who is offended by dyrus, and types reported. Report for what, refusing to communicate? You just did the same thing. You know what is the next step for dyrus, just mute all. You guys believe that you are the grand strategy masters, the other guy said 100% winratio on his go mid strategy, i suggest you do it every game and then plz inform us you ever got a ban cause maybe with some luck 9 guyz will report you. Even if i was a challenger player, you would suggest the same strategies, because yeah, we are hard stack gold platinum, we know everything about the game. And now that i stop talking about you, i will end with real reason i made the post. CAN YOU DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE BAD BANNING SYSTEM?! For all of you talking about me be toxic, i will never get banned again, or perma as you wish, cause i am not that dump. As i did 6 years playing this game. And in 6 years this is the first time i post and god i wish i never did, because you can't even discuss about the problem. Like i give a damn about my 10 games chat ban, yeah give that man a cup who told even this, i am here cause i can't continue my life with 10 games chat restricted. And of course not because 3 trolls in one day will NOT GET BANNED.
Before you say anything about my main role and rank - i can play league only 1-2 days in a week so i cant really practice enough; all my friends are adcs mains and want me to support them, but i mostly enjoy jungle. He didnt say to go 2v1 mid whole laning phase. He could have meant push top wake, roam mid if its pushed, get a kill, go back top etc. Thats what i do when im top and i have an opportunity to help midlaner. I know what trolling is. I had trollers in my teams and inters and everything, but those words are too commonly used by those who dont understand the game consept. You die to first blood and someone says "ff @20 report him for inting".
Tragos1234 (EUNE)
: I have many bad games that this happens. But this doesn't answer my question my dear gold friend. Why is toxic so easily bannable while inting and trolling is not. If your answer is about difficulty, mine is very simple.The old system was better, league of legends is a 8 years old game, find a different way.
Because toxicity is easy to catch, you cant know when someone is having a bad game or intentionally losing. You cant have a rioter spectate every single game where a person is reported for trolling.
: I agree, the riot system is bad. You should not be banned for this. Yes you were perhaps a bit negative, but i mean as far as i have read ( i just flew over mostly ), you didnt insult anyone in an offensive way.. Maybe you should get a chat restrict or something at most imo, but what are you gonna do . Chat is only to say nice things, and talk about love. The riot ban system is filled with PC, and it's atrocious.
Just a reminder, he probably got punished like 3 times at least. You cant get a chat restriction after a 14 days ban.
abelha (EUW)
: its not ban worthy (assuming you didnt edit the chat), people here in the boards will always say its deserved no matter what, never ask if its deserved or not in the boards.. try contacting them through support tickets
He deserved it. Negative attitude, report calling and blaming. When i see that "ff we cant win" at 8 min mark because team score is 0/4 I want to slap them.
looonster (EUW)
: Play until your on the side without int feeders/trolls.
If someone unluckily dies on lane 2-3 times its not an inter or feeder. Just saying.
: ***
And a "christianized turk" is a nice thing to call one nation? Lol
Tragos1234 (EUNE)
: Seriously all of you telling about toxicity, ignoring the fact that inters nearly never get banned anymore, combined with the bad balance of the game and the even worst matchmaking(When ever i get to 70%+ win ratio, it is almost certain that i will get the worst teams). You try to call a player that was warned ONCE as toxic, a player that plays this game from SEASON 2 and was never BANNED. After 2 games i play top 1vs2 lane cause the enemy have no jungler, my jungler takes blue and goes to take enemy red. I type i can't believe you are going to his enemy red, his reaction "i am gonna ignore top for the rest of the game".I guess this guys is totally not trolling and should keep playing the game, while i played again "normal"(yeah right if this is called normal) game as tryndamere 1vs2 janna,vayne. And the best part was the matchmaking that decided that a challenger vayne main and a d3 adc main should play against unranked, gold and maybe platinum players. I even regret making this post cause i was pretty sure that the reaction would be this.
I had a bad game where I went 0/4 on my lane and in team fights I literally carried and split pushed when I could, then again team fight that we win thanks to me. I believe i ended that game with 7/5 and we won.
Tragos1234 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fsv8bc8q,comment-id=000400000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-20T20:18:35.777+0000) > > This discussion leads nowhere. You got punished for breaking rules. You are now trying to excuse yourself by calling everyone troll, inter. Anytime someone says anything different to you you call him troll too. Obviously you dont wanna accept that you are at fault here, meaning you dont intend to reform. Which means soon enough you gonna complain about perma ban. Pointless. I can't deny that i want pretty much to flame you cause you are clearly the reason i made the post.But i am not gonna do that.Instead i am gonna say to you what will happen in the future. First i wont create a post again here cause it is pointless. Second and be sure about that, i wont get a perma ban. Third i will ask everyone to read your comments just to see that you are at least funny. Typing stuff i didn't do or say, suggesting me to ADAPT when i meet a troll and clearly not noticing that i only compare him to the guys i talk about and generally pointing him as the reason that you guys will keep getting banned for flaming in one game while the inters and troll will keep playing the game.Congrats.
Your attitude is awful. You deserved ban. You dont accept people trying to help you and explain to you what to do in those situations. Youre either a rude adult or a spoiled immature kid. Accept their help, thank to them for trying to help and you wont be at risk of a prema ban if you change your attitude.
: My friend was WAY more toxic than i am over multiple games and he only gets a chat restriction Why is league so harsh..... even roblox is more lenient and its a kids game
You got punished for your behaviour, not for his. You had enough chances.
: yes i can i played 1 with a friend and he was gold 1 :)
Im gold 4 on flex and I couldnt play with my friend who was unranked on flex at that moment :/
: Main ADC is looking for a Team/Duo partner
You can duo with bronze/silver/unranked right now, Im not even confident if you could que up with a gold player. So I guess you should get at least gold and then look for platinum duo :)
: Idea for skin trade in league
Its a bad idea because people would abuse it. eg. Make new accounts, level them up to get a few chests for skins and trade skins to their main account.
SikumKxx (EUW)
: yes but it is not my fault and i am not intentially leaving, this happens to be the fact my wifi being terrible and my lsptop of a low standard, i cant just no play the game as i generally like it but also the whole riot ban and leaverbuster systen is dumb
Is it your team's fault that they lost because they had to play 4v5? No. It's your fault. Accept that leave buster now and fix your internet for the future.
PatrickwK (EUW)
: LF LULU/JANNA (Unranked to diamond)
You should specify what are you looking for (rank) because I can bet that at least one hardstuck person is gonna add you in hope for getting "boosted".
SikumKxx (EUW)
: riot doing dumb things
It sometimes happens to me that my pc crashes and Im afk for around 5-10 mins and I come back to game. It never happens twice in the same month (as an eg). I never got a low priority queue, not even 5 minutes one. You must be going afk quite often.
Yokujin (EUW)
: last chance to change summoner spells ingame
People would abuse it. Eg. you see what enemy picks and then change to suit you better, like change ignite if they have barrier or take tp if they have tp.
: ADC platinum 3 smurf desperately needing a gold + elo main support!
Im Tøxic (EUNE)
: Where do i find the chatlogs?
They should pop out when you log in or in your email. If not, send a ticket to riot support and they will send you chatlogs.
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