Solylok (EUW)
: They explain it in this news (the last part) : [Link to the news]( To sums up, there is not much people playing 3v3 so they put a time window. If the player base of the 3v3 decreases too much, it will become a "Rotating Game Mode", like URF, Hexakill ...
I wish Riot would stop being so damn ignorant! Of course it will decrease when they do this shit! Shit it feels like im going to fucking explode!
coolbe (EUW)
: Was wondering about this as well since Riot only mentioned Ranked 5s. And because 3v3 was not mentioned you can see how little they care about it, hence do not expect them to revert the change any time soon.
True, sadly i don't think they will revert it either. But if we don't try it will never happen :)
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